What to Take With You on a Trip: Your Intimate Bag

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Conversations surrounding sex toys and vacation sex are getting real. Several sites exist with info on how to travel with sex toys, tips on flying with sex toys and vacation sex tips. We’re informing you on what to carry in your intimate bag.

What to Take With You on a Trip: Your Intimate Bag

Are you planning to go on a trip? It doesn't matter whether it's for a vacation or work-related. Some unwinding will be necessary to keep you relaxed and at your best, and what better way like some sexual pleasure. More than often, we find ourselves ready to get to doing it, but our unpreparedness tends to ruin the moment. Or a situation where you're doing it and the condom dries up. Of course, you'll need a lubricant for condom for a better experience. The majority of us can relate to such situations of being caught off-guard and how up to date we are still cursing that moment. Well, we want to help you prevent that from ever happening again unless it's unavoidable.

Living in this era is simply amazing; people are no longer judged for having sex toys or any other sex-related paraphernalia. And if you still feel shy about the subject and want total discretion, manufacturers of these items have got you covered. They make these stuff to resemble everyday objects that wouldn't raise any suspicion to the layman. If we are frank, how to travel with sex toys can be a bit of a challenge, from what to carry and even how to among other things. So, we want to offer suggestions on some of the things that you can include in your intimate bag the next time you go on a trip. We’ll also include some tips on flying with sex toys.

Before we can let you in on some of the sex toys and other sex-related stuff to carry on your intimate bag, you must know the following regarding traveling with such items. It's because we want to ensure the most fantastic vacation sex.

Tips on Flying with Sex Toys

  • Does your intended destination have laws regarding the ownership of such items? In most places, there's no harm in owning a sex toy. However, there are places across the world where they are illegal. Confirm first before you get to packing.
  • Is it battery-operated then remove batteries. Put the cells in a separate bag. That will prevent it from turning itself on mid-transit. If it's chargeable drain the charge unless it has a lock that keeps it from turning on.
  • Whether the design is electric or non-electric, don't forget to wrap with soft clothes or material. It's a good way of keeping them from being seen. It also helps prevent the electric ones from turning on.
  • A good storage bag will keep them safe and prevent someone from wanting to pry further, especially security.
  • Keep it simple. Don’t go for the big toys that will be so evident on the x-ray machine. Try exercising some discretion by carrying toys resembling everyday items.
  • Carry lube in small clear packaging like a bottle; otherwise, it will be flagged.
  • Just in case there’s a situation don’t feel shy or too embarrassed by it. There’s no shame in expressing your sexuality.

Here’s what to carry:


Your vacation will be amazing when you have good quality lube with you. Several good varieties are available on the market. Look for one with the following features;

  • Doesn’t need constant reapplying because it quickly dries up
  • Perfect consistency, a thick lube tends to get messy
  • Safe to use
  • Smells wonderful

Ensure that the lube is packaged in miniature bottles for easier transportation.


Many men will often carry their "just in case condom" in their wallet. If you're going on vacation that may not be enough. Your intimate bag should carry enough to ensure that you don't run out. You may not be comfortable having to go purchase in a foreign place, and so carrying keeps you sorted.

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

On Amazon the Fleshlight stamina training unit is also referred to as the “Male Stroker". As the name suggests, it does precisely that. It does three things, gives pleasure, improves a man's stamina and performance in bed. It's a discreet item and will be easy to carry as it's the shape of a flashlight.

Prostate Massager

Prostate massagers are growing to be one of the most sought after male sex toys. There are several brands available on the market, and you'll surely find your preferred type, one that caters to your needs. Many of the expert advice on vacation sex tips encourage carrying the massager for a more satisfying sexual experience. Note that the massager also offers some health benefits.

Toys for Your Lady

If you're traveling with the wife or girlfriend carrying dildos or a vibrator for her will be a good idea. Especially if you're looking to surprise her. Several other toys are available that you can carry which include the lipstick or rubber duck vibrator, Womanizer, and remote control love egg, among others.

With the above tips in mind, your next trip is going to be so much fun. We've given you what you've been missing. Now we hope that you get to enjoy yourself as much as possible.

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