Workplace Sexting: A 48XTC Story

by Roman Gabrielo about a year ago in fiction

Bonnie and Jeff continue their File Room Four fun...

Workplace Sexting: A 48XTC Story

Jeff was having a tough day at the office. For one, he was dumped with the task of sorting through 20-year-old customer files to find which ones were still active now that the firm has acquired so many other small accounts. This meant running from his office in the upper floors to the file room basement over and over again. They were last catalogued using Windows ME, which meant the files were likely corrupt. If any of the clients were still active, he would have to re-catalogue their basic information into a more modern software program.

“Fucking old geezers!” he moaned. “ They bought every ancient account in Cook County. Probably still using Dewey decimal in their mansion libraries.”

Going to the file rooms wouldn’t always be a bad thing. The file room is where he and his wife, Bonnie, would sneak off for escapades. But Bonnie isn’t working today. She had to take the day off for a medical appointment. No lunchtime lusting for Jeff!

After the fourth trip downstairs and up to his partitioned cubicle, Jeff plopped his slightly sweaty, tired body into his office chair. The cubicle was semi-private. It had four walls and a lockable door, but was only seven feet tall, leaving a lot of space between the top and the ceiling.

Jeff's phone dinged. It was a text from Bonnie.


“Sux.Filing all damn day. How’s appt?”

“Doc cancelled. Home early.”

“Coming in?”

“Nope.Gonna stay here. Kids at school. I wanna play with u.” She ended the last text with a “devil” face emoji. Jeff took a deep breath and grinned.


“Yup. I’m on the tablet in the bed. Log onto that new app we got. 48XTC.”

“Okay. Want me 2 go 2 FR4?” That was their code for File Room Four, where he and Bonnie set up a small space to have their escapades at work.

“Not yet. Do it at the desk.”

A bead of sweat trickled down Jeff’s face. “Fuck yeah,” he said out loud.

“What was that, Sir?” a female voice asked over his wall. It was the new temp from Canada. Bonnie found her a job fair last month and she was going to be here another week. She was a petite girl. Shorter than Bonnie, even. She seemed a bit mousy and meek, with over-sized glasses and hair always in a French braid. Sandra always had a polite smile and cute dimples. She was helping Jeff sort through files. She couldn’t see Jeff from her side, but she could hear him typing or talking.

“Uh, nothing, Sandra. I was uh, happy it was gonna be lunch soon. Street tacos ordered for later. Fuck, yeah!”

Jeff opened his 48XTC app and searched to see who was on live. He could see that “BadBonnie88” was on and had sent him a live session invite. Once he clicked the button, a clock icon popped up and covered the screen with the number “48” next to it and started counting down by the minute. The icon shrank into the upper corner and revealed his bride, Bonnie, in their bed. She appeared to be naked under the covers. “Hey, stranger!” she said.

Hey yourself," Jeff replied via text. After he clicked the “enter” key, a tik-tok sound effect played.

Jeff’s plugged earbuds into his phone, locked his cubicle door, and turned on a small fan.

“Just text me what you want me to do, hon. I’ll do it,” Bonnie said.

“OK. Pull down the blanket.”

She grinned at the camera phone and placed the index finger from her free hand to her neck. Bonnie traced the finger down until it hooked onto the blanket just above her chest. “Like this, baby?” she asked before drawing the wool blanket down to reveal her breasts and erect nipples.

"Just lk that!"

Bonnie started pinching a nipple between her fingers. “I know you wish you could lick this right now. I bet you wanna put your cock on it, too.”

“FUCKYAH” he texted back. “Show me that pussy.” Jeff's balls began to swell and he adjusted in his seat. He looked over his shoulder to make sure no one was at the door.

Bonnie chuckled. “Hope everyone is at lunch. I know you wanna eat this.” Bonnie tossed the blanket to the bedside and showed her freshly shaved and puffy pussy. She manipulated her lips with the free index finger. “You want to lick me now, don't you, babe?” She arched her back up and almost put her vagina directly on the phone.

“Can barely type. So hot hon!” Jeff slipped a hand into his boxers and began fondling himself.

“You getting hard, babe? Show me.”


Jeff unzipped his pants all the way. He stood up at his desk so fast that his chair slid back and hit his door. Jeff pulled his earbuds out and put his phone on the desk. He could see Bonnie cackling in her bed.

“Are you OK, sir?”

“Yes!” He answered sharply. “I was, uh, stretching. Back a little stiff.”

“I'm going to the file room. Som1 heard me,” he texted.

“I was gonna tell you the same thing. I'll be waiting,” Bonnie texted back.

Jeff got dressed and put his phone in his pocket. He went around the corner to Sandra's desk.She was sifting through a small stack of files. Her phone faced down on her desk.

“Let me get your completed files. I have to bring them back to the cabinets. Plus I'll be sorting through another stack. I'll be out of reach for another 30 minutes, so hold any calls. OK?”

“OK, Sir." “Are you sure you don't need a little extra help?”

Jeff looked at her quizzically. He didn't notice before that she had very attractive lips.

“Um, no. I'm a big guy. I can carry all the files. But thanks.”

Jeff grabbed files and took the stairs. He first went into File Room Two where half of the files belonged, but he just put them on top of a cabinet. He didn't want to waste time trying to get his dick back up, so Jeff shut the door and slipped into File Room Four after making sure the hallway was clear.

Jeff worked his way through to the makeshift private room he and Bonnie created and took out his phone. He re-logged onto 48XTC and found Bonnie's session. He unplugged his ear buds. No need to text now.

“I'm back, baby,” he said.

The clock icon swept away and showed Bonnie was now on the bed holding a vibrator atop her mound.

“You took so long, babe. I had to start early. Are you still hard?”

Jeff dropped his pants and boxers all the way to the ground. His oversized balls hung while his wide cock stood erect. Jeff pointed his phone camera down at it and back to his face.

“ Ya think?”

“Then stroke it for me, baby. Put the phone where you can watch me and I can watch you.”

Jeff propped the phone on the cabinet and flipped it to the selfie cam. He flipped the low-watt light on in the file room so that Bonnie could see his half-naked body more clearly.

“Still so hot after all these years,” Bonnie said. “ That cock is so big. Come on, you know you wish it was in me right now.” She licked the top of the vibrator and inserted it into herself.

“I do. Fuck yeah I do,” he moaned. Jeff’s erection was full, with veins swollen all along his shaft. He spit in his hand and stroked slowly.

“Yes, babe!” Bonnie exclaimed. “Oh, fuck, you better cum for me so good.”

“Keep talking, honey. I’ll go so fast.” Jeff’s hand speed got a little faster, but he winced at the friction from not having any lubricant with him.

“Babe, I forgot the lotion. I really need to grab some.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” she replied.

“What? What do you mean?”

Before Bonnie could answer, Jeff heard the last thing he wanted to happen: a knock at the door.

“Oh, shit!” Jeff muttered. “Someone’s at the door, hon. I gotta stop.” Jeff began to pull his pants back up.

“No!” Bonnie commanded. Bonnie took her vibrator out of her vagina and typed something on her tablet. “She’s coming in. Don’t move.”

“COMING IN?” Jeff almost shouted.

The visitor unlocked the door and started to make her way to the makeshift room.

It was Sandra.

“Sir, at your wife’s request, I’m here to help.”

Jeff barely locked eyes with her before Sandra got to her knees. She looked at the phone and waited for Bonnie to tell her what to do next.

Jeff’s eyes flipped between Sandra and Bonnie.

“Are you serious?” he asked Bonnie.

“As a heart attack,” She answered. “Now grab the phone and pointed it down on her. She knows what she’s supposed to do and I want to make sure she finishes the job. And don’t help her.”

Jeff served his wife’s wishes. He flipped the phone camera around and turned on the flash feature to shine on Sandra. There was a small glare on her glasses, but he could still see her eyes. She seemed eager.

“Are you ready, ma’am?”

“Commence,” she could hear Bonnie say.

Sandra pulled out a small tube of lubricant from her cleavage. She spit in her palm and squeezed two drops. After rubbing her palms together, Sandra cupped them over Jeff’s balls and the bottom of his shaft. He didn’t think his balls could swell any more than they did. He was wrong.

Jeff watched all of the action through the phone. He could see his wife on the split screen, grinning and manipulating the vibrator.

“She’s good, isn’t she?”

“Uhhhhh,” was all Jeff could answer with.

After a few seconds of massaging, Sandra pursed her lips over his cock head and poked her tongue under it. She used her index finger and thumb to encircle the bottom of his shaft and pulled them up to his head and down. The corkscrew twist, slow as molasses, was an added touch.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuck,” Jeff sighed.

“Faster now,” Bonnie instructed. She already had her vibrator back inside her pussy and slowly was tugging it in and out. “He doesn’t have much time before people notice you’re both gone.”

Sandra nodded. Her stroking hand revved up. She cupped his balls with her other hand. Her lips opened and closed every few seconds to let the cold hair graze his cock head.

It was a wonder Jeff could hold his phone in place. He took about 30 of Sandra’s hand job strokes before the first load came. The camera lost focus for a few seconds because Jeff's hand became weak. Sandra practically gagged when the first rope shot in her mouth. Her glasses almost fell off from the shock. She stifled a cough but swallowed it.

“I wanna see it! Stay focused!” Bonnie shouted.

“I’m trying!” he retorted.

Jeff brushed Sandra’s hands off his cock so he could control the next shot. He wanted it all over her face, but they had to get back to the office. This was no time for a cum walk. Sandra opened her mouth wide, stuck out her tongue and looked into the phone camera like a hungry baby chick.

“Ahh!” he groaned. The camera angle perfectly caught his cum piling on her tongue. The corner of Sandra’s lips turned up. Jeff could see from her eyes she was pleased. He finished stroking the rest of his load into her mouth and she swallowed.

They could both hear Bonnie cumming from her vibrator fun. She panted feverishly.

Sandra got off of her knees and helped Jeff put his underwear and pants back on. “I’ll leave you two alone. I’ll still hold your calls, Sir.” She didn’t even look at him before leaving the file room and closing the door.

“How did you….what did you...the hell, babe?” Jeff asked.

“I’ve been planning this for awhile, long before my fake medical appointment,” Bonnie said, her voice soft from her own climax. “After the job fair, she kinda flirted with me. I told her she was delicious but I was married. She showed me this crazy app I made us get and said she does some side shows for cash.

"I told her I could get temp work for two weeks, but if she needed a little extra money, I had something else for her. After three Mimosas, a pic of your cock, it was on. She gets whatever people pay to watch what just happened.”

“We're gonna be watched? That's kinda scary. But hot. And what did you get?”

“To make a dream come true, baby. I watched you cum in another girl’s mouth.”

“Well, then,” Jeff said with a smile. “You finally found us a unicorn.”

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