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What Goes On During Sex?

To Your Body

By Jessica BuggPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
What Goes On During Sex?
Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

A lot happens before and after intercourse but what actually goes on in the human body? I thought it would be fun to look at the science behind what is going on in both the male and female bodies during intercourse. And for the purpose of clarity, we are looking at heterosexual intercourse meaning the penis is in the vagina. Thought I would just put that out there.

What Happens To The Male Body During Sex?

Ejaculatory Inevitability

Pulse rate and blood pressure increase to a point of no coming back which is called ejaculatory inevitability according to scientists which means he is going to achieve orgasm. This would be the pull out point for those of you at home.

Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex?

Many a man likes to roll over and fall asleep after sex but according to science, this is normal. Partially due to physical exertion but the act of orgasm is a way to reduce anxiety which causes the man to want to rest and sleep.

Chemical Side Of The Male Orgasm

Men also release a lot of chemicals in addition to cum when they ejaculate. Those chemicals are:





nitric oxide


All of the above chemicals produce the feeling of euphoria and relaxation. Interesting fact: more chemicals are released during orgasm after intercourse than orgasm after masturbation.

Men Want To Pee After Sex

Experts vary on this one but one theory is the release of oxytocin and prolactin affect the kidneys and increase the sensation of wanting to urinate. Other experts believe that peeing after sex was an evolutionary practice that is designed to clean the urethra of bacteria.

Also, some men just really want to pee after sex, which I think is a good practice.

Men Might Experience Cramping . . . In The Feet

Foot cramps are actually fairly common during and after sex for men (I had no idea). Cramping, according to experts is due to contractions from orgasm which stimulate nerves located in the spinal column. S1 nerves are particularly sensitive to these contractions and S1 is responsible for nerves in the feet which results in the cramping.

What Happens To Women During And After Sex?

Some Statistics On The Female Orgasm

These numbers, dear reader, may be enlightening and/or alarming.

50% of women regularly orgasm during intercourse

20% of women RARELY orgasm during intercourse

20% of women consistently orgasm during intercourse

5% of women NEVER orgasm during intercourse

remaining 5% is left for the +/- margin for error

Source: Psychology Today

Female Ejaculation aka Squirting

Female ejaculation is when a milky liquid comes out of the female’s urethra. Large amounts like you see on porn according to Rutgers University, is not the same as female ejaculate, as it is urine mixed with substances from the female prostate. This question is still baffling researchers and scientists.

Why Do Women Want To Talk After Sex?

Women are focused people. During sex, they are focused at the task at hand and women have a tendency to block out any other ideas or stresses. Once intercourse is over and they have achieved orgasm, this “blocking out” of the world is over and women begin to focus on other tasks they need to do or what they are thinking about.

Women Have No Refractory Period

While men need a break between rounds of intercourse, women do not and can keep it moving. Women are also multi-orgasmic and can achieve climax multiple times per session.

Final Thoughts:

So there we have it. Some fun facts about sex you might not have known for both men and women. Use this knowledge to your advantage.


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