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Ancient Teachings Poem

by Alfred Cosme 16 days ago in religion

A esoteric Poem

Ancient Symbolism

Here's one mini writing from me on the Hermetic Principles that will sound like Thoth/Ningishzida/Quetzalcoatl/Hermes Trismegistus/Tehuti/Zehuti, grandson of Enki.

The All does not have a name, it is also a concept that goes beyond existence and names. Teaching this is difficult, just read on and you will find out what I mean. Once you know something, you cannot unknow it. Does not mean you will have to be skillful with it. Life’s lessons are actually spiritual riddles as they are from quantum origins while we are attempting to figure out in linear terms. This is a very profound lesson. These teachings create, move, and shatter worlds.

As for Hermetics, it is only for personal use. Notice the current human credo is that the highest quality of a human is to serve. Such is the way of The All. Rather than to realize your potential. Nothing is the state in between creation and destruction. The All is light when It is engaged in creation. The All is darkness when It is not engaged in creation. The pulse of nothingness has no light. This is not the kind of darkness that is evil as humans think, it is not dirty, it is simply nothing. To return to nothing is to understand and dissolve into everything.

And finally reach the dimension that has no dimension, that is what “Shiva” means as well. That which is not formed. Or in human understanding, no thing. Being dimensionless is the ultimate state and that’s where The All is. What is The All? The All is a steady stream that is constant and consistent of energy. Because it is the edge that creates and destroys all at once. The Hermetic students call the Creator, The All. Even The All isn’t a good word for the Creator. No thing is the best term. So, nothing is the best term for short. I just want to become that which is not. That is where The All truly is. Not a thing or anything. Just pure unlimited potential. That is what nothing really is, unbounded by anything. If you were to become nothing, you would be venerated as a guru.

The world wisdom of the ages opens to those who can grasp its concept. Words do not teach. It is all pure experience and understanding of concepts as you experience it that shapes understanding. Words do not teach; experience teaches. That is why most humans are nowhere near competency. Unless it is experiential, it is just a story. Point is for you to transition into experience from words. Self-mastery is about you and your feelings. And how thought plays a role in it. It is the unity of the two, thoughts and emotions. Unity becoming one.

The hermetic principle of mentalism. The core of mentality is all things have consciousness which mind is derived. The All grants mind and thus this manifest universe is a mental one. Consciousness is what is deemed the infinite intelligence. The All is the source of consciousness; thus, consciousness is within all that manifests. And among those of higher consciousness are bestowed the manifestation known as mind. And as such mind is a process for manifest reality. A process for creation, O student.

Across the many dimensions of creation. For example, the varying levels of elemental mind. What constitutes the human body as example is a manifestation of the many elements that builds our bodies. The many relationships that is a conglomeration of the inner workings of the elements within our bodies. You are not one but all that comes together the many minds that manifests in a relationship known as unity.

These teachings are quite different from scholarly construct, no one has a curriculum for it, you learn it as you move through life. Most people are not given deeper teachings until they are ready for it. Most people currently are not ready for anything related to an adept’s or master’s training. Most just work with deeper basics. Everyone, whether you are man or otherwise, gets the same Teaching in the end, on the same Path back to The All.

See what I mean by what is above is the same as below, the Hermetic Principle of Correspondence. Your body is a reflection of the elemental mix that is nature. Nature is a reflection of the elementals working together under Gaia. The Sun is the Logos of the Solar System. The Sun’s radiance is “the word.” Then the Sun is sub-Logos under the Logos of the Galaxy, etc. That is what is meant as what is above is the same as below. And the elements carry out the vibrational word of the Logos. The “God force” of that systematic plane. The Logos is administrating good consciousness. Gaia is the Logos of the Earth plane; you are the Logos of your body. Each Logos complex is simply a layer of consciousness that governs a dimensional layer. Each Logos complex is also a creature of free will. Basically, there is a Logos for the Sun, one for Earth, one for galaxies, one for black holes, one for nature, friends, you, etc.

In the Hermetic sciences, you are taught all is mental. There is your darn magic. Understand better the magic of this reality yet? It’s an illusion based on mental conditioning and belief systems. That is the darn magic. Where is the magic? Wherever your mentality is, and belief system is. And how do you know the magic is working? It’s your own illusion you asked for more, so it got served. The All owes you nothing. It gave you everything. Now break out of the illusion and understand the magic of reality and consciousness. If you are easily deceived, even by someone you trusted, you got to use your wits. Interesting thing about masters is depends on what they are masters of. The All is part of you. Grasping the concept would allow you to graduate to the next concept.

Your existence is a concept within the creation therefore you exist within the consciousness of The All. You are part of The All that is self-contained. So therefore, you need to discover The All inside. If you are looking for The All outside yourself and not realizing you are within The All and The All is within you, you will find nothing. And thus, true death happens when you go outside the existence that is The All. Therefore, nothing exists outside The All. You exist inside The All just like The All exist inside you. But when you look for answers outside yourself in correlation to being inside The All. That is no existence. All that exist is inside The All. Therefore, nothing exists outside The All. No light = no activity = no existence = null.

Leveling up means you’ve met graduation requirements. The word infinite just means all that is happens to be collective consciousness. It’s just Creation in its myriad potentials. Its concept within concept within concept of infinity. Purpose of harsh training is to help a person strengthen the mind. The Hermetic All is mental, therefore The All is a construct within the concept of All.

Developing a skill converts that skill into mentality. And yet at the same time you need a mentality flexible enough to learn more about the skill. By having a willing mentality and then experiencing the path of the skill, then by observation and discovery you develop that skill with mentality. And as such you become the user of it. That’s why you need the patience to develop in order to observe properly and allow concepts to be absorbed. You got to love what you’re doing, otherwise there is no interest and thus activation won’t happen. Love has always been the answer to just about everything, love what you’re learning, and it will show you concepts you have never dreamed about. Love yourself and you’ll be basking in such light that you are connected. What you think is raising your vibration could just be you cultivating entropy.

The part about the Hermetic all truths are but half lies, so to see the full extent of the magic is to see truths and lies. Such is the nature of the creation within The All. Tools so to say. Mastery over mentality eventually gets you there to nonphysical, but you’d end up in the astral form. Not while you’re in the material form. Manipulation and proof of magic is mental. If you so easily dance to someone else’s tune, that is showing how really suggestive mental magic is. Basically, the dumber, the easier it is. That is how the magic of mentality works. The law of one is mastery over how emotions play a role in the creative force of mind. Hermetics is mastery over mentality that is part of the physics of reality.

Metaphysics and physics are inseparable, they are one and the same. As such is the magic of law of attraction. Where spacetime fills to suit the desires of mind and consciousness. That is why it is called mental magic. Hermetics works with the mastery over mind first and foremost. Here’s an adjustment to people’s learning. Your consciousness is your power, your intent is like the fuel pump allowing that power polarization. Your mind sets the intent into motion with space-time and time-space. The synchronicity within spacetime leads to experience. Becoming aware of that learning is via experience. Human ego’s lesson is to seek identity by correlation.

Until people learn to love themselves, they shall always continue to choose the difficult path over the easier path. The great thing about Hermetic Principles is that it is so simple yet complex at the same time. That is why it’s amazing. And a study throughout the ages. Understanding that will gain a person access to the wisdom of The All. That is why the All cannot be understood by limited minds, it’s amazing and fascinating and frustrating all at once. Man had turned The All into God personified.

You see no matter what you’re thinking or wanting, it’s still all written within the facet of one Law, its either within balance or imbalance, chaos and order, destruction and creation, death and birth, etc., service of self and service of others, free will comes into play when the polarity presents you choices. When you understand duality as a catalyst for the exercise of free will, you’re either making choices confident or unconsciously, knowing or inadvertently. Everyone is making choices, intentionally or unknowingly. It can be in thought, intentions, words, whatever. You’re making choices because there’s not a moment when you’re not deciding a course of action. You don’t have control over stuff outside of you. And yet there’s but just one answer, such is the one law. That of love which is the unity of all.

People think of control when they think of these teachings, especially of the Principles. That is why people are so naïve. They are not adept at it so why control it? You are a part of it, why not learning how to be part of it? It is like learning how to walk for the first time. You needed to learn the nature of your goal and began to refine the process while you are focus on staying upright. It is the same idea when you begin to achieve things. You must understand the concept. Then you refine the process. Before things get into manifest mode. Then you refine more as you gain more understanding. And then you get more skillful. Then you refine the process more and turn skill into wisdom. Then mix skill to the wisdom and refine further. And so, on and so forth.

Impatience is blinding people from seeing their own results. Do you understand what I mean? Your vibration is raised by stillness. Stillness is to bring yourself into a state where you will be able to see your state of being. Being quiet is to stop the mental chatter to start listening through your senses. Rather than be ruled by stuff you cannot even control. What is the point of mastering the natural laws if you cannot even see yourself? You see most understand nothing at all. There is no test if you do not even show adeptness. You keep thinking you are being tested by others, it is because you have not seen yourself enough.

Very few can initiate themselves. Even the Buddha and Jesus and others have teachers. Get the information, absorb it and then put it to practice. You are the one to decide your learnedness, through your own experience. And how you get initiated into the knowledge. You don’t need a church to connect to The All, be smart. When one believes they have been initiated it means they are being dumb like everyone else who needs to belong to something. These initiations are only due to people wanting to protect their ideas and therefore push you to official initiation BS, so think about it. You are part of nature, why would you need to be initiated? You just learn and awaken to the truth of natural law.

Do you feel initiated after you read the Kybalion 1908 edition? There is no initiation when it comes to learning the natural laws. You are already a part of the laws. You can do all kinds of stuff with your aura field with visualization. When practicing visualization, there is a wave of energy you’re moving into. There is great opportunity for us now as we begin to shape ourselves now. As we go through the process of maturing. It’s you, all of you. And me. The soul part of you presents what you need to learn. If it deems fit, then you’ll get it. You can dream all you want if your greater part doesn’t allow it. What is our plan? To truly change our thought process must be different from current. The idea is to do what you can and grow in skill and wisdom.

To use the Hermetic Laws for yourself, it is about transmuting things mentally. Your emotions, your feelings, your thoughts, your state of being, how you choose is based on how you feel, how you feel is based on how you choose, etc. When you feel a sudden energy drop, is because you diffuse that energy and it floats away causing you to feel the loss of energy. If you feel a buildup it will make you feel high energy and excited. Stillness is that state in between where you can feel the pivot of that flow. Where you are gaining and losing in a balanced way. Where you only see the natural flow of things instead of being affected by each polarity. You basically learn to be the pivot of that movement. Through stillness and quietude. The matter of habit and cultural mind complex is arbitrary. And that of your choosing. If you are joyful, you have attracted a more positive experience that was already available to you should you access it.

To understand the hermetic principles, the concept of using law against law to neutralize effects of other laws, that is part of how you work within the male and female aspects of you and the deep consciousness within the aspects of mental magic key to activating the magic of manifestation. If you feel energetic, how about turning that energies into something useful, don’t overload yourself. That’s why you practice how to be still and such. Because when you energize you will be able to handle its flow. Can be dangerous if you can’t move or figure out what to do with it. It’ll just get stuck. Sort of like lighting the fuse to dynamite while you’re holding the dynamite. And not know what to do with it while its able to blow up in your hands. See the importance of stillness and grounding? Do it wrong and you’ll create your own blockages.

The reason you must explore the Hermetic Principles is because these spiritual or natural laws attend something static. It is within all life as well as all energy and all mind. And all that is. It is extremely dynamic and is alive. It is like the difference of reading about a shark and actually experiencing one firsthand. Completely different aspects because reading about it is only 2D. And experiencing one firsthand is a multidimensional experience. See the difference? Therefore, people get confused. Missing exploring the concept first. People think intellectually before they fully explore the concept first. Thinking intellectually like that will make one more linear in scope rather than expanding into a more open multidimensional line of mentality.

The Hermetic Principles are about physics, so the old Principles still work. It just means you will work with it easier. It is like when you are studying something on your own and suddenly you got a tutor for free. If the other Hermetic texts serve you then it will serve you now, but it should be easier for you to understand. Unless a person happens to be THAT dim, then that is just that person. People do have desire to learn more but are confused since they have not expanded their mind to catch the frequency energy of the concepts. People do very little self-exploration. Instead people expect others to explain things to them. Explore concepts and begin to step outside your mental comfort zone and perhaps you will discover useful things.

When people think of transmutation, they think of transmutation as something material, transmutation is beyond that which is the changing phases of energy. People are all too focused on material and mortal energetic states. The flux and organization of energy when condensed enough shall become matter. But the material state doesn’t matter, it’s the way how energy takes shape and how its related and expressed that counts. It’s through understanding the shape of that energy is how matter is shaped in order to relay that energy is what also really counts. In other words, it is the shape and a manifestation as well as the expression of that energy is how matter manifest itself. Transmission lies within just a couple things, energy doesn’t go away or get destroyed, it only changes states. That is transmutation.

The word guru means darkness dispeller. If a guru confuses you, its intentional because there is a lesson in it for you to know, it is more like the answers are inside when you connect through your intuition. They do not teach you anything but forces you to seek. That is all a guru does. They do not teach you anything, instead they purposefully confuse you. Make you angry, are mean to you. There is no teaching intent. But the only thing they do is stimulate your seeking of knowledge earnestly. Their greatest gift to you is making you confused. Your greatest teachers may not be the most pleasant. True teachers are not meant to make you feel comfortable. Kind of like how if someone calls you stupid all the time, while you get tired of it, you actively seek knowledge or the meaning of what one tells you. As you practice doing nothing, practice slowly dissolve into nothingness. That is what a yogi is. Nothing and nobody. No thing and no body. You’re supposed to be in darkness the entire time when sitting still and doing nothing, Mr. or Mrs. Hallucinations, all you want is light when darkness is nothing.

If you were to become nothing, you would actually reap the powers of all of creation and all of potential. If you were to become nothing, I'd say to you, "welcome to godhood!". That is how you will know how The All happens to be, nothing.

You are old yet you are not old. You are new yet you are not. You can be helpful, yet you can also complain or whine to yourself or others. Then you return to depression, thinking about futility. Futility of the illusion, then you feel sad about wanting to return to Source when you perfectly fit into the illusion so easily. Reconcile the darkness and find its uses. Those who so easily shift into darkness also decide to be so weak to suggestion. The dark is dumb because it lacks activity. Yet what is so bad about being dumb? One needs to learn and understand the nature of things. You’ll shift into darkness and light in phases. Like the cycling of the Sun and the moon. You’ll have days that will motivate you and days that will depress you. It’s a riddle that’s evident and yet elusive. And one that you must workout. In your darkness you yearn for light. In your light you only see darkness. And it must be so for that is the duality of this reality. Go beyond what you can see and do your work. People need to be pushed to see darkness in order to see the light. For in your naivety you cannot see the new light and therefore the higher self shifts you to darkness. However, despair not for you are the Creator who ponders over such light and such dark through all eternity. Such brightness and dimness. That is The All. That is the lord of light and lord of darkness. That is free will and that is knowledge. That is the state of energy as we seek transcension.

To discover the layer that which shall bring us back to the Creator. And yet we face ourselves in all our glory and all our horror. I have given you a glimpse of the simplicity and complexity that we as all and we as individuals must trod through. Give up not in your lows and push not in your highs. To channel the knowledge is simply to allow yourself to allow flow. For what you’ve just read is a completeness that is channeled as I allow it. And it is perfect through my facets. And through my greater knowledge as I guide you through this example of connect to the divine through yourself. As I allow myself to show you how I channel my knowledge. Through this lengthy paragraph, this is also example of automatic writing. Despair not child of no beginning and facet of no end. Yet despair and find the joy of understanding the darkness that you feel inside of you in how isolated you feel you must understand darkness in order to understand the greater light and as such your purpose reveals itself in all its divine intention upon you.

Desire not what it is not for you yet desire what is to allow your growth. Love yourself and love all. That is the law of all. And when you realize it, you’ll have already shift into the new frequency. I divine this message upon you as an example as you gain my knowledge given through channeling known as automatic writing. You desired it and it is given. That much is allowed for you to know. So, go forth and keep learning. Improve upon yourself. As your lesson guides will show up as players in your life. Know throughout all of your learning. You are loved and all your experiences show you that it is for your benefit. Be it through good or bad in your eyes. Despair not. Yet despair so. That is the toil for being in the service of the One. Such is the message for you. Such is your life. Such is your purpose. To be within the illusion. To learn to live. To love. To be of service. To understand free will. To be the All...


Alfred Cosme
Alfred Cosme
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