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Witches and Wolves

by Kira Lydia G. 10 months ago in nsfw
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supernatural romance

disclaimer: not my image, courtesy of tach8 on

The remote mountain town of Brave Hollows stood small and proud but surrounded by the thickest forest in the northeast. Before the last hundred years the town had been plagued by attacks of the worst kind, nightly attacks by many creatures of the deep dark nights. This portion of the country was overrun by Wendigos, Flesh Runners, and many malevolent spirits, including a boog hag or banshee. It was a lovely town with such a kind environment and lovely people, now that it was more modernized people were more able to survive but the attacks were held at bay or quickly responded to by the clan of wolfmen now living around the town. The town had found them to be civilized a hundred years ago and a deal was struck. Protection from the creatures if any witches or at least eight young women were sacrificed every year to mates to the wolves.

Rhiannon was always known to be a witch and her father dreaded this year, she was going to be given over. It was only a few days away from the first day of summer which was the agreed date. Her blood red hair and curvy thick body was going to prove her more hardy for the wolves but her magic and experience would be even more important once out there. She looked to her father over breakfast and sighed.

"I'm sorry baby, you'll have to and you've seen firsthand why. Just be kind and remember You may be allowed back if the wolf that choses you releases you after a few babies.." Her father said, trying to comfort her.

"I'll be fine, and yes I remember that I them my life too.. I wish mom was here..." Rhiannon thought aloud. Her mind thinking back to the day her mother died. They had gone out to collect herbs and it had gotten late, as dusk fell they tried to run back but they were followed by a wendigo. She remembered her mother coughing and telling her "no matter what happens.. keep walking straight back, do not look up from the path and if you see a wolfman ask for help." before her mother ran off in another direction, the beast and the smell of rotting flesh left after her mother. Soon growling and howling was heard. A large older white wolf appeared beside the now crying young girl and nudged her. "Keep going, I will stay with you until we reach the lights." He said deeply as the smell returned and called her in a groaning whine "Rhiiiiiannnnonnn.... Rhiiii..." but the wolf did not let her turn back, he kept her going until they reached the town.

"I know, it's not fair but your mother was protecting you and so did the wolves, I'm proud of you, you're being very diplomatic honey." He said before she finished eating. "Yes... thank you dad. I should go to the preparation tent and do this... goodbye..." She said coldly, more than ready to go as her anxiety tightened her chest.

She and the seven others were sat and pampered in the tent, given tips for preparing themselves and left to get into the thin white dresses that would cover almost nothing once they were tied out for the wolves so they could not run. Rhiannon chose to soak in scented oils and stretched herself with a large toy, hoping for as little pain when her mate would claim her. Soon dusk came and the young women were taken to a spot at the edge of town, tied to posts and blindfolded so they would not be overwhelmed.

The redhead heard them arrive, many howls and growls filling the air as twenty or so wolfmen arrived and they moved about. They sniffed the women and most were crying but the redhead stood still which drew the young new alpha moved to her with a soft growl, he sniffed over her, his hot breath invading her space while sending shivers up and down her spine. Soon she felt her rope snap and she was picked up. The speed at which her mate howled then ran through the woods startled her but she sighed in relief now.

"Name?" She heard him growl through the wind. "Rhiannon... you?" He stopped and set her down. She removed her blindfold and looked up to him, finding herself in a cave filled with torches and soft animal pelts. "Ambrose... I'm the Alpha, and your are my Luna." He said before kneeling, moving her down to the pelts. Before she could argue Rhiannon was being stripped of the white dress, his clawed hands moving over her curves slowly. As he caressed her hips his snout buried into her ample chest. Her blue eyes shut and her hands moved to his fur, which she clung to as his teasing elicited a soft moan from her core.

Ambrose was light gray, large, and very striking with muscles to make any woman blush. He looked over the brilliant smelling thick redhead and traced both thumbs over her soft nipples until he could hold back no longer and let his rough tongue run over them agonizingly tenderly. As her breath hitched he moved lower to her hips where the scent emanated from. He couldn't resist licking her juices as he removed the toy from her. Rhiannon moaned as her mate was really teasing her now. "Ambrose!" She hissed in need.

This was enough and he was growing hard quickly, lining up as she opened her legs fully. "I'll tell you anything you wish to know in the morning." He told her, seeing the fertility pendant she wore now. He pushed the fire bit in and she immediately screamed, the toy had not been close to her wildest dream of him. He built a rhythm as she wrapped around him, still crying in pleasure like he'd never heard from a witch or human mate before. Once her hands were gripping his shoulders he really laid into her and sucked at one of her large breasts hungrily. He felt her needs and she was happy with his responses.

Soon she was feeling his base swelling more, of course Rhiannon was tightening, shivering as she neared her release. "Ah- Ambrose...what.." "Shhh, that is a knot and it will keep us locked together for a bit after release." he explained in a whisper, panting as he was working it into her slowly. Her chest would rise sharply as her cry soon told any others nearby she was being filled, impregnated. He howled as he filled her womb to the brim as her own orgasmic screams echoed in his cave.

Once both were panting and growing tired he rolled onto his back, holding her tightly to comfort her even though they could not separate if they wanted. "Rhiannon.. are you alright?" He asked but she was grinding her hips happily. "Yes... oh wow... you've blown my mind.. I thought this was going to much worse." She whimpered. He sighed and petted her "For the others it might be, you seem well prepared for it though. Excited to be a mother?"

"Yes.. but also happy to repay a debt in a way." She said, telling him her story and letting him tell her things throughout the night. They continued mating and talking through the night as if they'd been meant for one another.


About the author

Kira Lydia G.

I love writing even if I'm not great. I've lost almost everything else I care about...

I also write fan fictions! Check it out and come back to tip me if you like it!

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