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What Guys Think About During Anal Sex

If poop makes you squeamish... Hold on! You're about to learn what guys think about during anal sex!

By Lisa MartiniPublished 6 years ago 6 min read

What is it about anal sex that drives men wild? Is it the whole forbidden fruit thing that they just can’t resist? While you may be thinking about how much it might hurt or if it will be embarrassing—I mean, c’mon we poop out of there—they have a lot more on their minds. So let’s cut to the chase. What do guys think about during anal sex?

"Am I really going to fit in there?"

Yes, every guy worries about this. They look at their penis as you’re bent over doggy style, and they look at that tiny little hole and wonder how it’s going to fit. Don’t worry, this quandary doesn’t stop them. When given this opportunity, men love a challenge no matter how hard it may look. After all, they’ve dreamed about this their entire adult life. We can thank porn for that. Now, this may be a case when size really does matter. While having a huge penis is every guy’s dream, it may be a hindrance the first time they try anal sex. This may be the one time where all those average Joe’s and Tiny Tim's win the hole in one, and that’s pretty awesome.

"At last... I'm in the butt!"

Photo by MJ Breiva from Pexels

If a man’s first anal penetration had a movie theme it would be “At Last” by Etta James. Cue the dramatic music as a light beam from heaven shines down on him. He’s done it. He’s in! All he can think about is that he is finally having anal sex. Unlike the first time he had vaginal sex, this moment puts him in a different league, a league that some men can only fantasize about. He’s joined the anal sex club where he can beat on his chest with the rest of the men who’ve lived to tell about it. And tell he will! This is something that he will never be able to keep to himself. Talking about anal sex is his bragging rights moment!

"Wow, this is tight!"

Most guys who have anal sex for the first time are not virgins. They’ve been inside the vagina and they know what it feels like. But even the tiniest vagina doesn’t compare to the tight squeeze men experience during anal sex. They can’t believe how consistently tight it is throughout. During vaginal sex, the vagina tends to open up as he goes deeper, but during anal sex, the tightness of the muscles wrap around the entire shaft of his penis, from head to base. This is a feeling like nothing he has ever experienced, and totally unique to anal sex because even the mouth can’t provide this type of intensity. This extreme tightness blows the mind of most every guy and is something he will never forget.

"Am I hurting you?"

As much as he wants this, most guys are afraid they might hurt you. Since anal sex is all about trust, it tends to occur between those in a long-term relationship, or with someone you really care about. This makes him even more concerned that he is causing you pain and it can take away some of the pleasure of something that can be pretty awesome. He wonders if he is too big, if he is going too deep, too fast, or too hard. This is why communication is key during anal sex, especially doing it doggy style... Oh, and lube. Use plenty of lube! This is not a vagina. It is without natural lubrication, and men love that slippery entry to alleviate any concerns about pain.

"Do you really like it?"

While this is one of the greatest moment of his life, most every guy wonders if you really like it. Yes, men can be considerate like that! The thing about anal sex compared to vaginal sex is that it almost impossible to fake pleasure. Maybe it’s your wincing or clenching, but unless you’re an academy award winning actress, someone who loves pain, or are completely numb down there, he’ll know if you’re uncomfortable. And if you’re totally silent, he will only imagine the worst. So, if you do like it, then let him know. Men love those moans of pleasure. They are all he needs to answer his question, and for that, he’ll totally let loose and give you the ride of your life.

"Did I go too deep?"

Guys love the feeling of being all in! It can be tough when it comes to anal sex because he may not be able to decipher your screams of ecstasy from your screeches of pain. Some say once you get past the head, the thickest part of the penis, it’s pretty awesome, but there is a point of going too deep, especially when doing it doggy style. That point is different for everyone. Remember, the anus is not a one size fits all. While you may be fearful that he’ll go too deep, he is just as frightened. He doesn’t want to rip anything or hurt you. Nor does he want to bump into anything that he’ll regret. We’ll talk about that in our next point.

"Is that poop I feel?"


So you’re on all fours in the perfect doggy style, he’s in, and everything is going well. Anal sex is in progress and he’s going deep, then suddenly he stops. His eyes go wide and fear spreads over his face. Sorry to make another movie reference, but cue the Jaws theme. Da da da da da da... He just bumped into something down there, something every guy fears. Slowly, he makes the move to pull out, afraid to look down, as if he might be missing a limb, but no, it’s worse... much worse. As he summons up the courage to open his eyes and glance down, he hopes this isn’t the last time he ever wants to have anal sex because his he has bumped into a poop log.

"Oh no... will my penis be covered in poop?"

Yes, men wonder if their penis will be covered in poop, and you know you do, too. Poop is always in the back of everyone’s mind when it comes to anal sex compared to vaginal sex. We all know it’s lurking in there somewhere, but we just hope that it’s far enough inside that it doesn’t matter. The hard truth is that if you’re having anal sex, there’s a pretty awesome chance that there will be some poop involved. The other hard truth is that he’s afraid of it. We know that men love to tell fart jokes and joke around about poop. Hell, some of them don’t even close the door when they do it. But when it comes to encountering it during sex, it’s a whole new ball game.

"Are you going to freak out about the poop?"

Here we go again, talking about poop, but it’s hard to avoid with anal sex. As much as he fears the poop, he wonders how you’re going to react. Most women say they don’t want to have anal sex because they are afraid it will be smelly or that their poop will be on his penis. He’ll try to reassure you that he doesn’t mind. Every guy knows that if you do it and his penis comes out like a poop stick, you’ll freak out in embarrassment and never want to do it again. He fears this being his last time much more than he fears the poop and Jaws put together. He’ll do anything to make you think it’s okay. Because really it is. C’mon, what’s a little poop between lovers?

"When can I do this again?"

As soon as he has rested, the first thing on a guy’s mind is when can we do it again. All his fears are gone. Poop and all, men love every single minute of anal sex and think it’s pretty awesome. In fact, it might be all he thinks about, and each time he does it the easier it becomes. Just like riding on a roller coaster. That first time climbing that hill and the first drop are both scary as hell, but the ride is amazing. Each time you make that climb on that ride, those fears come back, until you are swooshing over the tracks again! When it comes time to do it again, those same fears might pop up but the minute he mounts you doggy style, he knows exhilaration is just seconds away.

"Can I ever go back to the vagina?"

The tightness. The naughtiness. The terror. It’s all just so addictive. He wonders if he can ever go back to the vaginal sex. “Will it feel too loose?” Has he become a butt pirate for life? Scared he might be ruined, he has to have vaginal sex again just to prove he can. Then he finds out the truth. The vagina is a beautiful, welcoming orifice. While he had an amazing time on the roller coaster ride, he realizes that your tunnel of love is still the great mystery that it always was. The two are entirely different, each with its own benefits. And then it dawns on him. There are two rides at this park and he doesn’t have to choose just one.


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