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10 Scientists and their works in Science Fields.

by Radioactron about a year ago in science
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Eric Shoemaker-Art Station

Here we are with the 10 Scientists and their some Discoveries and Inventions!

1) ALBERT EINSTEIN: (Theorotical Physicist)

Image: Wikipedia

a)Photoelectric Effect
When electrically charged particles are emitted by a metal surface due to Electromagentic radiation is known as Photoelectric Effect. We can see photoelectric effect in Solar Panels, Light detector in Fibre Opitcs Cables,etc

b) Theory of Relativity
Theory of relativity consists of 2 Theories-General Theory of Relativity & Special Theory of Relativity.
General Theory of Relativity is concerned with Gravitation which tells that Gravity is a curve in Space-Time Fabric which is due to when matter is floating on the space-time with warping the space-time making a Curve.
Special Theory of Relativity is concerned with variation of physical laws with non-inertial frames. For example- At Speed of Light you will experience no Time(You will not be affected by Time)

2) STEPHEN HAWKING: (Theorotical Physicist,Cosmologist)

Image: Wikipedia

a) Hawking Radiation
The Thermal Radiation emitted by the blackhole due to Quantum Mechanical Effect near Event Horizon. It reduces rotational energy and mass of blackholes.

b) Primordial Blackholes
After just the beginning of Universe some blackholes are formed which are known to be a Primordial Blackhole. Still it's Hypothetical.

3)NIKOLA TESLA: (Engineer,Inventor)

Image: Wikipedia

a) Alternating Current
Change in direction in flow of electrons occasionally/periodically is said Alternating Current.

b)Tesla Oscillator
Tesla oscillator is a electricity generator with the help of steam. Once Nikola Tesla said that a Earthquake appeared due to tesla oscillator.

4)ISAAC NEWTON: (Physicist,Astronomer, Mathematician)

Image: Wikipedia

a) Newtonian Mechanics
Newtonian Mechanics also known as Classical Mechanics is the Physics which explains notion of force acting on objects around us.

b)Laws of Motion
Newton's laws of Motion are the laws concerned with motion and forces acting on it.

5)Hans Bethe: (Nuclear Physicist)
a)Stellar Nucleosynthesis

Image: Wikipedia

Formation of other elements from the pre-existing elements in the stars due to nuclear reaction is known as Stellar Nucleosynthesis.

b)Nuclear Fusion
When two different nuclie of two different elements are fused together forming a heavy nucleus is Nuclear Fusion.

6) GALILEO GALILEI: (Astronomer, Physicist)

Image: Wikipedia

Heliocentrism is a astronomical model which states that the Planets in their planet system orbits their home star. Example-Planets in our solar system orbits sun.

b) Analytical Dynamics
Analytical Dynamics is the Discussion of the forces acting on the body, inertia of the body,the forces acting between bodies.

7) HANS LIPPERHEY: (Inventor)
a) Telescope

Image: Wikipedia

Telescope is an object used to see astronomical bodies in space. A Telescope uses lenses and mirrors to perform the results such as zooming to see celestial bodies,etc.

8)MARIE CURIE: (Chemist, Physicist)

Image: Wikipedia

a) Radioactive Decay
Radioactive Decay of an element is the emission of radiation as well as matter due to spontaneous reaction in Atomic Nucleus which is unstable.

b) Polonium & Radium
Polonium is highly Radioactive element with atomic number 84 where as Radium is also a Radioactive element with atomic number 88.

9) J.J. THOMSON: (Physicist)

Image: Wikipedia

a) Electron
Electron is a subatomic particle with a negative charge which revoles around Nucleus of an Atom.

b) Isotopes
The Variants of atoms of an element with the same Atomic number are known to be Isotopes of that Element. For eg. Isotopes of hydrogen- Hydrogen, Deuterium,Tritium.

10) ERNEST RUTHERFORD: (Chemist, Physicist)
a) Atomic Nucleus

Image: Wikipedia

Nucleus in the centre of atom consists of protons and neutrons (also called as nucleons) surrounded by electrons which revoles around it.

b) Radioactive Decay of Alpha And Beta Particles
An Alpha Particle is the Nucleus of helium which is 2 protons and 2 neutrons and Beta Particles are High energy electrons/positrons which are released when radioactive elements decay.

We'll continue our list of Scientists and their Discoveries/Inventions in Next Parts.

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