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10 Best 'Star Wars' Video Game Characters

by Culture Slate 27 days ago in star wars · updated 26 days ago

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Star Wars video games have long been a cornerstone of the universe for the fan community. From the Jedi Knight series to Battlefront and Squadrons, gamers are given the opportunity to explore many corners of the Star Wars universe and meet unique characters. Many of the beings introduced in the Star Wars gaming universe rapidly became fan favorite characters for their well-written personality traits, mastery of the Force or a blaster, and their heroic (or villainous) escapades.


The secret apprentice of Darth Vader, Starkiller was trained from an early age to be an unmatched Sith Warrior in the service of the Dark Lord. The son of a Jedi Knight in hiding after Order 66, Starkiller's father was tracked to the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk by Darth Vader and executed. Players of The Force Unleashed were treated to wielding untapped potential in the Force and an in-depth story that examined the secret world and ambitions of the Sith during the reign of the Empire. Sam Witwer, the talented voice artist who would later portray Darth Maul in The Clone Wars also lent his voice and likeness to Starkiller. His exceptional voice acting paired with a well written story and in-depth combat and platforming made this character and game fan favorites.

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Shriv Suurgav

The Duros pilot and rebel fighter proved to be a valuable and loyal companion to the player-controlled character on multiple missions during the campaign of the 2017 Battlefront II. His quick wit and cynicism brought a welcome levity and depth to the mission dialogue. He is also an important member of the Star Wars lore, leading Danger Squadron at the Battle of Endor and fighting against the First Order under General Leia Organa.

Kyle Katarn

First debuting in Star Wars: Dark Forces, Kyle Katarn was the original Rebel agent responsible for stealing the Death Star plans and sabotaging the Imperial Dark Trooper Project. Fans immediately became fans of Katarn as his mercenary-turned-Jedi backstory led the player down an action-packed and uniquely Star Wars story over the course of multiple games. Katarn continues to be a staple in the Star Wars universe for fans of Legends content and many hope that they will give him the "Thrawn treatment" and expand his story in Star Wars canon in one of the upcoming Disney+ shows.

Titan Squadron

The Imperial Remnant wing of the Squadrons campaign proves to be full of lethal pilots and intense and fascinating characters. The Titans were outfitted with the pinnacle of Imperial military technology and tasked with the most dangerous strikes against the New Republic. Led by the stoic and military-minded Varko Grey, the squadron rallied around the player during intense dogfights, with the likes of Shen and Vonreg cheering the players kills. These elite pilots provided an excellent character backdrop and fire support for the Star Wars flight simulator.


The "secret protagonist" of Knights of the Old Republic, Revan walked a long and complicated path, changing sides multiple times in their quest for power and peace. Revan's checkered past, paired with the players ability to make game-impacting choices allowed gamers to quickly relate to this classic protagonist. Over the course of the game the player, as the memory-wiped Revan, is trained as a Jedi by Bastila Shan during their mission to destroy Darth Malak. The game was an instant classic with players as their choices influenced characters and the galaxy at large. Many Star Wars fans are already excitedly awaiting the release of the recently announced KOTOR remake coming in the next year.

Darth Nihilus

The phantom-like Nihilus is truly a nightmarish adversary in the KOTOR sequel; The Sith Lords. One of the most intimidating and creative character designs in the Star Wars universe, Nihilus is defined by his hunger to consume the life force of the galaxy and his power in the dark side of the Force. His power in the dark side and his hunger drives him to consume entire planets simultaneously making him more powerful but also turning him from a man into a spectral wraith. He is eventually able to bind his spirit to his iconic white mask. Nihilus' spot on this list is earned due to his design and the part he plays in enriching the ancient lore of the Star Wars universe with his exploration of the dark side and his mask becoming a relic of the Sith Order.

Cal Kestis

One of the most popular and successful recent titles in the Star Wars gaming universe is the story of Cal Kestis as an exile Jedi during the Dark Times. The in-depth customization options, from lightsaber, to droid, to poncho endeared this game to the player. Platforming and adventerous exploration continue to be in hi-demand on the video game market and Fallen Order delivers in spades, with Cal jumping, ducking, climbing, and puzzle solving his way though Star Wars planets new and old. The Dark Souls-like combat system allows players to find move sets and lightsaber forms that fit their style as Cal engages creatures, stormtroopers, and Imperial Inquisitors on his journey to protect Force-sensitive younglings.


The Hunter-Killer series of droids were programmed for combat and assassinations that rivaled even the IG line. HK-47 was built by the Dark Lord Revan himself, seeking to eliminate his enemies without engaging in full on warfare. HK proves to be a faithful, if bloodthirsty, companion in Knights of the Old Republic after unknowingly being reunited with his creator, Revan, on Tatooine. Quick with a witty one-liner or a well placed blaster salvo, HK is a favorite companion of many KOTOR players.

501st Journal Narrator

2005's Star Wars Battlefront II is commonly held as one of the best and classic Star Wars video games. With virtually endless different scenarios for the player to fight their way through, Battlefront shows the player what it is like to be on the frontlines of classic Star Wars battles. The campaign mode puts the players in the boots of a clone trooper at the end of the Clone Wars, including Order 66, and the transition into Imperial stormtroopers up to the Battle of Hoth. This journey across multiple firefights and engagements is narrated by Tem Morrison himself. While the writer of this "501st Journal" is never identified, this narrative device serves to make the player feel as if the narrator could be any of the armored troopers fighting at your side during missions. These narrations are packed with emotional and iconic moments that are still widely known, quoted and loved in the Star Wars gaming community to this day.


Much like HK-47, Sev is a relentless hunter and volatile member of Delta Squad. He proves himself a worthy brother-in-arms to the player character "Boss" on multiple occasions, cutting down droids, Trandoshan slavers, and anyone else who stands in the way of Delta's objective. During a dangerous mission to Kashyyyk, Sev is seperated from the squad and his last transmission ends in a hail of enemy fire, leaving his fate hanging in the balance. Sev's character arc is a storyline that many fans wish to see continued as Republic Commando II was never released and players were never given the opportunity to go after their lost Delta brother.

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Written By Weston Erickson

Source(s): StarWars.com, Screen Rant

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