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Aries-Saturn Transit 2023-25

First letters of your name : (chu,chey,cho,La, Li,Lu,Ley,Lo)

By Sasikumar KuppusamyPublished about a year ago 5 min read

Aries-(Saturn Transit Predictions)

  1. Aswini 4
  2. Bharani 4
  3. Krithikai 1

So make it clear that the Predictions given below for Aries are also applicable to those born under the above stars.

If you are born under the goat-like sign of Aries, you are very beautiful, love beauty, have a slim body, are active, good at work, and we will see the benefits of transiting Saturn happening to you.

Saturn will occupy the 11th house of your sign, so this is a good time for you.The 11th house is the most auspicious place for Lord Saturn.


From 17-01-2023 to 13-03-2023 Saturn will be sitting in Dhanishta star. Let's see the Saturn transit results for these 56 days.

Dhanishta is the star of your sign lord Mars. Because Saturn is sitting in this star of Mars aspecting your sign, During these periods i.e. 56 days, your income will be affected, there will be no progress in business, you should not start any new business, your honor will be tarnished, so you need to be careful during these periods, professional endeavors will be disappointing, married life will not be happy, there will be delay in child birth, this is not a good time for your already born children. So they have to take extra care, stomach related problems will occur, Head related diseases will come, one should travel carefully in vehicles. Worship Lord Muruga during these times.

From 14-03-2023 to 17-06-2023 Saturn will be sitting in Satabhisha star. Let's see the Saturn transit results for these 96 days.

In these times especially since April the movement of Guru is in the sign of Aries and Rahu joins that Guru and Saturn aspects them, this planetary alliance is not beneficial for your sign, your sign is surrounded by two malefic planets.

Also, Lord Saturn will travel in the star Satabhisha and give benefits to your sign. The above bad results will continue during these times. In addition, your father will suffer ill effects, his careers will be affected, his health will suffer. You will not get the money due, you will lose money in gambling games like lottery, you will lose in competitions, you should be careful during these times. Worshiping the goddess Datshinamurti will bring benefits.

From 18-06-2023 to 19-10-2023 Saturn is retrograde in Satabhisha star. so let's see Saturn transit benefits for 124 days in your sign.

Saturn's retrograde position will bring good results to your sign. All your worries will go away. Profits will increase in the business you are currently doing and also, it is a good time for new entrepreneurs so you can start a new business immediately.

All your money problems will be solved. Success upon success will come with every effort you make, Auspicious events will happen in the family This period will bring good results for your father too, your money will reach your hands and your attempt to go abroad will be successful. It is a time of good value in society. You will get good return on your investment, you will get new valuable high profit in business, it will give you a high atmosphere at work.

From 20-10-2023 to 04-11-2023 Saturn is retrograde in Dhanishta star. so let's see Saturn transit benefits for 16 days in your sign.

The above good results will continue again during this period, you will buy a new vehicle during this period and everything you think will come true. Donate to the elderly, disabled, birds, and mixed genders. There will be goodness.

Saturn's retrograde exits on 05-11-2023. 15 days from 05-11-2023 to 19-11-2023 Lord Saturn in Dhanishta star. after that,

for 138 days from 20-11-2023 to 05-04-2024 Saturn again sits in Satabhisha star.

During these periods i.e. the benefits occur in a total of 153 days. This period is bad for your husband's or wife's siblings, they will get land dispute and land may be lost. Attention is needed. Also you will incur a waste of money, you may borrow in your spouse's name, the document in their name will be collateralize. Your native will have problems with his property and get involved in lawsuits, worshiping a deity named Narasingaperumal during this period will bring benefits.

Since 224 days from 06-04-2024 to 15-11-2024 Saturn is in Poorvabhadra star and then retrograde in Poorvabhadra and then retrograde in Satabhisha star.

This is a good time for you, curses, enmity will disappear, sins will disappear, Lakshmi will be blessed, all conspiring enemies will become friends, vehicle yoga will be created, immovable property will be acquired, agriculture will flourish, profits will increase in business, peace and happiness in the family and prosperity. There will be marriage auspicious events.

For 133 days from 16-11-2024 to 28-03-2025 Lord Saturn leaves retrograde position and roams in Satabhisha and Poorvabhadra stars in forward position.

Saturn aspecting your sign during this time will give you foreign fortune, for those who are in mining industry and mechanics, those who keep birds, those who run old age homes, those who run orphanages for disabled children, those who do business and work in sea and forest without inhabited land, those who are in iron rich industry, those who are in the job of preparing weapons, those who are black in color. This is not a good period for politicians, police, forest department, security personnel, progress, honor and happiness will increase, for those who are rearing cattle etc., for teachers and other political leaders, worshiping Karuppusamy during these times will give you benefits.

In the next post we will see Saturn transit benefits for Taurus.


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