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Zara the Cobblers Daughter

by Steve Kravetz 10 months ago in erotic
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Lessons in leather

He knew from his first glance, she was a strikingly beautiful young woman just beginning to bloom and the most breath taking creature the Prince had ever focused his blood shot eyes on before.

Rising to the height of five foot ten inches tall she had the perfect face as far as he was concerned. A head with high cheek bones, framed by the silkiest long blond hair that ripped each time she moved her body. Her green eyes that looked back at him, stopped him in midsentance as he talked to her father that one and fathful day.

She walked like a queen not as the cobblers'daughter that she was. Her arrival was preempted by her chest, even though it was being hidden by her simple frock. RThe Prince could still tell they would be perfect. The skin between her throat and her chest was so pure, smooth, cotton soft white.

He could hardly contain himself, and just the zooming glance through the small opening in her neckline gap, gave him the view. The top of her chest and the ever presents of the long cliff between her most wonderful bulging breast.

The whole package of this woman made it hard for him to contain himself to conduct the business he came into the shop today for. His cock was now raging hard, and rubbing roughly up against the inside of his cod piece.

Her name was Zara, she was the cobbler's daughter, just turned eighteen years old and a total virgin.

"Zara is now mine to do with as I please for the next twenty four hours," he quitetly but excitedly says to himself as he leaves the cobblers shop. She was the currency to pay this year's taxes her father owed the Prince. "Oh what plans I have for you my young nymph." Prince Nile said to himself, the grin, falling across his warped face.

Nile was a short, squatty man in stature, with little charm or smarts. He had inherited his fiefdom from his perverted uncle who died two years ago, in an unusual self-induced accident hanging of sorts. He was found swinging from a beam in his bed room, pants below his knees and a thin leather belt that he had used wrap around his neck and beam above his bed. The investigation of the death found it looked the previous Prince's slip knot held instead of slippiung loose as it was meant to work.

The priest said it was Satan comeback to take what was his, but most people of the villiage just figured it was some sexual thing which he was enjoying until the end.

So now Nile is the Prince and with the title the power to follow his own sexual deviate fanatism. Zara was tobe the first and he had been stalking her for months.

"Zara, come over here and let me look at your beauty, my, my not a blemish on any kind on your skin. Please remove your clothing so I might see what I have bought."

They were in the palace's libray the fire place was glowing and the whole roomsmells of old oiled leather.

"Yes sire," she quitetly replied in almost a whisper, then not making any movement to disrobe but let silence fill the room for an extended period of time before she finally said,"But good sir." Her voice now talking on a different tone. " Before we begin this day of activities, I must be sure you are able to live up to your end of this contract for this is after all a contractual business agreement is it not?"

"Oh my,..I guess it is, what do you need from me," he whines, as the fustration was getting the best of him?

"I need to first see the equipment I must work with," she reply's now more boldly, as if she is the one to be satisfied not him.

"Take off those clothes your wearing, and for every two garments you take off I too will remove one of mine, no jewelry does not count. So now, get with it." She demanded taking charge of the day.

'This could be interesting', he thinks, and proudly he removes his cod piece first, as if to show this beauty, so she can see what can be expected.

Her response he had hoped would be terror, fear, excitment, or maybe lust. What ever, he didn't care, just as long as whatever it did produce would bring him great pleasure. Now the anticipation of seeing those two big beatuful twins were too much. His penis was as hard as it had ever been in his life. Slowly he bends up from removing his britches, with a smirking grin acrioss his face.

"You call that a cock?" She shrieksed,looking him dead in the eyes,"when is it going to get hard like a adult male? Don't look at that pathetic worm, look at me. I am a woman who is willing to trade her percious virginity over to pay a debi, but you don't have the equipment to do the job. So here is the new deal. I will give you a day of erotic enterainment like you never could dream of, but you must do as I say totally, with out one complaint, do we have a deal?"

"I want to see,"

"If you say yes, then maybe you can see them, but it's yes now or I'm out of here. Whats the choice to be, you poorly equipped little boy?"

His manhood had shrunk up now and now looked like the little boys sausage it usually was. "Fine, but I want to see those tits."

"Take off all your clothes now and get on your knees here in front of the fire place and don't move until told to do so. Understand?" She then turned around and faced him. She reached down and slapped his tiny cock with her open hand as she went by on the way out the door, to change.

Her fathers plan was workking better than they thought it would. Over the years he had built various leather whips and restraints, mostly for the pervious prince. So he devised this plan to pay the debit with out Zara losing her virtue. He created a special leathher garment for his daughter, it fit skin tight, showing her skin here and there, but mostly it was a black second skin. It did display the top of her beautiful breast fully with cut outs for her rosy pink nipples. Part of the outfit was covered with tiny metal spikes which were ground sharp to bring pain to the recipient of any hugs. Two thigh length black bioots cover her feet and long legs. On her hands she was to wear ione ruff leather glove, the other hand had a smooth velvety and soft texture. Both allowed her bare fingers with their long nails to be exposed.

Zara looked into the mirror on the wall to admire herself and her new look. She looked and noe felt powerful ready to tottaly take controll of the evebnts. One more look and she headed back to implement part two of her fathers's plan.

When she entered the room this time it was as a leather goddess, and with her she had the lesther bag of implements her fathe had also made and sent with her to use as needed, on the cowering on his knees in front of her, Prince Nile.From the interior of the bag first comes a dog collar which she promtly attaches around his neck, "don't you dare look at me unless I tell you too, you disgusting pimple."

The minute she walked in, he was shaking to the core. She was amaziong looking with all that smooth black leather skin, and face crowned with long blond hair. He only had a chance for a quick glance at her body's two queen size breast and their thick tipped puffy nipples sticking out and of her camel toe which was now bulging out so prominetly between her thighs.

Then she was behind him before he could day or could react as she put a leather ball in his mouth and tied the rest of the strapping around his head. Just the quick view of this lovely sent lighting bolts charges through his body, especially his engorged erect and now aching man hood.

He heard the whistling sound of the leather riding stick before it landed it's stinging blow accross his back,."I did niot tell you to look at me you stal pile of puss, now get down on your hands and knees and follow me like the sick little pet monkey you are." With that she pulled hard on her end of the leash almost causing him to fall flat on his face. Slowly at first she parades him around the room, and then as he gets use to the pace, she increases her speed, now skipping gleefully which causes her breast to bounce uncontrollably in their dark smooth leather confinment. Nile ventured a quick glance up and almost lost it with the veiw he was getting. The next look got him a quick two smacks across his now exposed ass cheeks and tender ball sack. "If you can't follow directions I guess I will have to teach you a lesson. Number one, after this." Within a quick moment a series of blows hammered down on his right butt cheek leaving him in pain and with tears rolling down his face. "Don't you dare cry," she shouted." You can whimper you little bitch but no crying.Or I'll give you somethoing really to cry about. Now follow me my ugly pet." His knees were beginning to burn and really hurt. The blood was just starting to mar the floor as she dragged him as she ran and pulled.

Nile now was totally out of breath panting with the ball gag making it hard to breath. He was exhasusted but with intense lust of which he had never experences before in his life.

Zara looked up to the towering book shelves, and spots the hooks her father told her would be there. All along the metal railing that the ladder ran along, put there years ago just for the purpose she was about to use them for now." Get up and stand here, and now put your arms in front of you away from your weak sick excuse of a body. "Quicker," she said as the wipe bit out this time hitting his left cheek with three quick string swats.

Prince Nile grimaced as he pushed his arms out and accidently hit her left cherry tipped soft firm nipple. 'I maybe the first man to have ever touched that bit of delicate puffy skin,' he thought to himself to himself but immedediately feeling the pain. First, the sharp projectiles that had entered the skin of his finger that had touched her, but it would be a hard slap across the face from her ruff gloved hand that brought the most shock.

"That's going to cost you piss ant." From the leather bag she brought out fourlong leather covered ropes, each with a ateel ring on one end to fit over the newly found metal hooks, quikly she attached the ends and began to tie and stretch the willing prey.

Once he was pulled out and left exposed she began part two. "Well you tiny cock wonder, how do you expect to ever satisfy any women or ever impregate one with such a dinky worm of a tool." Followed by a hysterical laughter from the leathered goddess before him. "Perhapes we can add to it's size. with this," she reaches up on the mantel and finds a lite candle. Zara slowly starts dripping hot casndle wax over his semi hard penis. "Yes I believe we can make it much bigger this way, what do you think my little bitch?"

The Prince was beside himself, the pain was intense, just as one burning sensation spread out and begin to fade away. She would pore more on just bringing the burning pain levels back up. He could not take his eyes off her even as she pored more and more wax on what was left of his manhood. Her next attack was begun by her grabbing and twisting, pulling and pinching his hard one inch wide nipples.The pain from this he felt all the way down to his balls. Zara would then add more wax on his punished nipples and then back to his burning crotch.

Left in such burning flesh pain he could no longer control his vocals of moning, weeping, and screams that were muted by the soggy leather ball in his royal mouth.

"Well look Sire, it has grown from a tiny ugle wart to now a much larger serviceable ugly wart., Haaa, haaaa. Haaa." Brings another laughting fit to Zara over her own joke.


About the author

Steve Kravetz

I am a 70 plus year old, award winning oral story teller from Rockwall Texas. My first novel took me 34 years to write, published in 2017.Since then I have published two books in 2020. Check out for more info.

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