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A lone Sagittarius amongst the stars


By K.H. ObergfollPublished 3 years ago 6 min read

I believe it was written in the stars or as my favorite quote from my weekly tarot reading a dozen or so years ago read "A champion of truth, peace and justice- they always find their true vocation in the service of those who suffer”, of course, as you guessed, “they” refers to me and my fellow Sagittarius!! Of course, whether that quote has anything to do with how we are, this intuitive art form of Tarot Reading was so deeply connected to my zodiac sign that morning that something about it lured me in on a quest to find more out about myself and my arched-arrow-holding half-man half-horse centaur.

The bestial Centaur holding a bow and arrow is often depicted as just a lone arrow or a vivid purple and dusty blue watercolor drawing of star-scattered constellations in the deepest darkest depths of the night sky in the crudely drawn shape of a open-ended heart.

Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter which is something that I didn’t know until doing further research—Jupiter, surprisingly is a planet I always gravitated towards. Normally when you read about or discuss us “tame-less” Sagittarius, there is a distinct level of energy, a vibe, a channel of deep understanding. But what is a Sagittarius? What classifies one as such? Sagittarius’s like myself are known the world over for being generous, idealistic, realistic, flexible, intelligent, and so many more. The number one best or worst attribute of a Sagittarius—depending on who you ask is that we are known or rumored to being constant seekers of freedom and traveling, always on the move looking for the next best thing. I tend to think somewhere deep inside of my psyche that is very true, I am always on the hunt inspiring those around me to do the same. I love having conversations with others—My significant other thinks it is crazy and sometimes annoying with how quickly I can meet and talk to people. Give advice, compliment, inspire, divulge, and as always, leave a lasting impression on them forever. Is that crazy? I think not, but it does attract the crazies if you catch my drift. If you look at it that way, maybe that is a fault of our arched-nemesis’s in other zodiac signs...yes, Pisces I am looking at you!! Which is funny that I bring this up, my original estimated birth date would have been in March but I was born three months early…I often wonder if this break with “fate” or “destiny” caused me to merge the two-signs, the Pisces—like my mother, an adaptable, headstrong and vibrant woman with a Sagittarius—also those attributes but with a penchant for instability. We both hate and work through conflicts well, a trait I think I picked up from my mom.

And while there is a learning curve for the signs as your experience and mindset with the star-signs might be different, I fully embrace the similarities and differences between each sign including my own. I am afterall, a true Sagittarius, I came to that conclusion after years of inner-reflection. We (I/me/other Sagittarius) have commitment issues and/or commitment-phobia’s, we like to stir-the-pot and leave or in laments terms— we are the bringers of “boiling the tea” but never spilling it so-to-speak. We have grandiose and unending desires to be the best and do “great” things. It is often said that our best career goals should be oriented around something that inspires us, gives us room to roam, allows us to teach, investigate, and encourage others.

Personally, I can get behind that. I am a storyteller, I like writing in my free time and traveling, I am constantly sitting with a million-web-browser tabs open on the hunt to learn more and do more with my time but I always feel as though I never have enough time in the day to finish. I am currently sitting with four-short stories almost completed, a handful of twenty-paged books written, and a two-hundred thousand word book sitting with nowhere to go—I procrastinate. I put things off because as I say: “you never know what may come up”. Procrastination is a self-admitted fault but one-day I will get around to publishing all my stuff.

But for now, I work in a standard nine-to-five job with great benefits and dreams of working for myself. I want to do something inspiring and dangerous—be a detective, a private investigator, home-designer, published author, business owner, all of that and if you ask me, I will accomplish most if not all of that, but will I ever truly be satisfied? Will it be enough? I don’t know but for now, I am happy with the thought that I will eventually do it and be content with the knowledge that I did it for myself.

You may think I am crazy after hearing all of this but before I ever knew the bounds that defined my firey birth month, I knew there was something special, something unique about this sign that bound me to it forever—I love being out-of-the box, thinking for myself and being impatiently patient, I like that I express myself and my thoughts for me, for myself, for my truth. I enjoy exploring others and their ways of life, fully embracing their quirks and their lifestyles. I never saw any of that as a flaw or a negative. I often have a daydreamer-esque mentality and am always looking to the stars, I will try anything once and when I have something in mind I will move heaven and Earth to get it, regardless of what it costs me in the end because for some reason, my depth perception is missing in that regard, as a Sagittarius, I always think it will work out in the end for me. I leave fate up in the air and chase it fiercly.

With that said, I am not as wild, impulsive and expressive as my star-sign might have you believe, I can be expressive, I know what I like and want but I don’t enjoy clubbing, partying or having all the attention on me. I live by my own set of rules and enjoy my free-time to be by myself curled up in a book. I don’t like being bored doing nothing, I find myself, like others that are Sag’s to be inquisitive and loyal to a fault. I have yet to meet a bad Sagittarius or one I didn’t trust but that could be because I have a deep understanding of all our ways—both the good and the bad. What would your encounter with our firey, fiesty and fearless type be? Are you as captivated and curious as I am? Or do you approach with caution?


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Writing my escape, my future…if you like what you read—leave a comment, an encouraging tip, or a heart—I’m always looking to improve, let me know if there is anything I can do better.

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  • Dana Stewart2 years ago

    Good article. I'm Sag too - I think we crave the knowledge. Writing lets us be an astronaut in the morning and a poet in the afternoon. Thanks for sharing!

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