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Your Call Is Important To Us

Who knew waiting on hold could be so fun?

By Chelsea RosePublished 4 months ago 8 min read
Image courtesy of Jürgen via Pixabay

I had just finished my last assignment and had finally carved out time to speak to a bank representative. Apparently, my call was important to them, but I started having doubts after being on hold for 23 minutes. While waiting for anyone to pick up the phone, I heard a knock on my open office door.

When I saw her, I was suddenly no longer irritated about being on hold.

Catherine looked sinfully alluring in a fitted black leather jacket, a dark purple dress, and ankle boots.

"What are you still doing here?" I asked.

"I've got a hot date in half an hour," she replied slyly. "How do I look?"

"You look fantastic," I answered honestly.

She stepped into my office, her hips bouncing and a mischievous smile flickering over her lips.

"Too bad you aren't free right now," she said softly as she approached my desk.

"Who says I'm not?"

She gave me a brief smile and pointed to the phone. It had now been 27 minutes since I'd been on hold. "Oh, yeah," I murmured. This made me even more annoyed, but I needed to cancel my missing bank cards and order new ones.

"On the other hand," she mused, sitting on the edge of my desk now. "I could have some fun with this."

I raised an eyebrow, wondering what she was up to.

"Shall I hang up the phone?"


My eyes followed her as Catherine hopped off my desk and stood before me.

She grabbed me by the chin and tilted my head up before pressing her lips to mine.

The hold music was still playing in my ear while she kissed me.

"I should hang up," I murmured again.

"Stay on the line," she commanded a second time.

"Yes, ma'am."

Who was I to argue with Catherine?

Silently, she began undoing my shirt buttons. With a tight breath, I watched as Catherine made her way lower and lower. Her fingers brushed against my flesh as she clicked each button open.

When Catherine got on her knees, I only hoped the bank would keep me on hold for a little longer! I had no clue how I would converse in my rising state!

Before I knew it, I felt my shoes being removed and then my trousers.

"Catherine," I started, but she shushed me and started to unzip my fly. I'm unashamed to admit that my cock was straining against my boxers, just begging to be touched by her.

I started to repeat her name but could only let out a low groan as she stroked my now-exposed cock. She smiled at me before rolling her tongue over my cockhead, humming as she began sucking me off.

I was near bliss when I heard a man's voice in my ear. The bank representative clearly had perfect timing!

"Hello," he called out again as I contemplated what to do. Hang up and enjoy the blowjob? But I really needed to cancel those cards!

"Fuck," I muttered as Catherine sucked me halfway down her throat and almost swallowed me whole.

"Hello," said the voice on the phone a third time.

"Hi, I need to cancel two of my bank cards," I replied very quickly.

"I definitely shouldn't have answered," I thought to myself. I also knew I should probably ask Catherine to stop, but I couldn't resist her. Content with my fate, I ran my hands through Catherine's black hair, twisting it tightly around my fist and tugging as she kept sucking the living fuck out of my cock.

Just the sight of her lips stretched to the max around the thickness of my cock as she eagerly took me in was almost enough to make me lose my load and shoot right down her throat.

"Ok, I just need to go through a few security questions with you before proceeding," the bank representative continued.

"Sure," I grunted in reply. Catherine laughed a bit at my struggle.

I looked down at her, and she had a wicked look on her face.

Catherine was going to make this challenging for me.

Her soft, warm hands started to caress and gently pull on my balls as she teased the tip of my cock with her tongue.

At this point, I could hardly see straight, much less try to remember the name of my first pet!

"Look, I'm sorry," I said to the guy on the phone. "Something's come up. I'll have to call you back." I finally gave in. Catherine was just too good to resist. Cancelling the cards could wait another day. Besides, I hardly had any money for a thief to steal anyway.

Hanging up, I stood before her and stripped off the rest of my clothes.

"Get on all fours," I told her.

I was impressed by how quickly she obeyed.

"Are you planning on closing the door?" she asked.

"Nope!" I answered confidently before swiftly changing my mind and walking to the door. The last thing I needed was to be called into HR because someone caught me fucking my coworker.

As I returned to my desk, Catherine was still dutifully on all fours, looking at me with hazel eyes. I could tell she was eager for what I was about to do to her.

I didn't waste any time.

Taking hold of her by the hips, I hiked her dress up and out of the way. I nearly groaned at the sight of her hot, wet pussy outlining those red silk panties. She was practically begging to be taken.

But I decided she required some punishment, and payback would indeed be a bitch. I started to lower her panties but stopped midway. With my middle finger, I began to trace her inner thighs, slowly gliding my finger up one leg and then down the other. She squirmed a bit when I reached the top of her inner thigh, but I held her in place with my free hand.

"Keep still," I instructed.

She looked back at me. Her eyes revealed her longing and need to be pleasured. She didn't dare say it out loud, but I knew she had been craving this for months.

Well, she was going to have to wait a bit longer.

Yet, as I continued gliding the tip of my finger along her body, I wondered how long I could keep this up. I wanted to be inside her, but I also wanted to punish her for her distracting ways.

I lowered my head between her legs, mere centimeters away from her pussy. I could see a hint of wetness forming in her silk panties and feel her tremble ever so slightly.

In a sudden motion, I grabbed on tight to her hips and ran my tongue so close to her body that I could almost taste her.

My hot breath was the only sensation she could feel.

As I blew ever so lightly on her soft skin, I used two fingers to tease my way up and down her lips, over her silky underwear. Her body moved with my fingers, and I grinned at how she softly whimpered.

"Please," was all she uttered. It was more of a desperate moan than a word, but I knew what she wanted.

In a second, I had her panties by her ankles, thrusting my tongue within her, setting forth a shattering moan that was music to my ears. As I devoured her, raw, passionate, delightful noises of ecstasy escaped from Catherine. But I wasn't done with her. Using my thumb, I rubbed her clit in tiny delicate circles as I ate her out.

Her hips leaned back even further, and at this point, she was practically grinding her cunt on my face.

"Don't stop," she ordered hoarsely as her body started to tremble, and I could feel her juices flowing down my face.

"Fuck," she cried out after a few moments, her body shuddering in climax.

"Fuck," she cried out again, a bit softer this time.

As her body started to calm, I caressed her ass with my hand.

I thought Catherine would need a few minutes, but to my surprise, she opened her legs wider and arched her back. Her pussy was wet, open and pleading for attention.

"Hard, please," came her command.

My heart was pounding, my dick throbbing, and I could still taste her on my lips.

Taking hold of my cock, I slid it up and down along her slit a couple of times before placing my cockhead into her opening.

"Is this what you came for? Is this what you need?" I asked her as I started to slide into her nice and deep. Stretching her to fit me, inch by inch, I eased my way inside her and had her moan for me.

She nodded, gasping for air.

She didn't speak, but she didn't have to. Her pussy was so tight, and the way she clenched around me with every thrust, trying to milk the living shit out of my balls, I knew this was what she wanted. What she needed.

It was at that moment that I realized nothing in the world beats the sight or feel of my slicked-up cock working its way in and out of Catherine's hot, wet pussy. I let out a growl as I looked down between us; there was nothing I loved more than watching my cock disappear inside her.

I reveled in the feeling of thrusting into her body as deep and hard as I could go till I was blessedly balls-deep, tight against her ass. The feeling of her desperately clenching around me felt so incredible. Very soon, I felt my pulse racing and my breath catching. Growling deep in my chest, I threw back my head as I came in a blinding rush, spurting load after load into her hot little pussy, till I'd flooded her with everything I had.

We both stayed still after I finished before Catherine finally broke the silence.

"You should probably call the bank back."


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Chelsea Rose

I never met a problem I couldn't make worst.

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