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The Roswell UFO Incident

Alien Mishap or Subliminal Dissemination

By Richard Van SteenbergPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
The Roswell UFO incident has been described as "the world's most famous, most exhaustively investigated, and most thoroughly debunked UFO claim"Depending on who you listen to or believe, you will usually get one of the following stories as to what happened in Roswell back in June of 1947.
  1. The Air Force account that a weather balloon from Project Mogul crashed near Roswell.
  2. An Alien spacecraft crashed near Roswell and the vehicle remains of the occupants were taken to Area 51 and the story was covered up with the crashed balloon story by the Air Force.
It is almost as if your desire to know what happened at Roswell plays right into the two most popular theories. If you are of the opinion that aliens don't exist and the government wouldn't cover something up, then the balloon crash plays into and supports that belief.

If you believe in aliens and the possibility of a government cover-up, then the UFO crash plays into and supports that belief. There are even more extreme stories, suggesting the government shot down a spacecraft there and took the debris and occupants remains to Area 51. The one theory that no one has put forth is that neither of these events happened, yet the stories were circulated for a far more nefarious reason.

Subliminal dissemination is the process by which information is released into the public sector for the purpose of enlightening the earthlings just enough as to what is going on without giving away too much and cluing everyone in to what is really going on.Could this event actually be the start of a much larger master plan of disclosure to reveal to the earthlings the existence of extraterrestrial life? An even more terrifying possibility is that Humanoid Extraterrestrials Live Among Us (HETLAU). They have been here the whole time and the earthlings are unaware. Would the government need to slowly, over time, release accounts of extraterrestrial activity in order to prepare the public as to what is really going on without them being aware this is being done to them?

As soon as you propose this possibility to some of even the most outspoken ET and UFO advocates, they are quick to denounce the possibility. That HETLAU could be controlling the government in the form of a Hextary or humanoid extraterrestrial government posing as an earthling democracy and engineering an almost seven decades-long plan now to secretly inform the Earthlings as to the nature of extraterrestrial existence without their knowledge, is just too much to absorb. Surely the most astute ET and UFO experts would have picked up on this and floated it as a theory at the minimum.

Even organizations such as SETI (IS ET) Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence would have added searching Earth for the possibility of alien life instead of just listening to outer space for signals. If you are going to hunt for something, you have to be willing to look everywhere. You can't just exclude certain places because you never thought of it or don't think it's possible.

As you retrace the events that have unfolded since the Roswell incident, the surge in ET and UFO-related stories would resemble the following line on a chart. Starting out slowing at first, and progressing mildly along, it has picked up momentum and is now accelerating upward with an increasing vertical trajectory.

Chart Reflecting the Surge in ET & UFO Stories Over Time

The most recent story that made headlines has been picked up by all the major news networks and is essentially being discussed as "credible" in mainstream society for the first time.Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program

Is this latest story just a continuation of the Roswell UFO Incident, yet the public has yet to put the pieces of the puzzle together? Is this an ongoing repeating pattern that we should be looking to continue? What will the next major UFO sighting reveal?


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