5G Is Actually Electromagnetic Genocide Disguised As Entertainment

by Robin Brooks 11 months ago in science

Everything Is Not What It Seems

5G Is Actually Electromagnetic Genocide Disguised As Entertainment

At this point in time, many people think 5G will bring our society more prosperity through faster and better data transmission and communication. As is often the case; what is sold to us as true, is in actual fact a Grand Deception, which is most certainly the case with 5G. It is, in actual fact, a stealth technology that almost certainly will turn out to be the end game for humanity. It will make us perpetually visible to invisible masters, while simultaneously cooking and frying our cells to the very core. It is an extinction event, specifically developed for eugenics, similar to the better known genetic engineering of plants and animals with the altering of DNA through GMO-food. People, animals, fish, insects, and plants are hereby cross-contaminated through the consumption and absorption of genetically modified species. Not without reason have these engineered products earned the title ‘Frankenstein Food’.

In the case of 5G though, a different level of Frankenstein products has been developed for their own special set of devastating consequences for all life on this planet: 5G is listed as part of the greater family of Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF). This synthetic form of pulsed electricity sprung into existence as a military/secret service weaponry development, using microwave frequencies to penetrate buildings to spy on adversaries.

Both GMOs and EMFs come from the same stable, and are being used as calculated and ‘intentional’ weapons of biological destabilisation and destruction. There is no chance that (EMF) technologies capable of such drastic alterations to genomes and responsible for the annihilation of life on Earth, would have been commercialised simply to provide people with convenient pocket-sized wireless communication tools.

GMO and 5G share the same basic goal to alter living matter to such an extent as to be able to exert 100 percent control over it. In the case of GMO, for example, genetically altering the DNA of maize, soy, cotton, or a tomato, so that they can be continually sprayed with the toxic herbicide glyphosate—better known as Roundup—and remain unaffected—while the weeds around them shrivel to the ground and die.

Genetically Modified Food is a major part of the secret agenda to destroy our health, and those in the shadows, assisting and complicit with the demonic biotech cabal, most notoriously the Dark Monsanto, know exactly what they are doing and why. Monsanto is the company that told the world that PCBs, DDT, and Agent Orange—all lethal—are safe.

Big biotech is already devastating the genetic foundations of nature and people, and their target is to do it all across the planet. There has been some resistance in the EU, but finally, in secret, the EU has given the all clear for GM food, because the same families that control Big-Pharma and all the others, control the EU too.

(From Eugenics into Genocide)

From Eugenics into Genocide

In human terms, this technique is called eugenics. EMFs such as 5G, are introduced with the same basic premise, but move from eugenics into genocide. The microwave pulses emitted by EMFs already formed the foundation of 2G, 3G, 4G telecommunications, and of Wi-Fi. Scientists now have irrefutable evidence that these pulses—resonances—alter and distort the cellular composition and DNA of living matter.

But 5G differs from its predecessors, and is far more lethal, as it shortens the resonance spaces substantially into millimetre pulses, and raises the output by a factor of at least one hundred; standing within the range can be compared to being enclosed in an activated microwave oven.

Robin Brooks
Robin Brooks
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