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Which lust killers are particularly annoying for women during sex?

by Omara 8 months ago in list
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Does your sweetheart have fun in bed? You can't be so sure. Many women don't say what bothers them during sex. The 12 worst offenses that spoil the pleasure of sex for the girls

You know it too: There are things that women do in bed that really get on your nerves. For example, when she always disappears into the bathroom just before it really gets down to business, when she consistently turns off the light during sex, or when she lets herself be asked to change positions every time instead of taking the initiative herself. Maybe at first you comment with something like "Oh no! Again?", but eventually you grudgingly accept her habits, worried that the criticism will make her less likely to jump into the sack with you. But you're not alone in the compromises. Women also keep quiet about some of the things that men do wrong in bed. Instead of opening her mouth, she endures or refuses sex. I'll tell you with which offenses you spoil her mood in bed:

Sex offense #1: He immediately reaches into the intimate area.

To make the beloved hot, many men unconsciously choose the wrong strategy. They grab her without detour to the hotspots: Rubbing in the crotch (above the pants) or the unmediated kiss on the breasts are just two examples. Even if you find it hot yourself, if the lady of your heart immediately lays hands on your best piece, you do not excite a woman this way. Many women find this approach clumsy and disrespectful. You arouse her by touching and kissing secondary erogenous zones such as the neck or

Sex turn-off #2: He commands like a bootcamp instructor.

"Spread your legs", "Take him in your hand" - you should refrain from using that commanding tone. It is not, as often mistakenly assumed, part of the dirty talk game. Women do not need announcements in bed - this also includes unattractive hand movements such as pushing or pressing. A good lover manages without words and derogatory gestures to pilot a woman in the desired direction.

Sex mistake #3: He keeps touching no-go areas.

If you've been dating your sweetheart for a while, you know the parts of her body that she doesn't particularly like about herself. She will have sung you a song about it several times. Even if you haven't been sharing a bed for long, you can easily tell which problem areas she wants to hide. She covers them with her arms or moves her hand away from them. You should respect her shame, even if you find her no-go areas beautiful. If you constantly touch the places she is ashamed of, you will spoil her pleasure.

Sex offense #4: He inspects her vagina.

The vagina is anatomically so beautifully constructed that we would like to take a close look at it. But even at the gynecologist, many women feel uncomfortable when they have to show off their intimate zone. Of course, you don't have to cover your eyes in front of her vagina, but please don't stare and dig like a spelunker either. With hands and lips you can also explore super. And if you do want to get to know her intimate zone in more detail, ask for permission beforehand.

Turn-off in bed #5: He attacks the clitoris

Clit, clit, clit - that's what many men seem to think when they set about pampering their sweetheart in the intimate area. But they forget that the clitoris is extremely sensitive to touch. If you go too fast, you will literally scare her. If your partner is not yet wet enough, friction can even cause her pain. Don't focus on just one spot, but include all areas of the vulva and vagina in foreplay.

Lust killer #6: He lets himself be distracted

Women often don't find it easy to let go during sex anyway. If she also has the impression that the sex partner is not in the matter or something is wrong in the situation, the chance is twice as high that her desire goes down the drain. Meaning: The only thing worse than a ringing phone is if you answer it. You should always give her your full attention during sex. Television and cell phone are turned off beforehand - that goes without saying.

Sex offense #7: He scares her with dirty talk

There's nothing wrong with dirty talk during sex - as long as your partner is used to it. However, you'd better not come at her unexpectedly during lovemaking with new names or sayings. You may well irritate her or even make her angry. Prepare her by talking in her usual dirty talk and then saying, for example, "Hey, I have a new idea. Would you like to hear it?" That way, you're inviting them to play instead of putting them on the spot.

Sex turn-off #8: He doesn't lift a finger

Of course, it's your right to sit back and enjoy yourself. But that doesn't mean you should lie there like a mannequin. After all, she is not doing you a favor, but having sex with you. When your sweetheart spoils you orally or rides you, you have both hands free. Caress her, touch her breasts, buttocks and hips - so she feels more connected to you and has more fun spoiling you.

Sex offense #9: He's as silent as a dead fish

Feedback is an important issue for women - even during sex. Just as you should never lose contact with her with your hands, it is also significant that you give feedback with words or sounds. Sure, not many men moan like world champions, but even a soft sigh or murmur will show her that she's on the right track.

Lust killer #10: He acts out a porno

In porn, things get wild. It has little to do with reality. So better don't try to reenact the most impossible positions first. Your partner will immediately sense that you're making a false effort and won't roll her eyes because she's having a particularly good orgasm.

Sex offense #11: He puts on the long-playing record

I can go the longest! Even if you were the most potent of men, you don't have to prove it to your partner. Talk of sexual stamina makes many men see sex as a competition. However, a sex marathon won't make your partner more satisfied, it will rather make her write to-do lists in her mind or plan tomorrow's outfit. Imagine being massaged in the same place for 45 minutes, not a nice idea, is it? That's how many women feel about too long lovemaking. How you realize that you've been at it too long? When your sweetheart doesn't make a sound anymore and is only half-hearted about it.

Turnoff #12: He forgets the aftermath

We're going to assume that you don't come to women with questions like "How was I?" and immediately light your cigarette afterward or bring a coffee to the bed (though if you do it together, it can become a familiar love ritual). But there are men who return to the daily routine right after sex: They check mails, watch soccer scores or jump in the shower right away. Slow down. You won't break one off if you lie there for a few more minutes, reflect on the situation and reassure yourself that your beloved is happy and satisfied.

Sure, unwashed facts and socks on your feet are real turn-offs in bed. However, now you know which men's habits still spoil women's desire. Did you recognize a few situations?


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