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Willpower, Part Three

There are times it's put to the test

By Doc SherwoodPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

As soon as the door closed on Katie's small stuffy bedroom I longed to take her in my arms, but she primly declined.

"Don't be horrid!" I cried, indignant. She was such a pain when she decided to be like this!

"I've got to take a shower, remember?" Katie pointed out. "Someone told me it was needed. You could always make yourself useful by doing my maths homework for me while I'm de-smellifying," and she unzipped her bag and slapped the grubby exercise book on her dressing table.

"Since when am I any good at maths?" I complained.

"Turn around," commanded Katie, "and don't peek!"

Fuming, I did as she told me. It was one long fidget though to have to stand facing the wall while she made a very giggly process of taking her uniform off! It was maddening to know she was getting naked just a few feet away, when all I wanted was to see her with nothing on. Nor did it help that Katie from the smell of things seemed to change her bedsheets about as often as she showered! I was almost ready to whimper aloud, and I was stiff in my underpants just from what I pictured was going on behind my back.

It seemed to take her forever, but finally I heard the door open and close again as Katie quickly exited, without saying a word.

I was almost relieved to be on my own at last! Although not really, because I knew deep down how restless I was, and that I would be unless Katie was near. With a sigh, and feeling very weak, I turned round at last.

Katie, neat and tidy as ever, had left her uniform all crumpled up on the bedroom floor. I supposed I was meant to hang it up for her too, maybe after I'd finished her maths homework! Skirt and cardigan and blouse had been dropped in a heap, and looked like they'd been trodden on. My eyes roamed over what was white rather than grey, and a little flicker of unrest coursed through me as my gaze confirmed there was no bra. She'd not been wearing one all day. Wow, Katie stayed up well and bounced so nicely without one! My breath quickened at the thought. She must sprinkle her boobs with cold water every single morning!

I so hoped all that was waiting for me. At the prospect I felt faintly fevered, and not just due to the unventilated bedroom!

Trying to ignore it I sighed again, and obediently picked up the bundle of clothes. Might as well! Then as I did so, something else slipped from out of them and landed lightly on the carpet.

I stared.

I'd assumed Katie had kept her underwear on when she went out to take her shower.

Now all at once her gauzy stockings were glimmering by my feet, and bunched up inside their gusset, Katie's see-through blue knickers.

And I was all alone.

I hardly dared breathe. My head was spinning. Because I could, right now, and she'd never know! Or rather, she'd probably notice afterwards that something was amiss, but by that time...!

Suddenly I'd decided myself. I hurried to the door on quick wobbly steps, opened it a crack and peeked out. I sure didn't want to run the risk of Katie's parents seeing me, especially below the waist, because by now I was pushing out urgently and straining my new underpants once more! The bathroom door was shut. I had to admit I couldn't hear the sound of any running water, but I guessed Katie was in there and would be busy for the time being.

So I softly closed the door, then as if in a dream, knelt to lift her knickers with one hand.

The other was going to be needed for something else.



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