Where It Begins... (Ch. 14)

by Maya Juarez-Peña 3 months ago in fiction

Chapter 14

Where It Begins... (Ch. 14)

It's 9AM on Sunday morning. I look at my phone to see a group chat between Jessika and Noelle making plans for brunch. Just what I need, good food and good friends. I've decided I am not going to let Khyle get in my head, and I will let things happen as they are meant to happen. I put on my favorite green floral sundress and a pair of wooden wedge heels and head out the door.

I get to the restaurant and see the girls sitting outside, waving at me.

"Damn girl, look at you dressing all cute, showing off them boobies," Jessika says to me.

"Why the hell not," I say, taking my seat.

Not long after ordering our food and a few mimosas, Noelle starts talking shit about the guy she hooked up with from the bar last night. Let's just say Noelle loves men, partying and talking about her adventures, and Jessika is the closet lesbian who loves men. Our drinks arrive and Noelle chugs her first one asking for another.

"Shit Jessika is driving my ass home and we have work tomorrow, why the hell not!" she blurts out, defending herself.

"So any progress with stud muffin Khyle since the party?" Jessika asks me, smiling.

I try to think of which direction to take. Do I lie and say nothing or do I spill the beans? Just as I am about to answer I see Jessika's eyes widen, she starts to giggle and point behind me. Confused, I turn around and see Khyle walking towards us. How can he miss us when Jessika is waving at him like a damn child. He strolls over to us smiling, looking sexy as hell, wearing a pair of loose dark blue jeans and a v-neck T-shirt that is hugging his pecs just right. I instantly check my posture and fix my hair, trying to act as casual as I can.

"Hello ladies," he says smiling down at me, "enjoying your Sunday afternoon I see," looking towards our glasses.

I smile and look down, pulling my hair to the side to expose my neck, giving him a little reminder of the other night. He clears his throat and swallows hard. Score one for Adrienne, I think to myself.

"Oh you know, getting ready for work tomorrow the only way we know how," Noelle says finishing her second glass, laughing.

"Well I will let you guys get back to it," he says, looking at Noelle as she flags down the waitress, pointing at her glass for another.

"It was nice to see you all," he says, placing a hand on my shoulder.

As he walks away, the girls shoot wide eyes at me.

"Uh, what the hell was that?" Jessika says.

I instantly feel my cheeks turn red when Noelle buts in, "He hardly even paid any attention to us, looking at you like a piece of candy."

"Yeah..." I say finishing my glass and ordering another, "I kind of went out with him last night..."

"Whaaat?!" Jessika says. "You gonna fuck him aren't you?!"

I have this big dumb smile on my face, somehow looking ashamed.

"I actually did last night..."

"And you didn't call us and give us the dirty details right after? What the fuck?" Jessika says, accusing me.

I try to find a good reason that wouldn't sound stupid, but I just end up with, "I didn't know if it was something I should share, you know sleeping with our boss' boss' boss and all!"

Jessika rolls her eyes and sighs, "Yeah yeah your right... I guess."

"Either way, how the hell was it?" Noelle asks. "Was he big? Is he super buff?"

They are interrogating me, trying to get all the info out, but I am still not sure if I should spill everything. I decide to tell them about his friends, more specifically Porter, going back to his place and that he was strong enough to lift me and his muscles are like bags of yummy gold. I'm blaming the mimosas for making me spill details.

"Wow, so are you guys dating now or what?" asks Jessika.

I shrug, "I have no idea, I left right after and we haven't talked since."

"Hm, well, either way, you fucked a freaking executive girl!" Noelle exclaims.

Yeah I did, and I can't help but feel good about that, and my ego is shining.

"Well if you don't date Khyle, why don't you hook up with his friend Porter..." Jessika says, pausing to take a sip of her drink, "Sounds like he has eyes for you too."

The though crosses my mind of what Porter looks like naked... or how it would be hooking up with the both of them. I don't let the thoughts linger anymore than they already have as I change the subject. When we finish our food, we ask the waiter for our check and say our goodbyes.

We stand up and I move to give Noelle a hug. When we release she says, "Promise me that if any thing else major happens with Khyle that you'll fill us in."

I step towards Jessika and give her a hug when she grabs my shoulders to say, "We won't say a word to anyone either."

I head back to my car and decide to stop by my dispensary, pick up some flowers, and pick up a bottle of wine. When I get home, I figure it is not a bad idea to go for a run and clear my head. I like to run to the park about a half a mile away from my place so it's about a full mile run, and when I get to the park I find a nice partly-shaded spot of grass under a tree and stretch a little. I take some good time to relax and breathe, and for a second I forget about anything that stresses me out, and that's just what I need.

How does it work?
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