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Armorer Actress Discusses Her Character's Future After 'The Mandalorian' Season 1

by Culture Slate 8 months ago in star wars
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What Could Happen?

The first season of The Mandalorian introduced a fair amount of new Star Wars characters to Disney+ viewers a couple of years ago. Din Djarin and Grogu were the focus of the show, but there were some interesting side characters as well, one of them being a Mandalorian simply known as "The Armorer," portrayed by Emily Swallow. We last saw her in the aftermath of Imperials having killed some underground Mandalorians on the planet Navarro. She remains behind, and is able to take down some stormtroopers who come her way.

Despite her being the one to tell Din that he has to take Grogu to the Jedi, we do not see The Armorer again in season 2. Understandably, this raises questions regarding the character's fate. Recently, Emily Swallow was interviewed by The Direct at DragonCon. When asked whether she might be in season 3, she replied, "I can neither confirm, nor deny."

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Swallow was then asked about the potential fate of those who break the Mandalorian creed. This is her response:

"Interesting question. I'm trying to figure out what I can say. I would imagine that there has to be some sort of punishment, and I hope there would be redemption. I think there has to be redemption because I think there's always redemption in Star Wars."

The wording of these responses is intriguing. If she were not under contract for season 3, one would think she would be allowed to say concretely that she is not in it. And the remark about her trying to figure out what she is allowed to say appears to be further indication that she is still involved in the series. So it seems very possible that we could see her in season 3. At the very least, we need to see her before the end of the entire show.

The Armorer is just too intriguing of a character to not bring into the picture again. We do not need to know her whole backstory, necessarily. Just where she ends up. If her skills at the end of season 1 are any indication, it is highly unlikely that she is dead. I would be curious to know what her thoughts are on the whole Darksaber debacle in which Din Djarin and Bo-Katan Kryze find themselves. Lots of fans speculate that the next stage of the show is an exploration of the planet Mandalore and what goes on there.

Of course, nothing is concrete until either Disney and Lucasfilm announce it, or we see it unfold on our screens. But overall, I would guess that it is highly likely that we will see The Armorer in season 3. And that excites me moreso than relying on characters who first appeared in previous Star Wars series or films. What I really loved about The Mandalorian season 1 was how it leaned into the newness and embraced the new characters. When season 2 relied heavily on familiar characters, I felt like the show lost something. Sure, it was cool seeing Boba Fett beat up some stormtroopers, and I'm glad he's getting his own show. But I yearn for the days when The Mandalorian felt fresh and new. Hopefully season 3 can bring it back to that feeling to some extent.

So what do you think? Will Emily Swallow be back for season 3? What would you want the show to do with her character? Feel free to let us know in the comments on whichever platform you find this article.

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Written By Steven Shinder

Source(s): The Direct

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