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What 6 positions can not stand women?

by Omara 7 months ago in list
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Very few women are into artistry in bed. Women no longer want to be asked about these sex positions

No question, women love variety in bed. With the mere in-out you can not make a woman happy. However, anyone who has spread the rumor that we women like to make love in artistic poses has little idea about female preferences. Of course, good sex can also be really sweaty, but we usually only want to bend during yoga.

So it's best to quickly forget everything you've seen about breakneck positions in porn or your ex-partner (she definitely cheated!) told you about our penchant for risky or sacrificial sex. Even some of the sex positions considered "normal" that you yourself have been enjoying with your sweetheart for years aren't necessarily among her favorites - she just never told you. Now there's no more secrecy. The following sex positions are unpopular with women.

Unpopular sex position #1: the position 69

For this position, we women don't have to bend like a pretzel or risk an accident, but it's still not one of our favorites. Why? There are 2 reasons: First, women want to be able to relax during oral sex. But try doing that when you're busy orally pleasuring your partner at the same time. Therefore, the attempt of 69 often degenerates into uncontrolled tonguing - and in the end, no one can enjoy. The other reason for our reluctance: We can't look you in the eye while doing it. Okay, we don't always need deep looks, but something more in the field of vision than your best piece would be nice - you have other hot body parts, after all. Conclusion: The position 69 looks nice in theory, but proves to be zero in practice.

Unpopular Sex Practice #2: Sex Standing Up

Let's be honest: Do you enjoy making love to us like this? After all, you have to make sure that your best piece doesn't weaken, even though our entire body weight is on your hips - phew! a woman, in any case, can't let herself go if she constantly has to think about whether it might not be too strenuous for you to cope with her kilos. By the way, this has nothing to do with bodyshaming. In addition, standing rarely hits a hotspot that drives us women wild. Conclusion: We suspect you're imitating what you've seen on TV - or is that how men replace their arm training?

Hated sex positions #3: the jackhammer

The name of the position says it all: Women rarely have fun in the so-called yawning position. The woman lies on her back and stretches her legs in the air. The partner holds her feet and penetrates her. Relaxed, as the name might suggest, the position is not either. On the contrary, the man often hammers the penis firmly into the vagina in a fast rhythm (seen in the movie?). Because he has no hand free, the clitoris remains as good as uninvolved. Conclusion: we women feel like a masturbator made flesh. Do you feel like a jackhammer?

Unpopular sex positions #4: Feet behind the head

The woman lies down, you kneel, her feet rest on your shoulders. Similar to the yawn position, in this variation of the missionary position we feel more like a rubber doll with too long legs than a serious sex partner. By the way, you don't stimulate the clitoris or the G-spot intensively in this position. A little tip: If you use your hands, we women like it better. But that doesn't mean you should grab our breasts uncontrollably. Use your finger to gently (!) caress our pubic area. Conclusion: Good exercise against heavy legs, but sexually unconvincing.

Hated sex position #5: the upside down rider

We women can relate, after all: You love the look of it. But have you ever asked your partner what she thinks of the position? If she thinks like half of all women, then the reverse cowgirl - or also called swing - is more strength training for her thighs than sexual fulfillment. While women love to sit on top, there's a lot that goes wrong for us in the reverse rider. This is largely because the angle of penetration is not arousing. We constantly have to watch out that the penis doesn't slip out or might even break. In addition, the view is rather modest for us, we stare at your feet or the wall. Conclusion: To turn you on, the position is super suitable. But we don't tend to come to orgasm that way.

Unpopular sex practice #6: the doggy position

One thing first: if you want to make love to women from behind, you should never call it doggy. After all, I don't know any woman who gets turned on by being dubbed a four-legged dog. But there are other reasons why doggy style isn't particularly popular with women: unless you're a pro at multitasking, you may find it hard to finger your partner at the same time as you thrust. Without the added finger play, however, the position remains lacking in fun for many women. You won't hit the clitoris or G-spot with your penis, and if your best piece is longer than average, the position may even cause you pain. Conclusion: The breasts dangle, the pleasure goes down the drain.

Conclusion: It's not difficult to find out what women don't like.

Actually, it is not difficult for men to find out what positions women don't like. It's usually those in which she either can't let herself go or her erogenous zones get little attention. But that doesn't mean you have to give up all these positions in the future. In order for your beloved to have her way, you should not make love exclusively in one of these positions. Give your partner control and remember the position in which she reaches climax - she loves this position. By the way, if she comes in a position where her hotspots remain untouched, it is probably a fake orgasm. A sign that she is not enjoying sex and wants to end it quickly. You certainly don't want that, do you?


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