You, him, and the sex toy!

Let's talk about sex

You, him, and the sex toy!

Hi everyone who has found my story, hope you'll enjoy the reading.

So, we can all agree we love sex, like who doesn't, really?! I'm a woman so I'm going to write based on my experience and the people who I have been with so please do not get offended, and if you do, maybe you should change something about how you treat a woman as you clearly recognised yourself in this story.

As I know and Google has told me it's usually quite hard for the women to orgasm when having sex. Just a simple in and out doesn't really make our eyes roll behind our heads, I mean it's nice but we know it could be sooo much better. Firstly, we want to feel desired and wanted, we want you to want us like we are the only woman in the world. Touch us and make us feel sexy, play with us! I think it's not a lot to ask if you fancy/love someone, you want them to feel good, no?

I'd say 90% of my ex's have been extremly selfish lovers, they never bothered playing around long enough to get me hot enough to cum as well (except that 10% who I thought I'll marry right there and then because they managed to make me cum)Overall it has been just sad and for a long time I thought, oh it's fine, something is just wrong with me because it takes me so long to climax. Until, I bought a toy, hands down the best $200 I've ever spent. So I was watching porn and it took me 2min to cum, wtf! Meaning, I'm not broken, I just haven't been stimulated enough to finish with a guy.

So I felt like I finally had the power, I'm not there to satisfy someone else's needs, I'm worthy of having an orgasm, because I can! I have to admit, it took me a while to feel comfortable sorting myself out while someone else was there looking at me but now I just don't care anymore, I care about being happy and satisfied.

Everything was going fine until I met this one guy, who wasn't putting in any effort, he was hot(in his pathetic defense) but my God, thinking back now..the emoji when a girl slams her forehead with a hand! You know when you are not the most confident out there and you hook up a couple of times you don't really put yourself out there so I didn't take my toy out on the first night. I was hoping things will get better as we are just getting to know each other. When I finally took the toy out, he felt offended! Like how! can you feel offended if you don't want to put any effort into pleasing me?! You are basically using my body to satisfy your own needs without giving any back, how F rude!

Later I learned that going down on a woman is something only p*****s do, me using a toy made him feel like he's not a man enough, also me telling him what I like in bed or if he can go slower/harder. I have no idea which cave this man came from, but I did send him back there. I just feel sorry for the next girl who finds him.

My, a bit all over the place, story is to women out there; girls take back the power of your body! You are worthy to feel good and be treated right! Find the way that works for your body, don't feel ashamed or let any guy put you down. We all know, happy wife(in this case woman), happy life, our life!

And if you are a guy, a satisfied woman is the best woman, she's happy and kind and will give you love so much love back!

Thanks for reading,

Holls x

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