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5 Ways COVID-19 Changed Our View of The World Forever

The pandemic and the ongoing threat of Corona has made us take a good hard look at life - we can do this!

By Holly AbidiPublished 12 months ago 7 min read
Our vision of the future is important

The pandemic of COVID-19 occurred worldwide. Something the world has never experienced before, at least not quite like this. It spread across the globe and changed the world profoundly. We cannot go back to thinking about life the same way ever again.

Instead, we are now chiseling out a new "future". What that will entail and what that will look like, we have yet to find out, because nobody knows for certain.

When the pandemic started in March, I remember the fear and uncertainty, there was also this disbelief that it would grow bigger. Yet, it did and fast. So for countless people it meant planning fast to shift to working from home. It wasn't a panic, at the same time, it was necessary. The world didn't have a backup plan or a model to follow where we could see how things occurred before. If we were prepared, we didn't prepare enough. At least it certainly felt this way.

Now with more measures in place we are cautiously thinking of how to step forward. Self-isolation will most likely keep being a part of our lives for a long time, especially with being deep into the fifth wave. Such changes in the strain of the virus are serious and unpredictable, and we have seen it with the Delta variants, and not Omicron. Being prepared is better, and rightfully so. We have the fear of another wave looming around us every moment now. However, it's good to be ready, we all need this going forward, life has changed we cannot deny that.

The pandemic all unfolded fast. I think that's the biggest shock of all was just how fast it spread and jumped continents unknowingly transported by travelers. It was hard to wrap my mind around what was going on. I truly believe there are many factors that have affected our lives and we have certainly come to our realization with such a world-changing event. We have certainly got a wake-up call. #hope

Hope prevails

1. Vulnerability :

Without a doubt, we soon could see just how fragile and precious life is. In fact, understanding we are vulnerable to something, no matter what it is, can make you stronger in your fight back.

Look at how the vaccines have given us so much hope. Thanks to all the hard-working physicians, medical researchers, and nurses, who are daily heroes. That's okay to understand vulnerability, but we have a responsibility to grow from it.

Plus, I definitely acquired a more empathetic look at others, because we knew we were all in it together. I know I sound like a broken record, but it's so true.

Cautiously one step at a time to preserver, we can, we will, and we will do so together. #stayingstrongtogether

2. Planning:

I don't think anyone was prepared for such a massively widespread pandemic. Nonetheless, it proves, we don't always know the future. Yet, we have learned and put far more planning in place now. We definitely saw where people got scared and what followed were the theatrics of toilette paper vanishing off the shelf faster than ice cream on a hot summer's day. We were shocked in many parts of our lives. It is understandable.

How could we prepare? How can we still prepare? Those are questions that still weigh heavy on our minds.

I believe the only way to be prepared as a province, state, or country is to strive to build our own sustainability. That means if we cannot travel and export/import goods, what are we going to do? If we have a backup plan and have spent time thinking about such things, we will be ready.

We then would simply tighten our belts so to speak and survive. This is the same idea of stocking toilette paper, just on a selfish scale.

What's so bad about thinking forward and working on sustainability? That's where our planning in the future should go, on a more humanitarian view of what we need to survive.

3. Isolation and Coping with Stress:

Something amazing happened around the world, because we are so globally in-tune with events and the people on our friends list on social media. People started reaching out and just simply saying, "Are you okay?" Sometimes just something as simple as that can mean the world to another person that just needed to feel supported, heard, and tell their stories and feel like they are not alone.

Technology has literally made our lives connected and assisted us in not sitting in the dark. Instead, we were "connected" and experiencing things together, we still are. That's the foundation of ensuring we have a coping mechanism. Everyone began to support one another - and it helps.

We must continue to do so and keep our morale up. The biggest failure we can endure is in our own minds, getting depressed, losing hope. If you asked me a year ago already, if vaccines would be on the market, I would have said I'm not sure, but I hope so.

It's that hope we all used to see the day where we could finally get our protection with the 1st & 2nd doses. Connecting to others and supporting those around us is what we should do.

Please, if you are struggling, don't do so alone. Reach out, find a Facebook group for support there are COVID pages and daily inspirational pages too. Know that you do not have to struggle on your own. You don't. And you shouldn't. #strongertogether

4. Resiliency:

Many of us have learned to be resilient, if not down right stubborn that we will find a way toward betterment. The countless workers and front-line staff and tireless efforts by so many to serve and help others is heroism. To all the people whom recovered and put in the "good fight" we salute you for your resilience. That goes to family, friends, anyone affected you have proven we can and will be resilient no matter what is thrown our way.

5. Resourcefulness:

Last, though not least, perhaps the most important is the ability to be resourceful. This is key if we are going to hunker down and be prepared for any other wave of viral outbreaks, then we need resources. We need to start supporting the small farms and people even in the city to grow and produce food. Without some sense of preserving our way of life it leaves us powerless.

A greener future for everyone. This is already happening with the vision of zero emissions and electric cars. It's a good move and one that is crucial.

We really need to examine the need to drive everywhere and go to the office? Do we really need to have so much office space and vehicles that pollute the planet? In fact, staying home is better for the planet. In that way, it makes us think of being more planet-friendly, staying closer to home, and contributing to a far healthier future.

All Things Considered - What's Next?

We don't have control over the course of events that occurred with the pandemic or the future, so we must ride the waves, but I would argue to do so elegantly as we have continued to prove in developing the vaccinations, wearing masks for protection, and social distancing to stop the spread. We are diligent in disinfecting, following protocol, and that's how we need to carry on.

What's Your Vision of the Future?

By Bud Helisson on Unsplash

If we could peer into the future, the ideal vision of it, what would that look like?

To me, it would be one where we are all working toward a greener more self-sustaining livelihood. We would have vaccinations that keep us safe. And it would be a future with solid and very viable virtual and digital capabilities. Life would revolve around being closer to home and we would embrace a newfound focus on happiness and wellbeing. In that, we would have a huge increase in our humanitarian kindness and being connected. Doesn't this sound like something worth fighting for? :)

So go ahead and leave your comments and thoughts. What's your vision of the future?

NOTE: Keep it positive only please, it's meant to be uplifting and enjoyable, we all need that right now.


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