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Wife Fucked to Pay Debt

by Jezebel Rose 10 months ago in fiction

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Groaning, sweating, whimpering, squirming, quivering under the powerful, well-controlled fucking from his monster cock, Jamie was orgasming as she never had with me. It was an extraordinary feeling seeing him fuck her, seeing him bring her joy and orgasms like nothing I had ever given her. I wondered if she would ever enjoy me again. I felt happy for her at being so well pleased, but I felt my own sorrow... my own grave and real regret... at having caused this mess and at being the second best man in my wife's bed.

And, while I felt a profound loss, I must admit, seeing another man fuck my wife had been a wild and profoundly buried fantasy of mine. I was hard just from watching because she was getting royal fucking as I could have only fantasied about.

He could see she was mentally and physically exhausted from the pounding she had taken over the past thirty-five minutes so, he allowed himself to cum in her. She had loved every stroke, as he gave her the best fuck of her life. She held him tightly, arms and legs around him, spasming in one last, long orgasm, not letting him pull out, as she made his strong, black, seed ravish her body searching for her delicate Wilson eggs.

"Don't go," she whispered as he pulled out of her. He kissed her so very gently.

"I will be back."

She giggled as her hand stroked his face.

"Yes. Even such a stud needs to fuck more than once just to make sure the woman is pregnant. We may need to do this a lot; like every night until I am sure I am carrying your child."

She kissed him hungrily then passed out from her ordeal. Her pussy was huge and bloated with Wilson oozing down her ass cheek from the sperm her left in her. I wondered how many nights he would fuck her before she was carrying his child.


"Listen to me, Jackson."

We were in the kitchen. Mr. Wilson, as I still called him, was dressed and ready to leave.

"You have the most wonderful woman I have ever met. You need to take better care of her and of her daughters (When were they no longer my daughters?). Here. (He handed me a business card.) That is my sister. She is a clinical psychologist who specializes in addictive behavior. I want you over there in the morning. You need to overcome this problem and start taking care of your family again."

"Yes, sir."

I locked the doors behind him. Jamie was asleep when I got in the bedroom. Without a word, I went to sleep. When I awakened in the morning, she was gone. I found her in the kitchen drinking coffee.

"We need to talk."

"Alright, Jamie."

"Sweetie will honor his commitment. He will forgive your debt and not hurt any of us. I will honor mine, Jackson. I will have a big, healthy, happy black Sweetie. I will raise that child with all the love and caring any child ever had. The question is… will you? Because if you do not love this child as your own, I want a divorce. I will not have a child hurt by you any more than I would by him."

"Jamie, I never want a divorce. I love you so much. Please..."

"That is not the question! Will you accept Sweetie's black child, the child I will bear, as your own and love it unconditionally?"

"Yes. I will. Please, Jamie...."

"You need to get help for your gambling, Jackson. I insist on it."

I told her of Sweetie's sister. She got a funny little smile as she sat on my lap, her eyes studying me as just hours before she had considered him.

"Get the help, Jackson. I do love you, and I will spend the rest of my life with you. However, I could not stand another incident like this. The next man might be so easily seduced by me into letting my daughters go unharmed."

"You loved it, didn't you? You loved him fucking you?"

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