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Why Do Guys Send Dick Pics?

Guys send dick pics all the time. This leaves everyone else wondering why they're being so stupid, and why they can't just send an eggplant emoji instead.

By Riley Raul ReesePublished 5 years ago 5 min read

I remember the first time a male classmate sent me a picture of his dick. I was confused. Like, why would I want to look at that? Was it his? Why was it so damned small? Needless to say, I blocked him and felt strange about the entire situation.

Little did I know that this would be one of many, many dick picks guys would send me for one reason or another. I'm not alone in this, almost every woman out there has had guys send dick pics to them—most of which have been unsolicited.

Ever wonder what makes a man feel like he should send a photo of his penis to people? We did too, so we decided to root around and find out the inner workings of the male mind on this topic.

It's their way to lash out at women.

A lot of men using online dating sites feel ignored and rejected by women. They feel that they do not have any power when it comes to getting attention from the opposite sex, or may feel like they can't win at the dating game.

As a result, these guys send dick pics as a way to force a reaction out of women—even if it's a bad reaction. Obviously, this is a form of sexual harassment and also proves that women were right to reject them.

Call it the politics of dick pics, but that's how some men lash out.

They think you'll send a naughty pic too.

You'd be surprised at how many guys think that women will send them nude photos if they send over some pics of their ding-dong. This is actually because guys tend to have a more transactional view of dating than girls do.

Sadly, they forgot that Nice Guy Syndrome doesn't work—not even when it comes to nude photos.

It's their idea of showing off to you.

When men want someone, they have a tendency of trying to flaunt the things that make them most proud of themselves. For a lot of men, the thing they feel best about is their dick. It's their masculinity, what makes them feel like men, and what they think you want.

Sadly, this means that they probably aren't that proud of their personality. We totally get why.

They think you'll be impressed by what they're packing and ask to sleep with them.

This is the most common reason why clueless guys send dick pics. They honestly believe that you will be so impressed by their piece of useless little flesh, you'll immediately fly over to them, vagina-first, begging to be with them.

In the guy's mind, they would be thrilled to see a woman's vagina as part of a text chat. They would immediately run to a woman's house if they were given a naughty pic like that. So, they think it'll do the same for you.

They think it'll cut to the chase.

When guys send dick pics, they do so because they think that a picture can convey more than a bunch of texts ever will. When these pics are unsolicited, it's often done because they straight up just want to get laid, and don't respect the target enough to actually get to know her.

This is the modern version of, "LOOK. I NEED TO GET LAID! SEX NOW!"

Simply put, it's a numbers game. They send out dick pics to 50 women. If even one of those comes back with a positive reply and a roll in the hay, they've won. Knowing those odds, many guys will do it as a way to get laid quick.

It's a fetish they have.

Much like the flashers of yore, many men who send dick pics are actually sexually aroused by the fact that they are forcing women to look at their naked body. This is doubly true with exhibitionists who tend to get off on coercion.

Obviously, this could be construed as sexual assault. Technically, it is—or, it could be a form of sexual harassment. Not cool, guys.

Many men actually think you want a dick pic.

As wild and wacky as it may sound, most men are actually pretty clueless when it comes to what women want. Men are visual creatures, and tend to believe women are, too. Guys also have a tendency of being unable to figure out when women want sex from them.

Together, these two facts cause most men to be fairly misguided when it comes to sending unsolicited dick pics. Guys like this actually think it's a courtesy to send one out before you ask for them.

A lot of guys also believe this could be a way to get attention that they wouldn't get otherwise.

Among pick-up artist books, you'll see that guys are often instructed to be more aggressive and bold in their approaches. In the past, this would mean actively saying you wanted to sleep with a girl or straight-up telling her you'd want to date.

Nowadays, most men who read these guides assume that it means that you need to send over a picture of your shlong. Sigh.

It's their way of getting rejected faster.

Rejection sucks, so most guys try to do what they can to avoid the sting. For some guys, this may mean avoiding flirting at all costs. Others will prolong courtship and ghost if they think that it's not working out in their favor.

Some, however, are very insecure about their members and worry about rejection happening after they drop their pants on a first date. So, they send dick photos for a pre-emptive rejection.

They're insecure and want you to applaud it.

Ever notice how many guys send dick pics and then ask for comments? There's even an entire site dedicated to being able to post dick pics and letting others critique them. The reason why this behavior is common is simple: Guys are insecure.

Bam. That simple. They feel like they need to have some kind of comment or acknowledgement about their wee-wees. They need to hear they have a wang bigger than the biggest dicks in porn. Sad, isn't it?

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