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What s that smell food fitness family

what s that smell food fitness family

By Get Fitness Published about a year ago 4 min read
What s that smell food fitness family

Taste is not the only sense that leads our perception in the field of gastronomy. Normally, all the prominence falls on the flavor that food generates on our palate, more specifically on the taste buds that reside on the tongue and, as sensory receptors, are the main promoters of taste. However, the rest of the members of this great family are also involved in the process. Like, for example, touch.

Note : What s that smell food fitness family

Many people are attracted or disgusted with certain culinary preparations due to their texture and consistency , two characteristics related to this sense. While the view often increases our interest in certain dishes due to apresentation or plating worthy of an artist.

What s that smell food fitness family

However, if there is a sense that perfectly complements the taste of food, that is smell . Did you know that 80% of the taste comes from the aroma of the ingredients used in a recipe? “But that's not all, in addition to helping us with the preparation of gastric juices for digestion , it helps us generate appetite and has the ability to remind us of dishes from the past.

It is the sense with the longest memory! This incredible power is not a very new revelation, since numerous studies have verified its effectiveness throughout history. Yes, a new qualityhas come to light and promises to completely revolutionize the industry.What s that smell food fitness family

Sniff to calm hunger

A study carried out by a group of researchers from the University of South Florida , in the United States, and published by the prestigious 'Journal of Marketing Research', has revealed that inhaling the smell of food for at least two minutes can reduce the anxiety generated by hunger , giving way to other much healthier foods.

For example, a person who is on a diet may sniff a plate of French fries or onion rings for several minutes to satisfy his appetite and not give in to temptation, and then satisfy his real hunger with a simple piece of fruit or a green salad .

In fact, subtle sensory stimuli such as odors may be more effective in influencing children 's and adults' food choices than restrictive policies ", says the study's lead author, Dipayan Biswas , a professor of marketing at the University of South Florida College of Business. Ambient scent can be a powerful tool in resisting cravings for unhealthy foods The most important element to meet this objective is the exposure time . What s that smell food fitness family

Those responsible for the investigation carried out a series of tests with an aroma nebulizer that separately released the smell of healthy foods, such as strawberries or apples, and others that were more harmful to our health, such as cookies or pizza . After numerous tests, the members of the sample who were exposed to the smell of this last group of foods for more than two minutes showed no desire to eat them afterwards.What s that smell food fitness family

In fact, they opted for the pieces of fruit that were also offered. By contrast, people who were exposed to the same odor for just 30 seconds, were far more enthralled by junk food than their peers. This curious attraction is due to the fact that foods considered healthy do not emit an excessively intense environmental aroma, so they do not usually activate the brain 's reward system , thus reducing its power of suggestion. However, this is not the only superpower of the sense of smell.

It's not taste, it's smell

As we have seen previously, 80% of taste comes from the aroma of food. The basic and primary flavors are the only ones that are exclusively linked to the sense that resides in the tongue. We talk about the sweet, the salty, the bitter and the sour.

The rest of the nuances and sensations depend on the smell transmitted by the ingredients we eat every day. The taste of strawberry, coffee or cinnamon, among others, are nothing but smells; a series of chemical compounds that are released from said foods mainly through the air, and that we capture through the mouth or through the nose through our olfactory sensory system. What s that smell food fitness family

This reality is also very subjective, since each individual has a different olfactory sensory system , without forgetting the psychological factors that also intervene in the perception of flavors. This is also the main reason why many companies in the food sector resort to aromas of artificial origin to make their products more seductive for the consumer. “'Intermediate' or 'nature identical' flavors come from a chemical plant . What s that smell food fitness family

According to experts, if the chemical structure of a certain flavor is known, the molecule can be copied and an exact copy of the chemical structure of a natural aroma can be obtained”, explains Natàlia Gimferrer , nutritionist and intestinal health coach, in the Consumer blog.


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