Arrows and Roses - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Arrows and Roses - Chapter 2

“Than the Man! I see you’re still rockin’ the suits.” Apollo winked, causing Thanatos to clear his throat and adjust his tie. I guess he still didn’t know how to respond to Apollo’s flirting. I don’t blame him, most women swoon, and I do know for a fact that some of them have even fainted.

Apollo gets around, sometimes he has a girl or a guy, sometimes he doesn’t. But even he thinks that Thanatos is hot. When I was younger and I had my fangirl faze, Apollo and I would sometimes spy on Thanatos in the garden and watch him work during summits. He was so handsome *sigh*... still is (Thanatos is the very definition of "Tall, Dark and Handsome." So use your imagination ladies... and gentlemen *wink*)

“Well, I do find the suit to be proper attire for work,” he turned to my mother and I, and for a moment I thought his gaze lingered on me a little longer, but that was probably just wishful thinking. “Lady Psyche, Lady Erosa. You look lovely today,” he greeted with a small bow.

“Thank you Thanatos, brownie?” My mom held up a plate beaming brightly.

She always loved being called her Ladyship. My guess was that it was because she wasn’t originally immortal. She earned it by remaining faithful to my father. My grandmother was a little harsh on her, but now they got along great, which was good. Regardless, my mother was looked down upon by some gods. They often turned their noses up at her.

Before I was born, some serious showdown happened and Lady Persephone got involved and now they leave my mother alone. I’ll always be grateful to Lady Persephone, she helped my mother and made a difference to her life.

It was difficult being married to Eros. Before he married my mom, many women tried to gain his affection, but his attention was always elsewhere. The man was busy.

But most history only remembers how they got together, not what happened afterward.

For example, most scholars know about my most famous sister Hedone, the goddess of sensual pleasure, but not the rest of his children.

I mean how else do you think other types of love came to be? I’m definitely not the goddess of seduction, I’m about as seductive as a cabbage.

I’m not ugly, I have quite nice features. I’m just not supermodel pretty. Supposedly I am, being a goddess and all, but I do believe I’m more of a plain beauty, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Over the years I've learned that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

My brother Alesandro however, he’s the minor god of Ludus. Playful love, flirtation, good nights with no strings attached. He just loves spreading his love… He knows how to work all the angles. I think he’s latest project was helping some endangered animals find their mojo again. Don’t ask me how that works or what it is, I don’t know and I don’t want to know.

No, I am the minor goddess of Pragma. Everlasting love. Love that survives distance and time. I am the Stoker of Flames. I AM… EROSA!!! Sorry, I got really excited and just had to announce my name gladiator style, you know? Like "We are... SPARTA!"? Good scene. Moving on.

Thanatos shook his head, “I have to decline unfortunately, thank you for the offer though.” (What a gentleman…)

My mom smiled sweetly at him. She always had a soft spot for him. Probably because he had a terrible mother and when Hades married Lady Persephone, she took him in and taught him good manners.

“Is Lord Eros around today?” Thanatos asked.

“Yes, he’s upstairs. Erosa why don’t you show him to your father’s office?” My mother looked at me. Did she know? No… she couldn’t possibly know. My mother winked at me from the side so Thanatos couldn’t see, and I didn't know if I wanted to cheer or curse. Yep… she knew. I smiled with as much sweetness as I could muster before grabbing some more grapes. Feeling flirtatious in his presence, I grabbed the god of death’s tie and pulled him after me, much to his surprise.

“He’s in here.” I let go when we climbed the staircase and we had just stopped in front of my father's office.

I knocked and opened the door upon hearing a faint "enter."

“You have a visitor,” I beamed at the man sitting in the leather throne-like office chair. It was monogrammed with the family crest, as were a lot of things in the house.

He was quite attached to the chair, he loved dramatically turning in it to freak out guests when I would bring them into his office. They unknowingly didn’t realise he was waiting for them, and I knowingly withheld that information from them.

I moved to stand just a little way behind the chair.

My father grinned at me before turning his attention to his guest.

“Thanatos! It’s good to see you. What brings you here?” My father rose to shake hands before sitting back down and reaching for his coffee mug. I took a peek and saw it was empty, so I walked off to the side where another table stood with a coffee machine on it. I kept my ears trained on the conversation though; they hardly ever work together so this might be interesting.

“It’s good to see you to Lord Eros. Business has brought me here actually. Another rare occasion where Love and Death are required to be present once again.” I didn’t turn around to know that Thanatos had bowed respectfully to my father who waved it off.

“Come now, you need not do that, you’re practically older than I.”

I walked back over to father, refilling his mug. This information was old to me. But Thanatos didn’t look any older than 28. I could say the same about my father, but it wouldn't be true. My father always appeared as a man in his late 30s to early 40s.

“Yes but you look older,” I couldn’t help saying.

“Well, I have to, for the sake of my children. I can’t very well go walking around as a teenager.” He poured some wax over an envelope before sealing it with the family crest.

“Not that you haven’t done it before,” I mumbled.

Ages ago, he walked into the house in the form of a 17-year-old boy, my mother laughed and my siblings and I just stared in confusion as he professed his love to our mother with flowers. Needless to say, the sight was very awkward. How would you like it if a teenager walked up to your mother and started droning on about endless love in front you. You’d want to throw up too (Admit it, you can’t lie to me… well you can and you’d probably get away with it).

My father shuffled some papers and opened a new folder, the corners of his mouth tilting up.

“Unfortunately I’m swamped under work, but you can take one of my workers with you. Heck, you can take Erosa. She’s been wanting more work, haven’t you darling?” he looked at me with a twinkle in his eye.

I nodded. Hell yes I’ve been wanting more work. I’m tired of sitting in an office all day. My wings need to stretch.

“Judging by the way her eyes just lit up like a child's on Christmas morning, I’m going to assume that was a yes,” my father smirked at me, and I have to say, I blushed a little. Most people complain about working, but I love my job and I want more from it.

“Yes, I won’t let you down father.” I bowed my head and turned to Thanatos, who didn’t even blink. The man was as still as a statue. Oh god... did he mind that I was tagging along?

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