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Write In The Middle Of It

by Majique MiMi 4 months ago in fiction
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A Love "Story" 11

Write In The Middle Of It
Photo by Kat Stokes on Unsplash

When Mekayla got home, she heard what sounded like a baby crying from her bedroom. She put her book bag on the dining room table and cautiously walked into her room. When she came to her back door leading to the fire escape, the crying became louder. She opened the door, looked through the screen and found a little tiger striped kitten wailing. Mekayla gasped and opened the door and cupped the kitten in her hands.

"Aww." Mekayla said to the kitten, "Where is your mommy?" She continued to cup it in her hands as she walked into the kitchen. She placed the kitten in the sink, went into the fridge, and pulled out a bottle of spring water. Then she got a small bowl from the cupboard, placed it in the sink with the kitten, and poured the water in it. Then she heard more crying. Mekayla knew the kitten couldn't get out of the sink without help, so she walked back into her bedroom and looked out the door to see a black kitten wailing. This time she picked the kitten up, put it in her pocket of her hoodie and climbed the steps of the fire escape to the roof. When she reached the roof, there was a basket in the middle full of a dozen kittens wailing and attempting escape

Mekayla looked around, but of course there was no one on the roof. She grabbed the basket and went back down the fire escape into the loft. She took the black kitten out of her pocket and put it back in the basket. She went into the kitchen to retrieve the other kitten, but when she did she jumped because Brett was standing at the sink petting the purring kitten.

"What the fuck are you doing in here?" Mekayla yelled as she put the basket on the dining room table.

"Shhhh," Brett said as he came toward Mekayla “You’ll wake her."

Brett backed Mekayla into the table pinned her with his torso as he gently tossed the kitten into the basket behind her, but he didn't move

"I'm going to ask you one more time,” Mekayla said through carefully measured breath and trembling,

“How the fuck did you get in here?!"

Brett leaned in to her ear and whispered "You let me in here." Mekayla's eyes fluttered closed as Brett began biting and kissing her neck.

"I didn't." Mekayla gasped giving in to his kisses. Brett lifted her up on top of the table as his lips met hers. He had the softest lips Mekayla ever felt against her own and she moaned with his tongue in her mouth. Brett moaned back and then pushed her legs open with his knee and began rubbing the fabric covering her newfound moistness.

Mekayla pushed his hand away.

"What, we are only kissing?" Brett kissed her harder, grabbed her breast and squeezed so her nipple was in between his index and middle finger caressing it until it a small lump formed through the fabric of her sweatshirt.

He then lifted her shirt and bra and began tickling it with his tongue. Mekayla let out a louder moan and arched her back. At that point Brett climbed on top of the table and positioned himself accordingly.

Kittens were wailing and jumping out of the basket but it didn't stop Mekayla from scooting out of her sweatpants and now damp underwear. Brett pushed himself in between her and the table legs began banging up and down on the wooden floor.

The kittens were screaming now. The banging was getting louder. All Mekayla could do was moan and inhale his cologne. Brett was moaning. The banging was getting faster and louder, the kittens wouldn't stop screaming.

Everything just kept getting louder until Mekayla opened her eyes and found herself in her living room lying across her big fluffy pillows.

The teakettle was screaming for mercy and she heard a banging at her front door.

Dammit I didn't mean to fall asleep!


About the author

Majique MiMi

When I worked in a call center , I used 2 write short soap operas & email them 2 my co-workers. I turned some of these soaps into books. Also I can turn the most tragic situations into hilarious stories. I honestly CAN’T make some stuff up

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