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10 UFO Hotspots You Need to Visit

From Roswell to Skinwalker Ranch, these all-American UFO hotspots will make you want to believe.

By Skunk UzekiPublished 5 years ago 6 min read

Did you ever want to go to a place that looked like it was right out of The X-Files? UFO tourism is a legit thing, and it's been taking a number of different communities by storm.

This is especially true in the United States, where people are both avid sci-fi fans and conspiracy aficionados. That being said, UFO tourism is a new trend that has a lot of draw for a lot of different people.

People who are hardcore conspiracy theorists want to go in order to attain proof of the unknown. Curious onlookers want to go, because why not? And then, of course, there are the many sci-fi fans who just might want to get a taste of the "real thing."

Believe it or not, there are UFO hotspots throughout the world that you can visit—or at least come close to. Here are some that might be a little more interesting than most.

There are not many UFO hotspots more famous or notorious than the area where the Roswell UFO incident took place. This small desert community made headlines in 1947 after an unidentified craft crashed outside a military base nearby.

The American government seemed to cover up the crash in its entirety, leaving what happened up to speculation for the public. The crash became so famous, much of Roswell's tourism is due to the strange collision of a "weather balloon" that the US government refuses to acknowledge.

Today, Roswell's tourism board includes special alien tours, alien-themed hotels, and plenty of kooky kitsch for tourists of all types. It's a fun stay, even if you're not a big conspiracy theorist.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona isn't just a place where unidentified crafts have been spotted; it's considered to be an overall paranormal hotspot. The mountains near this tiny city have long been known to have paranormal activity around them, even by the local Native American tribes.

It seems like there's something unusual here everywhere you go. Lights mysteriously flit from place to place in the sky, with some people even reporting strange "ships" going into the mountain. Many tourists and locals also note that they feel a strange buzzing sensation near the mountain.

Overall, the entire region is generally seen as a positive place to be. Sedona has become pretty well-known for being a New Age hotspot, with many natural healers going there as a way to help clear their negative energy.

That being said, there are some more ominous places in the Sedona area. The Bradshaw Ranch is known for having ghosts, strange crafts, cattle mutilations, as well as dinosaurs that roam the ranch. It's said that Sedona is an intersection between different dimensions. Whether it's true or not remains to be seen.

If you don't want to drive out in the desert to see a site of a famous spaceship crash, you're in luck. There are other famous UFO hotspots that are located deep in the woods—including a small crash site in Kecksburg.

During the 1960s, locals as far as six states away called the police to report a very large "fireball" shaped like an acorn. The reports claimed that it crashed with a loud bang in the middle of Kecksburg's woods.

People went far to try to find out what happened, with several locals going into the forest to take a look at what happened. When they arrived, they were met by men who claimed to be with the military warning them to leave.

Some who were in the woods claimed to see the wreckage of a flying saucer being carted off by military personal. Like many of the other government UFO cover ups, the US government has not admitted anything about the incident to this day.

Nowadays, you can visit Kecksburg and check out the plaque that was erected about it. Whether or not you find anything to help solve the mystery remains to be seen.

McMinnville, Oregon

Do you like having a nice glass of pinot noir alongside your conspiracy theories? You might like visiting McMinnville. This vineyard-rich region of Oregon is famous for their good wines, but also has a pretty strong reputation as far as UFO hotspots go.

This town was where two of the most iconic "flying saucer" shots were taken during the 1950s. The shots, which were taken right outside a farmhouse by Paul Trent, became known as the de facto photos of alien activity.

Many believe the McMinnville UFO photos to be a hoax, but as for the Trent brothers who saw them, they've stuck to their stories ever since. Who knows? Maybe you'll find evidence that they were telling the truth.

Bowman is one of the only real UFO hotspots that has not been linked to an alien sighting. This small town has never witnessed an alien crash, but does have a major draw that will make alien fans happier than ever.

You see, Bowman is the official home of the UFO Welcoming Center. So, if aliens ever do land and decide to make themselves known, they will most likely be directed to Bowman.

The center itself is not actually that impressive. It was singlehandedly made by a lone resident who wants to make sure that any aliens who land will still feel at home. Wild, right?

Aurora, Texas

Back before the Roswell Crash of 1947, reports of alien activity were few and far between. In fact, they were basically unheard of until the 1940s. That's what makes Aurora one of the most unusual hotspots for alien activity out there.

You see, Aurora, Texas, was the site of an alien spaceship crash. In 1897.

The crash was unlike anything that people had seen prior, and the locals had no way to figure out what it was. The alleged remains of the ship's crew were buried in a cemetery nearby.

To date, no one really knows where they were buried or what exactly was in the spaceship upon discovery. Due to the sheer age of the crash report, it's considered to be a highly authentic story.

If you're really looking for a place that's terrifying to visit and chock-full of alien spaceship sightings, you need to travel to Utah. More specifically, you should hit up the Uintah Basin, home of the legendary Skinwalker Ranch.

You might recognize the Skinwalker Ranch as the place where scientists from NIDS started to report cattle mutilations, strange crafts, disembodied voices, and what appear to be portals to other dimensions.

The Skinwalker Ranch has been barred from public entry, but don't let that stop you from visiting this region. Most locals see unidentified crafts on a regular basis, and will be happy to regale you with stories about the high amount of strangeness they've witnessed.

Rachel, Nevada

Area 51 is not just one of the most celebrated UFO hotspots in the world; it's also the most epic alien tourist spot that officially doesn't exist. Much like Skinwalker Ranch, Area 51 is totally off-limits to tourists. Going inside the base will get you shot.

It's said that the reason why this base is so guarded is because the military stores the remains of alien spacecrafts here. So, you're not getting in. However, the surrounding areas definitely see their fair share of weirdness—and boy, do they love tourists!

Multiple cities surrounding this strange Air Force base have tourist attractions that are specifically made to cater to the UFO crowd. The most popular tourist town near the base is Rachel. You can check out alien-themed diners, alien hotels, as well as tours involving alien trivia.

Marfa, Texas

It's no secret that the desert seems to attract high strangeness in ways most other terrains don't. Right near the border between Texas and Mexico is a small town of Marfa that has become pretty notorious for its UFO activity.

If you go to Marfa, it's a good idea to take a look at the night sky. For ages, both locals and tourists have claimed to see strange white lights that hover in the sky—then vanish noiselessly in the night.

Whether or not these are UFO sightings or some rare form of natural phenomena remains to be seen. Either way, it's still a popular place for people who want to see strange things to go.

The quiet town of Lincoln would seem just like any other place in the United States—until you notice the seriously large amount of UFO paraphernalia around every corner, that is. All things considered, Lincoln definitely earned its tourism related to UFO hotspots.

Lincoln was the site of one of the most famous alien abductions of all time. It was here that Betty and Barney Hill claimed to be abducted by aliens who performed experiments on them. Their story remains unexplained, no proof of a hoax has ever been found, and this is one of the UFO sightings declassified by the CIA.

People who live in this town definitely have a little pride for their alien-filled history, as you can see from the attractions. That said, it's not unheard of to see strange lights in the sky here—even today!


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