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Winter Wonderland

Nursing a Nurse

By DSPublished 3 years ago 7 min read
Winter Wonderland
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It was a cold day in the middle of winter. I live on a great piece of land just outside of the small town I call home. It is a bit isolated especially when it snows a lot. Right now, the only thing moving is snowmobiles. My name is Kyle. I am a middle-aged man nicely built. Not too heavy, just right for my size. I have been widowed. My wife passed away about three years ago.

My story is one to remember for me so I thought I would share this with you.

I rode out to check on my animals in between the snowstorms on my snowmobile. They were all snug and warm in my heated barn. After losing some last winter I installed a big furnace.

On my way back I saw a small car off in a ditch. It was almost completely covered in snow. I rode out and tapped on the window. I could hear something from inside the car. I quickly rode back to the barn and grabbed my tractor.

I got back and pulled the car out of the ditch and into my warm barn. I used some deicer to open the driver's door. I saw a beautiful woman all bundled up and shivering.

I got her out and over to a heater where she began to warm enough to speak without her teeth chattering.

She thanked me and said she had been stuck since early this morning.

I got her bundled up again and we headed home to the farm on my snowmobile.

I took her in and ran a hot bath for her while I made us some breakfast. I laid out a warm robe that was my wife's favorite.

After a while she came out with the robe on. It was barely tied. It showed off a wonderful body. Her breasts were so huge yet still firm and perky. Her nipples standing on end. Her beautiful bush was neatly trimmed. Her long blonde hair hung down all the way beneath her breasts.

She sat down and started eating. She downed the coffee and asked for another cup. She was so happy I found her and saved her. She finally told me her name was Cyndi and she was just passing through the area. She never expected the snow and had never driven in it before.

I took her to my room and got her some extra blankets out in case she wanted them. That is when she surprised me by taking off the robe and dropping to her knees in front of me.

She undid my fly and pulled out my tool. She wrapped her lips around the tip and started sucking on me like a lollipop. As my member got bigger, she took more of me into her mouth. She was working on my tool and realized I was a little bigger than she was accustomed too.

She stood up and bent over the bed exposing her very wet kitty. She reached around and guided me inside her. She started backing against me slowly increasing her pace. She had my whole tool deep into her tight hot kitty. Cyndi was moaning so loud.

Her pace was so quick I had to grab her sides just to stay standing. It was a bit much for me as I had not had sex since my wife took ill and passed away nearly four years ago.

Our bodies were making a slapping sound with each stroke. Her moaning from her climaxes all over my shaft was just too much. I pulled her back tight and exploded my hot love juice deep inside her body. I reached up as I lay on her back and cupped her breasts. She was feeling it too and we both collapsed on the bed half on and half off.

My rod was shrinking now and slid out of her body releasing our juices onto the bed and floor. It was a mess. So wet we almost fell climbing into the bed.

She let me lay down first then she straddled me. She grabbed my juice covered organ and started rubbing her now hard clitoris with my head. It felt so good my shaft started rising again. She held my full shaft across her opening inside her lips while she rubbed her nubbin. Her juices flowing out onto my hard shaft. She screamed in ecstasy as her whole body quivered.

She managed to put me inside her as she was climaxing. Her walls were so slick with her juices squeezing my shaft as she slid down all the way.

Her juices still flowing she sat and rocked back and forth on my shaft.

Her beautiful body was right in front of me. I grabbed her breasts in each hand and fondled her nipples as she kept grinding my tool. She never quit quivering. Her body was covered in sweat, and she could not get enough of my tool. I was so deep into her body. My tool was being ground into her depths.

She grabbed my chest hair with both hands and pulled as she yelled out in pleasure. Her body exploded. Wave after wave of hot juices hit my tool.

It was too much, and I grabbed both breasts as hard as I could manage and exploded deep inside her oven.

She laid on top of me making our two bodies one as she hugged me. Her body and mine both quiver as we lay there.

After ten or so minutes Cyndi pushed herself up, so her breasts were swinging free. She started telling me her story.

It went like this. I ran away from home at the ripe old age of fourteen. My parents had passed away from an automobile accident. My uncle was still serving time in prison. He was my only family left. I made it to a small town and my puberty had made me a beautiful woman. I lied about my age and waited on tables to make a living. Finally at nineteen I was able to get my GED. I kept moving around and managed to get my nursing license. That brings us too now. I am twenty-four years old and looking for a new home. Someone to care for me beyond my looks and talents.

I told her my story as well and she just kept looking into my eyes like she was in a trance.

By the time we caught up it was midday and we both decided to have some lunch. We walked into the kitchen bare as a jaybird. We made some sandwiches and watched the snow fall.

After lunch she took my hand, and we went and took a long hot bath together. She showed me how talented her feet were. She managed to give me a foot job while in the tub. Her eyes just sparkled as she watched me shoot my load.

She then straddled the tub with a leg on either side of it. Bringing her hot clean kitty to my mouth to sample her fine sweet juices. I pushed my tongue in between her lips and deep inside. I licked her cute, pierced nubbin. It did not take long, and she was all laid back on the tub moaning. I pressed my tongue hard on the nubbin. I flicked it back and forth. Teasingly biting her piercing and twisting it around. She writhed and moaned, dumping climax after climax on my face and dripping into the bath water.

I grabbed her up off the tub and kissed her as I sat her on the bathmat. I pulled the plug and climbed out beside her. She noticed my tool was bouncing again quite hard from tasting her sweet juices.

She grabbed the Vaseline from the medicine cabinet and then sat so her legs one on the sink and the other on the tub. She lubed up her back door and pulled me closer and lubed my shaft.

She whispered as she put my tip at her entrance to her booty, " I've never done this before so be careful and very gentle."

I pressed in a little at a time. Soon my head was engulfed inside of her. I pressed in a little more. She was holding me tight as I started a nice slow pace only using my tip with just a portion of my shaft. She was watching each stroke and started rubbing her clitoris as I was sliding in and out. It was so tight. It did not take long, and Cyndi knew I was going to explode.

She grabbed my shaft and pulled me close. She jerked me till I covered her tummy with my heavy load. She grabbed a cloth and cleaned up our new mess.

She pulled me close and hugged me. She was so loving like we were meant to be together.

She was half my age, yet she had lived so much in her short time. She seemed at home right away. I never knew if it was me saving her life or just what she did town to town. The snow continued for another three days. We were pretty much snow bound.

We had another week of one another when we took her car in to be fixed. She came back and asked if she could stay on, maybe help around the farm. I thought it would be nice.

It is ten years later with two kids and a marriage certificate. She still finds time to play with me and be a wonderful mother to Jayson and Cynthia.


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