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'Ahsoka': Why Ezra Had To Be The One To Make It Home

Welcome Home, Ezra!

By Kristy AndersonPublished 9 months ago 4 min read
Credit: Disney.

WARNING! SPOILERS for Ahsoka 1x08, 'The Jedi, The Witch, and The Warlord'.

The first season of Ahsoka has come to an end, to mostly positive reviews from fans. While a season two for the show has not yet been officially confirmed, the possibility of one seems high, with the season one ending left wide open. While our heroes failed to stop Grand Admiral Thrawn's departure from Peridea, Sabine did manage to successfully Force-throw Ezra onto Thrawn's ship, allowing her long-lost friend a chance to get home. However, she chooses not to join him, giving up her own chance to get home in order to go back and help an outnumbered Ahsoka.

Some fans have questioned Sabine's decision, wondering why she would give up the opportunity (for the second time some might say) to thwart Thrawn's return. But really, once again, there was only one choice to make. And if only one member of the trio could make it home, it had to be Ezra Bridger.

There was no stopping Thrawn

Of course, Ahsoka and Sabine did not give up in their pursuit of Grand Admiral Thrawn's Star Destroyer until the last possible moment. However, the harsh reality of the situation is that Thrawn had more or less already won by the time our Jedi heroes reached his ship. His mysterious cargo was already loaded, and Thrawn, his surviving Troopers and his Nightsister allies were already aboard. The ship was about to close up ready for take off, and Ahsoka's near-ancient ship did not have a chance at matching it in speed. Even if all three Jedi had made it aboard the Star Destroyer, the chances of them making it past the Troopers in time to prevent Thrawn's hyperspace jump were slim to none.

So, Sabine makes the best of a bad situation, using the Force to ensure that at least Ezra makes it aboard and has a chance at getting home. She believes he has the wits to survive the ship, because she saw him make it through many similar situations throughout the Rebels series.

While Sabine has doubts over her decision following Thrawn's escape, Ahsoka reassures her that getting Ezra home was the right choice.

Ezra's survival is a boost to Hera's cause

Throughout Ahsoka, General Hera Syndulla has struggled to convince the New Republic Senate of the threat posed by Thrawn's possible return. Her greatest opposition by far comes from Senator Hamato Xiono. Xiono dismisses Hera's concerns as being selfishly motivated, that she is only entertaining the rumours of Thrawn's survival because it means hope for Ezra, and that Hera simply needs to except the New Republic's current conclusion: Ezra and Thrawn are dead.

The return of Ezra Bridger, aside from providing an emotional reunion, is a boon for Hera's current cause. His survival proves that his heroic sacrifice to defeat Grand Admiral Thrawn during the Battle of Lothal was not a fatal one. Ezra being alive will force the New Republic to acknowledge the possibility that Thrawn is also alive, and they probably should have all listened to Hera much sooner.

Ezra provides the best chance at retrieving Ahsoka and Sabine from Peridea

In order to reach Thrawn in Peridea, Morgan Elsbeth ordered construction on the Eye of Sion, a ship with massively enhanced hyperspace capabilities. Elsbeth, Baylan Skoll, Shin Hati, and a captive Sabine Wren are aboard The Eye when it makes it's first trip. The ship is beyond anything the New Republic fleet currently has in their arsenal, and it is unknown whether they have the resources to replicate it, or how long it would take if they did.

With the New Republic's resources already stretched, and now the threat of Thrawn to worry about, recreating the Eye of Sion in order to rescue Ahsoka and Sabine from Peridea will sadly be low on the list of priorities. However, their rescue is most likely high on Ezra's priority list, and even better, he is probably best equipped to accomplish such a rescue.

With the Eye of Sion having already departed, Ahsoka makes the trip to Peridea by hitching a ride with a Purrgil/Star Whale. One of Ezra Bridger's most prominent recurring abilities throughout Star Wars: Rebels is that of connecting to other creatures through the use of the Force, including Lothcats, Lothwolves, and of course, the Purrgil. In fact, Ezra's ability to connect with the Purrgil led to the heroic sacrifice that caused he and Thrawn to travel to Peridea in the first place.

Some fans are assuming that if Ezra can secure the right ship and crew to accompany him, he will call upon the Purrgil again to return to Peridea and rescue his friends.

Ezra needs to meet Jacen Syndulla

Part of the fan excitement around Ezra's return home is that he will have the chance to meet young Jacen Syndulla. Jacen, who was born sometime after Ezra's disappearance, is the son of Hera Syndulla and the late Jedi Knight Kanan Jarrus, to whom Ezra had been Padawan.

Jacen was hinted to be Force-Seensitive in his brief cameo in the Rebels epilogue, and this was officially confirmed in 'Shadow Warrior', Ahsoka's fifth episode, when he hears Ahsoka and Anakin dueling in The World Between Worlds.

Now, fans are eagerly awaiting a first meeting between Ezra Bridger and Jacen Syndulla. Since the official confirmation of Jacen's affinity for the Force, many have become very attached to the idea that Ezra may train Jacen as a Jedi, just as Kanan once trained him.

Hopefully, Ahsoka season two will be confirmed sometime soon, so we can look forward to seeing which of these possibilities unfold.

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    Clever writing.

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