Arrows and Roses - Chapter 17

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“You guys do know that when you huddle suspiciously in the middle of a room, it’s awkward right?” He said.

Arrows and Roses - Chapter 17

The two of them returned to the group and they weren’t surprised to see that the group was still charged with energy.

“I’m surprised, Than.” Erosa started.

Thanatos looked at her in curiosity. They stopped just a few metres away from where the group was playing air hockey; their shouting could be heard from a mile away.

“I’m surprised it’s Amora you’re attracted to.” She continued.

Thanatos blanched but quickly changed it to a neutral expression when she turned to face him fully.

“Amora?” He asked.

“Yeah, I mean, I didn’t think Amora would be the type you would like. She’s very out there. Very opinionated. Very headstrong. I pictured you with someone more relaxed.” She looked back at her sister and Thanatos cursed inwardly.

“Someone like you?” He mumbled.

Erosa laughed and shook her head. “Gods, no. I’m too boring.” She waved it away and went back to looking at her sister.

“Guess I’m not surprised. She did get our grandmother’s beauty and charming personality.” Erosa said.

“You’re very beautiful too, and you’re charming.” Thanatos muttered.

Erosa beamed at him. “Why thank you. But not quite like Amora. She’s so confident in everything she does, which makes her all the more attractive. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.” Erosa said, a hint of mournfulness in her voice.

Thanatos found himself in the middle of a rock and a hard place.

He looked towards Julian for help, willing him to look up from the hockey table. Julian must’ve felt his burning gaze, because when he looked up, his eyes widened.

“Than! Rosa! Come here! You guys have got to join!” He called them over and the two of them joined and Julian took Thanatos aside.

“What’s up man?” he started.

“It’s a complete disaster Julian!” Thanatos groaned. Julian looked at him in shock.

“Why? What did you do?....What did you say?” He glared at his friend, wondering what mistake he had made.

Thanatos looked at the cupid with frustration.

“She thinks I’m courting Amora!” He hissed.

Julian’s eyes bugged before hysterical laughter burst out from his chest.

“What?! That’s crazy man! Why on earth would she think that?” Julian gave his friend a friendly whack on the arm but Thanatos didn’t share the joke.

“I don’t know! But I didn’t know what to say now she really does think I’m trying to court your sister!” Thanatos felt the frustration within him grow.

“Relax, man, maybe we can do something with this. Maybe we change it up. Maybe we can form a plan with this.” Julian suggested.

“By change it up, you mean....” Thanatos squinted.

Hypnos came over, leaving Apollo with the girls at the table.

“You guys do know that when you huddle suspiciously in the middle of a room, it’s awkward right?” he asked.

Thanatos rolled his eyes at his brother and Julian snickered.

“Erosa thinks that Thanatos is courting Amora.” He stated.

“WHAT?!” Hypnos looked at his brother, seething.

“It’s not what it looks like. Heck, I don’t even know how she got that idea.” Thanatos wanted to just snatch her and take her to the underworld. Now that this was happening, the idea seemed to be getting better and better.

“That had better be the case. Or Hades so help me, I’ll friggin fight you for her!” Hypnos hissed.

Julian looked at Hypnos in surprise.

“Erosa or Amora?”

“Amora.” The brothers answered in unison.

Julian grinned at Hypnos. “You like my other sister?” He looked at the other young man, up and down, almost as if he was assessing him. Hypnos’ hands crept over to the front of his chest.

“Don’t judge me.” He whispered.

“I’m not judging. I think it’s cute the Princes of Darkness like the Daughters of Cupid.” Julian whispered back.

“Guys stay focused! What do I do?” Thanatos looked between the two of them and his brother and friend shrugged.

“What would Erosa do?” Julian squinted as if he were trying to astral project into her mind to find the solution.

“You’re an idiot if you think staring at her is going to give you an idea.” Hypnos crossed his arms over his chest.

“I’m not an idiot if it works.” Julian placed a hand over Hypnos’ mouth and he silenced Thanatos before he could say anything.

“I say, we go along with this. Than, I want you to court Erosa, but under the pretense that you're practicing for Amora. We’ll have Erosa think that Amora is not reciprocating your love and then that way, Erosa can still fall in love with you.” He revised the plan as if he could see the entire thing in his head. A moment of silence fell upon them and only lasted half a minute before Hypnos spoke up.

“That’s the worst idea I’ve heard in my life. Probably worse than the time Gavin decided to take a bath in the river Styx.”

“Wait, is that why he’s all…” Thanatos let his voice trail off.

“Yes, it’s why he has no hands, no face and his lower body is contorted with scars.” Hypnos looked at his brother pointedly.

“I want to say he’s an idiot, but I feel like that’s victim blaming.” Julian commented.

“Oh it isn’t. I told him not to do it. But he insisted. He’s just a dumb ass.” Hypnos waved it off like it was no big deal but Julian just looked at him in concern.

“Are all your servants that stupid?”

“No, just Gavin.” The brothers answered.

“Oh and I found Marvin by the way!” Hypnos declared, looking at his brother in surprise.

“Really? Where was he?” Thanatos placed his hands on his hips, wondering where that other idiot was.

“Yeah, so you know how we use tornadoes in that one room in the castle as a dryer of sorts…” Hypnos started.


“Well it turns out, Marvin actually fell in!” He exclaimed.

“Oh wow. How long was he in there for? a few hours?” Julian asked.

“No, a few weeks. He’s says he’s alright though. He just feels bad that he hasn’t been able to attend to you for a while.” Hypnos rubbed the back of his neck.

“No wonder. Who the hell has been attending to me this entire time?!” Thanatos demanded.

Hypnos grimaced. “Well, it was Gavin…” He winced as Thanatos let out a breath forcefully.

“No bloody wonder! Do you have any idea the absolute chaotic state my closet is in?!” Thanatos hissed.

“I can’t find my left socks, my black ties are missing and on more than several occasions, my reaper’s cloak has disappeared.” He glared at his brother who backed up a step.

“Don’t get mad at me. I didn’t appoint him to you.” His brother defended.

Thanatos sighed again and him an apologetic look.

“I apologies brother. I was frustrated.” He said.

“Apology accepted.” Hypnos patted his brother on the shoulder and Julian looked at Hypnos in confusion.

“Wait, how on earth did you found Marvin?” He asked.

Hypnos looked at Julian and shrugged.

“I was wondering where my clothes were and decided to pop down and see if they were dried. I walked in to see about five other servants trying to reach for him as he went around in circles. Poor guy, he’s going to be motion sick for days.” Hypnos shook his head in pity.

Thanatos nodded in agreement.

Just as Julian was about to say something Apollo strolled up to them.

“Guys, you are being awfully obvious that you’re speaking about our lovely lady companions. They’re wondering if you want them to leave.” He started.

Immediately Thanatos and Hypnos cried out “No!” Much to his surprise.

“Well then, get your asses over there and make them feel welcome. They think they’re intruding on our boys night.” Apollo glared.

“Technically, they are though?”


The young cupid pouted while he rubbed the back of his head where his friend had hit him.

“That shit doesn’t work on me Julian, you should know that by now.” Apollo snapped.

“Be nice, or so help me, I won’t be inviting you lot out with the girls ever again.” He finished. He continued to glare at each of them until finally he turned on his heel and walked back to the girls.

The rest of the young men watched as Apollo grinned at the young women, holding out both arms for the girls to take before sauntering off in the direction of another game.

Hypnos and Thanatos both growled at the sight of the girls in his arms and Julian stared at them in surprise.

“Come on fellas. Let’s go win your girls back. Before Apollo decides to keep them.” He dragged the princes away and joined the others at a basketball game, where they challenged each other to winning as many tickets as possible.

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