Where It Begins....Chat 1

by Maya Juarez-Peña 7 months ago in fiction

Adrienne has a crush on an executive.... but he’s.... different

Where It Begins....Chat 1

I know I should not admit it, but I have a crush on one the executives of Free Flow Magazine, one of the most popular magazines in the country. I mean what girl wouldn't have a crush on one of the hottest bachelor executives in the state. I know he thinks nothing of me and only notices me when we are in meetings, if that. I am one of five jr. editors in the company, and its my job to read and correct the articles that come my way. Each day he passes by my desk to get to his fancy office and I have to see him walk by, well suited and so very handsome. He is tall and well built with dirty blonde hair that is always so neatly groomed. I can't help but wonder what is underneath that suit, like any sane woman would wonder. I know I am not the only woman in the company who thinks Khyle is just sexy. When you're a single bachelor you are bound to attract some kind off attention. My mind races and I am lost in my oh so inappropriate thoughts. How is this man single?

My two closest friends Jessika, who is also a jr. editor in my department and Noelle who works in the accounting department for our company share in the admiration of Khyle. We often fantasize about what fun we could have with him, what interests him or what excites him.

"I bet he is into BDSM..." Jessika guesses.

"OMG, yesss...." Noelle interrupts, "He seems like the kind of guy that can really dominate you and please you..."

They look over to me to adding in my guess, but he seems different than the typical lover or dominant.

I shrug and say, "Nah, he seems different than the guys we read about in books or different then the guys that hit on us at the bars..."

Jessika and Noelle turn to each other and then back at me confused and rolling their eyes.

"You couldn't just agree with us and fantasize???" Jessika accuses.

It's wrong, yes, but it's human nature. We cannot and should not deny certain feelings, and are free to play with them in our minds.

Being that Free Flow Magazine is so popular, the company hosts a local art event every year. The kind of fancy yet laid back event that is hosted in a large beautiful home overlooking a residential lake, and every year the houses are amazing. The company spares no expense to put on a beautiful event with local artist, vendors and business people, further establishing their title of one of the best magazine companies to work for. Last years event, for me, was nothing compared to the women who work in the marketing department of the magazine. The super spunky and bubbly females always dressed in their fancy chic outfits giggling and drinking like no tomorrow with the male attention at these events, while I'm sitting at a table in the far back hiding and gossiping with Jessika and Noelle. I fully intend this year to make my self known at the event as part of me trying to stand out and move up in the company. It is different than who I show up as at work, but I figure brining a bit off how I am outside of the office could help me.

The night of the event I am Jessika's apartment getting ready. I take the opportunity to flaunt my assets, all this yoga over the years has given me an hour glass shape that I usually hide behind semi fit slacks and loose blouses. I wear my favorite black lace crop top, that I am pretty sure I have only worn once, and elegant red skirt that hugs my hips, extending down to my feet with a slit that goes up just above my knee. I let my long dark brown hair fall gracefully over my shoulders complimented by some large loose curls thanks to Jessika's advice.

"Damn chicka!" Jessica yells from across the room, "If that don't get you noticed I don' know what will," she says, gesturing to my boobs with her finger.

I look down at them wondering if this is too much.

"Stop, you look great," interjects Jessika as if she was reading my thoughts.

I look up at her shocked, "Get out of my head you creep!" I say, laughing.

We arrive at the event, greeted by Noelle, who was waiting for us outside.

"Who let the little sex kitty out of the sex box?" questions Noelle, as she points to my outfit.

I crinkle my eyebrows and look down and myself then back up and Noelle, "Hey! I look good woman," I exclaim.

She laughs and says "Girl, you know I'm kidding, I think you look drop dead sexy! It's just different than what you normally wear to work or any work event."

We walk through the ridiculously large wooden double doors into a beautiful foyer. We each head to the bar for a drink and begin browsing the art hung delicately on the walls and the unique figures placed in the center of each room.

"How many rooms are in this place?!" exclaims Jessika.

We walk into another large room with a piano in the far side where a man is delicately playing the keys. We stay for a minuet watching and listening when I see Khyle walk into the room. Holy shit he is so fine, thinking to myself as I stare. I don't want to to be obvious about it so I try to ignore him when he walks into the room, but can I? He glides in looking so damn sexy. I elbow Noelle and gesture over to his direction with my eyebrows.

"Hot damn, that man should be hung up on the wall" Noelle says, finishing her drink.

He's wearing black slacks, a white button up shirt that has the top two buttons parted and a gun metal grey vest hugging his chest just so perfectly. His hair is slicked back and parted on the side while his 5 'oclock shadow is beginning to show.

Walking around looking at the creations being displayed we begin to feel the buzz from our drinks. I stop in front of this rather large, dark abstract ocean like oil painting. I seem to loose myself in a Chardonnay induced trance just starting at this piece. Admiring how the texture of the paint seems to jump off the canvas. Next thing I know Khyle is standing next to me gazing at the painting in front of me. Whiskey in one hand while his other hand stroking his stubbled chin.

He softly says to me, "mesmerizing isn't it?"

His eyes never leaving the painting, but his head slightly pointing towards me. Shit, I don't know what to say with out sounding like a dumb ass. I am the most awkward girl that you will ever meet.

Thankfully with my wine giving me confidence I reply, "Like I'm staring into the heart of the darkest part of the ocean, wanting to float off into nothing-ness."

God that was cheesy I think to myself, but I think he seemed to enjoy it as I see a slight curl of his lip in appreciation.

He turns his chest towards me and says, "Couldn't have put it better myself."

Damn, was he just impressed with me?! I keep my body facing forward and I can feel him running his eyes over my body. I restrain my smile of appreciation behind my glass and allow him to soak it all in. My inner Goddess is loving it, shrieking, freaking executive just checked me out. I get the feeling that he has never really looked at me before now, which is not surprising but yet some how a little insulting.

"Adrienne, right?" he asks as he turns to face me.

Turning to him I reply, "Yes, hi," with a smile.

I see my girlfriends off in the distance watching us and giggling. I sip the last of my wine and he politely asks what I'm drinking and glides off to the bar to fetch me another.

"Let me get you another," he says.

I turn to my girlfriends and silently scream, shaking my hands out in front of me. They start to make obscene gestures and thrust the air telling me to "get it."

Khyle returns and hands me my wine. For a moment our finger tips touch and I can feel an instant spark. A spark that instantly sends tingles deep down inside me. Wow, of course I would get that from him. The next hour was spent walking through the gallery exchanging ideas about the paintings, talking, letting the wine flow through me. This is the most that I have ever talked to him, and because of the wine I am able to keep the conversation going, when normally I would end up killing it with my normal awkward personality. Right now I don't feel like a peasant jr. editor or him a fancy executive, but two people who are having a great time.

I walk a few steps in front of him allowing him a few seconds to get a look at my ass. I stop at what looked like a black fence with small clay sculptures of extremely realistic succulents that have been pressed through the holes exposed through the other side.

He stops right by my side when a man walks up next to Khyle, "Hey man what's up!" he exclaims.

He looks back to introduce us, "Greg this is Adrienne, in editing. Adrienne this is Greg, VP of relations." I extend my hand, Greg takes it and smiles.

"Pleasure, I believe I have seen you around the office, you work under Mariah, correct?" he says.

Ugh Mariah, my crappy boss. I try to hide my annoyance and politely reply, "Yes."

Greg pulls Khyle to the side to quietly tell him something and I turn back to the piece drinking my wine trying not to notice.

They both step back towards me as Greg extends his hand to me saying, "It was nice to officially meet you, Adrienne."

He gives my hand a gentle squeeze then turns to Khyle. We continue on to the next room as he picks up his pace a few steps in front of me. I see small little crystal encased in a glass box, small enough to miss as Khyle keeps walking. I stop in front of the case and reach out for Khyles arm to get him to stop.

"Wait, look at this one!" I say, with a gentle tug.

As I pull his arm I see his shirt stretch and I see what looks like the edges of a tattoo peeking though the corner. Holy crap, of course he would have tattoos, I love me a well dressed man with tattoos. I tug his arm a little more so he moves next to me and I glide his hand across my thigh lightly grazing the side of my leg.

My inner goddess smirks at me saying, "Girl, I see you testing him" and I smile.

He responds by stoping to the left side of me, and he glides his right hand around my waist letting his hand linger on my hip for just a moment. Perfect, I say to myself hiding my excitement.

He leans forward to get a closer look at the crystal and I see the tattoo once again peek through the open space of his shirt. Fuck me, that's hot. It's like he knows I am looking and he is teasing me with it. I excuse my self to the restroom so I can get a moment to catch my breath. I reapply my lipstick, adjust my boobs so they are standing out just a little more and I had out. As I walk towards him, I can see him leaning over then bar, one elbow on the table top and the other in his pocket. What does this man do that doesn't look hot? Ugh. He is in a conversation with a stern looking man that I have seen once before, I think its the CEO of the company. I figure it's best to not disrupt them, so I walk to a sculpture and take a moment to stare at it and replay the last few hours in my head like the lyrics to your favorite song.

Jessika joins me and she begins to interrogate me on what is going on.

"Dude, calm down!" I say, putting my hand on her shoulder.

She takes a breath and raises her eye brows, "Well... tell me"

"We have just been talking about the art, that's it," I say.

She shoots me a look, "Mhm, I'm sure thats all that is going on."

Breaking the conversation was a hand on the small of my back. Khyle leans down to my ear, whispers and asks if I would like to go outside to take a walk. I look at Jessika in excitement and tell her I will find her later, as I follow Khyle outside.

Next chapter coming soon.....

Maya Juarez-Peña
Maya Juarez-Peña
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