You Make Me So Hard

by Dan StrawberryHall 8 months ago in erotic

A Short, Sweet, Filthy Erotic Short Story

You Make Me So Hard

He knows the five words that make me hotter than anything. He knows how to use them.

He’s coming over this evening and I’ve been fizzing with excitement all day. I’ve not been able to settle; I’ve not been able to think about anything other than him and what he’ll do to me.

The door rings and he’s here, at last. My heart leaps up into my throat. I make myself walk calmly to the door, even though I want to run to him. Fuck, my hands are shaking.

I open the door and he’s there. He’s got that grin on his face that makes my knees go weak. He radiates confidence and masculinity and sex. He pushes me back, he steps inside, he takes me in his arms. He kicks the door shut behind himself as he kisses me. He holds my face, it’s tender, it makes me melt.

He kisses me harder, his mouth comes open, he slips his tongue into mine. He makes me sigh and moan, he’s making me hot down there already.

He kisses my neck. “I need you bad,” he whispers in my ear. I moan again at the need in his voice.

He runs a hand over my chest through my dress. He fondles my breasts. “I’ve been thinking about you all day. It’s been torture.”

All I can do is nod, it’s been the same for me.

He pushes me up against the wall as we kiss, his body pressed against mine. He’s so tall and wide and hard, I feel trapped, but in a good way. He makes my heart race; he makes me dizzy. He rubs my breasts roughly; he cups my arse and squeezes me so hard I gasp.

Dear god, I can feel his cock too. It’s pressed against my thigh; it’s driving me wild already. I squirm against him and he pulls back and laughs, but it’s not a mean laugh.

“See how hard you make me,” he growls. “You see what you do to me?”

I moan again. My legs are shaking. He always knows what to say.

He runs a hand up the inside of one of my legs, he pushes it right up my skirt. He presses his fingers against me through my knickers. He rubs me with a firm press and I hold on to his shoulders to keep myself on my feet.

“Are you wet for me darling?”

He pulls my knickers to one side, his bare skin touches my bare skin, a pulse of electric heat surges through me. He spreads my lips gently with his thick fingers, he strokes me softly in between. He grins at me. “You’re soaking.”

I am, I know, he’s only been here for a matter of minutes, and I’m dripping already.

He slides a finger up and over my clit and my whole body bucks at the sudden jolt of pleasure. His grin spreads wider, he watches my face as he tickles me there, as I squirm and groan for him.

Heat is spreading over my face and chest, tension is building within me already. He moves his finger lower, he slides it into my pussy, and I groan louder as he wriggles and twists it inside me. He tickles my g-spot and I gasp and shudder against him. I cling to him.

He slides his finger out of me. He lifts it to his face, he sucks on it. “You taste so good.” God, he’s getting me ridiculously hot.

He takes my hand, he presses it against the bulge of his hard cock in his jeans. “See. You make me so hard.”

I moan at the feel of him and at those five words. Those five glorious words that slay me.

I scrabble at the front of his jeans, I’m desperate now. I pull his belt open, I pop the buttons down the front of them with one sharp tug, I thrust my hand down the front of his underwear. I want to feel it, to see it.

My fingers close around him, my legs nearly give way again. He’s bigger than anyone I’ve known before, he’s so thick my fingers don’t meet around him. He’s longer than my longest sex toy, he’s smooth, he’s hot to the touch, and best of all, he’s as hard as rock. You’ve never felt as cock as hard as his.

His hands slide up under my dress, he pulls my knickers down to my knees as I tug his jeans and underwear down to free his glorious prick. I grab at it with both hands, I pump it frantically, I don’t care if he knows how wild he makes me. I want him to know. He groans loud with me as I fondle and pump him, the sound of it makes the hairs on my body stand on end.

He glides a wet fingertip back and forth and around my clit. He pushes a finger on his other hand into me, he fucks me with it. He slides a second one in, he fills me, I step my legs apart so I can take him deeper.

We kiss and kiss, we groan and tremble as we strum and finger and explore each other. I spit on my hands, I slide them all over him, I love the feel of his cock when its hard but slippery too.

I squeeze him as tight as I can, his noises come louder. I fondle his balls, I stroke him in that sensitive spot just behind them. I buck my hips against his fingers as he pleasures me, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself even if I wanted to.

“You make me so fucking hard,” he snarls in my ear, and I moan and shudder.

I want him in my mouth. I need him in my mouth. I try to drop to my knees at the same time he does. We laugh at each other. I’m about to tell him to leave me, I want to suck him more than anything else, but he doesn’t give me the chance.

He wraps his arms around me, he picks me up bodily, and he turns me around, head over heels in the air. I shriek in surprise, but he doesn’t stop. He twirls me around, he holds me upside down, against himself. His cock is in my face, my dress has fallen down.

I take a moment to come to my senses, then I open my legs and let my thighs rest on his shoulders. I open wide and take his cock into my mouth.

I’ve never been in this position before, not standing anyway, the novelty of it is an added rush. He holds me easily too, and that’s an even bigger turn on. He locks his hands over the small of my back, and he’s so big, so strong, he doesn’t shake or show any signs of tiring. I suck on him eagerly, and he buries his face in my exposed pussy.

It’s a more convenient position than you’d probably expect, at least for me anyway. Both of my hands are free, I can pump his cock and explore his body as I please him. His cock is so thick and long, I can only manage to get the head of him into my mouth, but I can hold his balls, I can tickle between his cheeks, and he groans wonderfully from between my thighs.

He kisses and licks and sucks my cunt magnificently too. He presses his face right into me, he does it with enthusiasm, he relishes me, he gets his mouth onto every part of my pussy. He kisses me all over, he explores me with his hot tongue, he pushes it right into me, then he laps at my clit. He moans as he licks me, like I’m manna from heaven.

The blood rushes to my head, but it makes everything feel better, more intense. He keeps licking and sucking on me like a man possessed, and I’m almost there already. I moan and squeal around his thick cock in my mouth. I pump him with one hand, I suck as hard as I can, I’m losing control, my climax is coming, it’s almost there... but he stops.

He turns me around again in the air. He cradles me, he holds me in his arms so effortlessly, like I’m nothing more than a child or a doll. He grins at me and the look of consternation on my face. I was so close.

“Not yet darling,” he says.

I shudder at the way he says it. His words are ripe with promise. He carries me to the sofa. He settles me down carefully onto it.

He stands up over me as he pulls the rest of his clothes off and I lay back and marvel at his body. He’s built like a prize fighter, no fat, just muscle. His chest and stomach ripple with it, his thighs are as thick as my waist, his arms look like they’re chiselled from stone. His cock juts out from his body, it’s thick and heavy, but standing firm and proud. It looks strong enough I could hang from it.

He sees me looking at his dick. He grins that grin again at me. He takes hold of it, he pumps it slowly as he watches me. “You make me so hard,” he growls and his words hit me with force. My cunt tightens, my heart hammers, heat spreads through my body. I can’t breathe properly.

The ache between my legs is so insistent now I have to hold myself back from touching myself. I want to, badly, but I’m still a little shy to do that in front of him. Fuck, he’s got me that turned on even contemplating it though.

He kneels down and he puts his hands on me again. He lifts me, he rolls me over, he positions me in the air, then he settles me down carefully. My chest is on the sofa, my knees on the floor. My bent bum is sticking up and out and towards him.

I tremble harder as he moves close behind me. I’m practically panting now. I look back at him as he spits on his hand. I can’t see his cock, but when he drops his hand I know he’s covering himself in his saliva. He does it over and over, getting himself ready to enter me.

He moves closer, his legs press against mine. I feel the head of his dick against my cunt, and I moan loud, like he’s fucking me already. He runs it up and down me, he makes me squirm and moan again at the touch of him there. He grins down at me; he presses forwards and his prick comes into my body.

I gasp loud. I grasp the cushions of the sofa and I dig my fingers into them. Fuck he’s so wide, he stretches me like nothing else.

He keeps moving forwards, sliding into me, but he takes mercy on me, he does it slowly. I feel each millimetre of him coming into my cunt. I feel him stretching and filling me; I gasp and shake as he spears me.

He’s so long he keeps sliding deeper and deeper, and he’s almost too much to take, he feels huge inside me. I’m shaking hard, I’m mewling, I’m writhing in pleasure already.

I feel the warmth of his legs and his stomach against me and at last he’s in all the way. He’s as deep inside my body as he can possibly be, as anyone has ever been. I’m impaled on him.

He holds still as I take deep breaths to try and settle myself. He lets me get used to the feel of him and I relax around him. It feels better and better. He waits until I start to move, until I’m rocking my hips and grinding against him like I’m an animal in heat who can’t control herself; then he fucks me.

He holds my waist, he pulls long, thick inches out of me, then he slides forwards and he buries himself inside me again. He does it slowly, but it’s so intense I almost black out. It’s so intense it's all I can focus on.

He does it again and my body turns to jelly and I collapse onto the sofa. All I can manage is to arch my back a touch to give him a good show, and to rest my head on one side so I can watch him as he screws me.

He moves faster and I groan and gasp and quiver beneath him.

He leans down and he whispers in my ear, “you look incredible.”

I groan louder.

“You make me so hard.”

My head swims with pleasure. Those five, perfect words.

“You make me so fucking hard.”

I’m shaking all over.

“No one else does this to me,” he whispers, his voice like gravel.

I’m a mess. He could do whatever he wanted to me now, I’m his, completely. He’d only have to ask, I’d do it gladly, anything.

“You’re so fucking gorgeous. Fuck, you get me so hard.”

The pleasure and the need in his voice, it does something to me, something deep down inside. The pleasure surges, the tension breaks, I cry out as my orgasm hits me. It takes me all the harder from being denied the first time.

He keeps fucking me, he fucks me harder. He slams into me and my orgasm comes on stronger. He keeps fucking me and I come over and over, I climax for so long it’s overwhelming. I’d panic, if I was capable of anything other than coming.

He pounds into me and my orgasm is unending. I feel delirious, overcome, I moan and writhe without any control.

And then he presses deep, he roars like a bear, then he’s jerking and gasping, and he’s coming too, he’s coming inside me. His cock slams in and out of me with each spurt, he sends my own orgasm even higher. He says those five perfect words to me again, and I’m in heaven.

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