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'Ahsoka': Will Ahsoka And Co Have A Difficult Choice To Make In The Finale?

Choices, Choices.

By Kristy AndersonPublished 9 months ago 5 min read
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WARNING!: SPOILERS for Ahsoka 1x07, 'Dreams And Madness'.

Ahsoka's penultimate episode, 'Dreams And Madness', was an action packed ride, as Ahsoka and Huyang arrived in Peridea with the Purrgil only to immediately come under attack by Thrawn's forces. Ahsoka does manage to reunite with Sabine and Ezra, fending off a joint attack by Peridean bandits, Shin Hati, and Thrawn's Night Troopers. While the three are on an emotional high following their reunion, it is revealed that Thrawn used the attack to succesfully delay Ahsoka and her friends, with his ship now almost loaded and ready to leave Peridea. Not to mention, Baylan Skoll has gone MIA, now off to pursue his own goal.

A big recurring theme in Ahsoka has been important/difficult choices our heroes have had to make along the way. Now, with Thrawn seeming strategically ahead, some fans fear they will have at least one more difficult choice to make before the upcoming season finale. Let's look at the choices that have been made so far, and the one that may still be to come.

Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren choose to reunite as Master and Padawan

One of the biggest reveals in the series early episodes was that Ahsoka Tano had taken on Sabine Wren as her Padawan Learner prior to the epilogue of Star Wars: Rebels. However, the two had a falling out sometime before Ahsoka begins, eventually revealed to be at least partially due to Ahsoka refusing to allow Sabine to intervene in the Purge of Mandalore, an event which wiped out Sabine's biological family. At Hera's urging, Ahsoka reluctantly seeks Sabine's help deciphering a map that may lead them to a new Galaxy where their missing friend Ezra, and dangerous imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn may be located.

The then former Master and Apprentice remain at odds for most of the first two episodes, largely due to Ahsoka's annoyance at Sabine's stubborn and impulsive nature, combined with Sabine's anger at being left behind, and a little of Ahsoka's guilt at having left her in the first place. Ultimately, however, Sabine decides to join Ahsoka as her Padawan once more, and Ahsoka accepts. While it wasn't necessarily an easy decision, it was the right one, because when these two do manage to get on the same page, they actually make quite a formidable team.

Sabine's Choice To Give Up The Map

After the Map is stolen from Sabine by Baylan Skoll's apprentice Shin Hati, Sabine and Ahsoka follow them to the planet Seatos in the hope of retrieving it. When their ship is damaged and they are forced to make an emergency landing on Seatos, Ahsoka, recognising that they are in a bad situation, gently raises the possibility of a difficult choice they may have to make. If they cannot reach the new Galaxy on their own, without the chance of their enemies following and finding Thrawn, it may be safer to destroy the Map. Of course, this would have also destroyed any chance of finding Ezra.

At the end of episode four, 'Fallen Jedi', Sabine is faced with that very choice. Unable to give up on Ezra, whom she views as her last remaining family, she hands the Map over to Baylan, and allows herself to be taken captive by the enemy, who take her to Peridea as a hostage.

Ahsoka later laments to Huyang that she had not given Sabine enough training to help her make the 'Right' choice. Huyang implies that for Sabine, there may only have ever been the one choice.

Ahsoka's Choice to Live or Die

After falling from a cliff at the end of episode four, Ahsoka finds herself in the World Between Worlds, where she comes face to face with her former Master, Anakin Skywalker. Ahsoka is told she must make a choice: whether to live or die. How she reaches her answer is conveyed through a series of flashbacks exploring her conflicted feelings towards Anakin given what he became, her sometimes brutal wartime training under him, and what it means to be a part of his legacy, eventually leading to a duel between Master and Apprentice.

Ahsoka defeats, but does not kill the vision of Anakin, signifying her choice to live. Some fans believe the scenes portray Ahsoka's needed realisation that Anakin was not just one thing, and neither is she. She can remember and love Anakin as the good Master he was to her without dismissing what he became as Darth Vader. However, her feelings regarding him clearly remain complicated, and may come up again in the finale now that Thrawn, who once served on a mission with Anakin during the Clone Wars, is aware that Anakin was Ahsoka's Master.

Hera's choice to defy orders

Despite attempting to warn the New Republic Senate of Thrawn's potential return, Hera is unable to secure permission to mount a mission to Seatos to aid Ahsoka and Sabine. However, Hera chooses to go anyway, assembling a small squadron including Mando-verse recurring character Captain Carson Teva.

Hera's unauthorised mission almost cost her her rank as a New Republic General, until she was given a last minute reprieve thanks to C3-P0 delivering a message from Leia that retroactively authorised the mission. Despite the high cost it almost incurred, Hera made the right decision. If she had not travelled Seatos, her son Jacen would not have sensed Ahsoka in the World Between Worlds, and nobody would have been around to pull Ahsoka from the water when she re-emerged. Plus, while she will never change the mind of people like Senator Xiono, Hera's brave move has planted the seed for others, like the more sympathetic Mon Mothma, to take the threat of Thrawn seriously.

One More Tough Choice

Fans fear that there may be one more difficult choice yet to come, with the most prominent theories proposing this choice to come about in one of two ways. One possibility is that our heroes may have to sacrifice their own chance at getting home in order to stop Thrawn from leaving Peridea.

The other relates to the mysterious entity that has apparently been calling to Baylan Skoll. Some have theorised that this entity could prove to be an equal or even greater threat than Thrawn, and either one or all of our heroes will elect to remain behind to keep this new threat in check.

Either one of these scenarios could provide a plot for the unconfirmed, but strongly rumoured second season of Ahsoka.

We can't wait to see how the finale unfolds.

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