A Strange Future Visit

by Robin Howard 5 months ago in humanity

Sheer joy at a miracle

Sheer joy then misery

It seems impossible. On an average night in 1962, a rather strange but wonderful incident happened. Today I write and publish a series of books of science fiction fantasy and the supernatural plus non-fiction, and it all dates back to this period. When something fantastic happens in life, a feeling of jubilation ensues. Then the realisation that people will ridicule and laugh at your experience kicks in that not all people have an open mind. In 2020, we know a lot more than we did but still hardly anything of the supernatural. The strange forces of nature yet unseen are unknown. Surrounded by the restriction of physicality, only physical senses operate to help us in our environment. This was indeed a special gift to me and only me. After all these years, I feel liberated to tell you. From that moment many years ago the realisation that in all our minds, there is a quantum divine essence that can take us anywhere we so wish. Two centuries ago radio and TV transmissions were unknown to humankind. Once discovered they remain invisible in the air around us. In this age of technology, the physical world has a computer network named the World Wide Web or www. In the quantum frequency, there is something similar. I call it the Universal Infinity Web or UIW. Until we reach that age of development, probably in a few centuries, we are blind to its existence.

The UIW is far more sophisticated in the near-infinite expanse of the universe with many quantum inner worlds coexisting alongside ours. In the corporeal form, we can only travel in time to the future (with the help of a spacecraft travelling at light speed) and not the past. Our minds are more profound and can move both ways and to other dimensional realities. The quantum states in you are not so very far away but complicated to understand. On this plane of existence, transmission or connection is not only by voice but also by emotion and feelings. Hence, the frequent temporary alerts that come to your mind are misunderstood and quickly forgotten. The phone randomly rings, and you know who it is: you have a strange feeling that you have been in a specific location before: you ‘feel’ something before it happens. We all have these moments that we feel are irrational. Of course, if you have a vivid imagination, your mind can also conjure up all kind of events. However, there is a difference. The moments of authentic communication will come suddenly, without any thought or warning on your behalf. One such time would be early morning as your mind awakens. Here, the brain is in a natural trance state opening up the quantum reality.

The trance condition is really a severe daydream or daze of the mind opening up a conduit to the astral and other domains. Dialogue between the two worlds is possible but difficult to sustain as your waking mind clears the trance. Besides, it is easier to ‘hear’ than it is to transmit your voice or thoughts. Frequently in use is the self-hypnotic state used to induce a form of trance easily revoked due to its delicate fabrication. Another way to use your quantum mind is to gaze at a black surface with relaxed eyes. The result is extraordinary to be able to transmit a visual backdrop sometimes in astounding colour. It is not possible to control that which operates in another frequency of existence. The mind may suddenly function, maybe in a dream-trance state and allow vision into another domain. This forgotten on awakening as the physical part of the brain takes over. Recently, here in Kent UK, several people watched from the ground as two helicopters and a restored Second World War Spitfire flew over Postling Wood. Another Spitfire in a gray sequence without colour spun into a barrel roll and fell from the sky. The two helicopter pilots also witnessed the event. The police sent a helicopter and men on foot to the scene but found nothing.

The observer’s minds near enough to the event activated quantum parts of their brains to react to a past moment in time. It is something the observers will never forget although the incident because unexplainable and classed as a supernatural event is now lost in mythology. The spectators of such events have opened a portal in their brains, leaving a profound effect while the others give sly grins showing scepticism. Many witnesses of these events honoured to have seen a glimpse of mind projection in the distant future. An explanation of the supernatural will emerge in a couple of centuries due to quantum science. This is how it all started in my mysterious little world and a privilege to witness such an event.

Robin Howard
Robin Howard
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