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ALICE Experiment Provides Breakthrough Results in Nuclear Physics

by Anny Christine 2 months ago in science

ALICE Experiment Provides Breakthrough Results in Nuclear Physics

The world changed when science entered into the study of neutrons, electrons, protons, and other sub-atomic particles. Nuclear physics somewhere shaped humanity and its curiosity to understand the Earth and Universe. Diversity in innovation in nuclear physics has led scientists to discover its applications in many fields. Now, scientists have found a new thing related to nuclear physics. The scientists measured the strong interaction force contributing to the nuclei cloud’s cohesion after the ALICE experiment’s successful results.

About Strong Interactions Force (SIF)

SIF is like a mechanism responsible for the strong nuclear force. It is one of the four known fundamental interactions, apart from electromagnetism, weak interaction, and gravitation. This force tries to bind the quarks to build clusters. Hence, it creates subatomic particles, such as protons and neutrons. During the occurrence of strong interactions, the binding of the quarks exchange gluons. The gluons, in a physical sense, are the actual carriers of the strong force. Like photons, gluons are massless particles that have an entire unit of intrinsic spin. When the distance between the quarks increases, the force acting between them increases. There comes a time when this tension force(created due to an increase in distance between two quarks) rises to the extent that it is more than the binding energy, it breaks into two pieces, forming new particles.

About ALICE and Latest Development

ALICE( A Large Ion Collider Experiment) is a detector used to study heavy-ion physics that interact at high-energy densities at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). It observes the quark-gluon plasma during its expansion and cooling to monitor how it gives rise to the particles that constitute the universe’s matter. The Technical University of Munich’s (TUM) scientists and researchers devised a method that determines and quantifies strong interaction forces with minute and micro-level precision. Using the femtoscopy technique, they have understood and compared the experimental and empirical data with the theoretical for most hyperon-nucleon combinations. These scientists at TUM have also measured the strong interaction for the Omega that contains three strange quarks.

Inference from the Experiment

To date, scientists did not know anything about the relation between the neutron stars’ radius and mass. Modern nuclear physics depends on Bohr’s equation and Schrodinger’s wave equation. But, it has not been exact to present accurate results. For a very long, scientists have been dependent on the hypothesis of whether neutron stars have hyperons (a type of baryonic matter that has one or more strange quarks, except the top, charm, or bottom quark) or not. Apart from this, the work published at Nature provides many new measurements for which no observations were available before. The ALICE experiment has catered the scientists to open new gates to solve the mystery of neutron stars.


The ALICE experiment has understood strong interaction force and how it asserts its significance in the neutron star. As the black holes, many facets of the supermassive giant stars, neutron stars were unknown to science. But with the use of nuclear physics and ALICE experiments, scientists were able to grab what is important to understand the evolution of the universe. These experiments may also boost many scientists to get an outlook of gravitational waves emitting from these stars using LIGO detectors. Hence, it would help forecast and assess any neutron stars’ current status in the universe.

Source: ALICE Experiment Provides Breakthrough Results in Nuclear Physics

Anny Christine
Anny Christine
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