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Wolves and and Witches Mother

by Kira Lydia G. 9 months ago in fiction
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Prequel to Rhiannon

"Good morning mommy.." Rhiannon said, Rowan smiled and kissed her daughter, the only part of her loveless marriage that brought her any joy.

"Ready to go gather herbs for the day?" Rowan asked, braiding her faded red hair to one side before doing the same to her daughter's fiery red mane. The child nodded and they took a basket and headed out into the forest. It was a bright day so they were safe from creatures for now so they continued on happily. Around noon Rowan noticed the sky had become overcast but it was still not alarming, not to mention they were finding a good bit of herbs they needed. The two witches ate herbs and mushrooms they had foraged happily for lunch, enjoying the breeze as the day passed slowly.

After being out all day Rowan noticed it was growing dark quickly and she began walking Rhiannon back to their small mountain town of Brave's Hollow. She heard a scuffle behind them and turned enough until the shape and smell made her realize the grave mistake of being out this late. A wendigo was very close, the smell as if a corpse had been rotting in the summer heat for months.

"Baby... keep walking straight no matter what happens.. do not stop or look back no matter what you hear. I love you." Rowan told her daughter tearfully and walked her a few more steps before running off a side path up and over a hill. The wendigo's predatory senses would lead it after the mother who ran. She ran straight into a group of the wolfmen and two immediately sprang to chase the wendigo off, but the white wolfman named Ghost heard her say "My daughter is back on the path." before running to keep the child safe.

He returned to the others and together they were wounded but had injured the wendigo and ran it off deeper into the woods. When he and the two others stumbled back Rowan gasped. "Help us back to our caves please." Was all Ghost said and she gladly did, doing her best to heal their wounds, at least cleaning and stitching their wounds shut.

Rowan was especially gentle with Ghost as she kept him from bleeding out. "Lovely witch, your child was crying... she thinks you dead." He told her through strained breathing. "She will be fine with her father... I'm needed here right now, I owe you my life and hers. My name is Rowan." The elder redhead witch told the white wolf as he reached to place one large hand on her side. Her curves and her scent were alluring to him and he looked over her before locking eyes with her. "Do you wish to stay here with me then? Your daughter being a witch means she will end up here eventually." He offered, feeling her hands rubbing his chest.

"As much as I should go back to my child, yes... I want to stay where I should have been. I will not be happy to return to the sad shambles of my marriage." Rowan said and shifted to kiss his nose tenderly. His long nose quickly returned the kiss with a nuzzle. "But I'm unable to bear any more children.. there were complications with my girl." She whispered. "I should not breed anyways, the white fur is not helpful while out hunting.." He said and his hand moved to her hip as he grinned.

Some hours later Rowan was resting beside him after tending to his wounds all night. They were brought food and water and she helped him to take both. "You've done wonders.. healing is a very natural gift for you then?" Ghost asked of her to which she nodded.

Rowan looked over him and blushed, running her hands over his chest as she felt her needs coming to the surface. The scent of her arousal made Ghost look to her. She nodded, unable to deny that real pleasure was far overdue for her. He still could not do much while his wound was still healing but she gladly begin easing him from the sheathe. Once his member had grown and was standing enough she moved over him, taking him into her body gently with soft cries of pleasure. Ghost growled, his hands moving to her large breasts to tease her as he grew inside her.

Rowan moved, riding him slowly as his cock was still growing to its full size inside her. "Aaaahh... it's wonderful..." She panted as she stripped her dress from covering her pale curves further. The wolfman leaned up to lick her nipples gently with each bounce she made over him. His size was giving her sheer pleasure and she took him faster, able to keep her balance while he kept at her breasts. He nipped and pinched the rosy brown pebbles glad for her affections. Soon Rowan was gripping the fur on his chest and crying out, her pleasures peaking. She screamed in her orgasm and pushed down on his knot fully. Ghost howled softly and filled her for what little it was worth. His new mate was stunning and wonderful, he would not let her go.


About the author

Kira Lydia G.

I love writing even if I'm not great. I've lost almost everything else I care about...

I also write fan fictions! Check it out and come back to tip me if you like it!

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