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Werewolves On The Nile Chapter 8

Chapter 8: I am His, He is Mine

By Kaiden MossPublished 6 years ago 12 min read

Cain brushed off his hands as he turned away. The crocodiles would do their job. Now he just needed to finish off the one who had pulled the trigger then they could put the whole debacle behind them. As he approached the area where he’d left the injured man he the sound of flesh as it tore reached his ears. The crack of bones as powerful jaws crunched them. Cain slowed, the wind was at his back so he couldn’t tell what predator had done his work for him. But as he drew closer he could see the familiar massive shape of Strife as he savaged what remained of the man Cain had shot.

He stopped and held still. Strife did not have complete control over the beast yet. There was the possibility that the beast would see him as another enemy that he needed to destroy. It was rare that Strife changed that he did not change with him. This was only the third or fourth time that Strife had changed outside of the full moon though. The beast was always wilder when the change happened because of trauma.

The beast paused as it left its meal and stood to its full height once more. He turned slowly to look at Cain, and his nose worked as the wind brought Cain’s scent to him. Those eyes were like pools of molten gold as he stared at the much smaller man. Then he dropped to all fours as he drew closer to Cain. Cain was still, but not afraid. To show fear would rile the beast.

“Yeah… you know who I am.” He said as Strife’s fur covered head leaned in. His breath smelled like a charnel house, the metallic scent of blood heavy in the air. He nosed at Cain’s chest, sniffing him. Slowly he began to circle the man. Nose at work. When he reached Cain’s back it was clear he found his own scent there as he nearly shoved his nose up under Cain’s shirt to get to it. “You better not be…”

His question answered as he felt Strife’s broad tongue across his lower back, then the back of his neck. The beast gave a growl that wasn’t savage… it was possessive. He’d fucked Strife the beast before. Though it was when he had let his beast out as well. He had woken up many a morning after a full moon with Strife still inside him, snoring and drooling against the back of his neck. He’d not let his lover have him when their forms were so different before. It was an idea that made a cold thread of dread run through him as much as it aroused him. His cock sprang to attention immediately, already it strained against his boxers as his mate continued to take in his scent and taste.

“Cain… you’ve become a perverse mother fucker. Just like him.” He turned slowly to face his mate. From what he saw between his mate’s thighs, Strife already knew what he wanted. A small growl of annoyance from Strife and Cain smirked. “Don’t worry, you greedy asshole… you’ll get what you want.” He grabbed the bottom of his shirt and just pulled it and his undershirt over his head. He tossed both aside as Strife watched him with those predatory eyes that were the same when he was beast or man. When Cain bent to pull his boots off Strife’s snout was in his hair. Then he unbuckled his jeans, shoved them and his boxers down so he could step out of them and kick them away.

As soon as he straightened his mate’s nose was up against his cock. Cain groaned as his lover’s broad tongue lapped over his length from root to tip. “You bite me mother fucker… I’m having you neutered.”

If Strife understood the words it didn’t matter. Those huge hands tipped with deadly wicked claws grabbed Cain’s arms and forced him to the ground. That maw filled with dagger like teeth that had ended at least a dozen lives that night nuzzled and licked at Cain’s cock, balls, and ass. It wasn’t long before Cain trembled with barely suppressed need. Strife had teased and denied him for three days. His fingers dug into the thick fur of Strife’s neck as his hips lifted to meet that eager mouth. “… oh, fuck me fuck me fuck me…”

He didn’t know if Strife knew what he was doing at that moment or just went by instinct. But it was enough to high kick Cain right to the edge as that tongue ran over his sensitive flesh. Those deadly teeth so close to such delicate flesh only enhanced the pleasure. Cain could feel his extremities grow numb. His toes curled as he pulled on Strife’s fur. The pleasure rose higher and higher until it neared painful levels. Everything tight. His body tight like a drawn bow. He trembled beneath his massive mate before with a shout, “STRIFE!” he climaxed hard. It felt like his pleasure rose from his toes and fingers through his veins until everything was fireworks and explosives.

Strife’s tongue continued to lap at Cain’s cock, catching up every drop of his seed before Cain had to shove his head away. “God damnit you son of a bitch… that’s sensitive.” He was shaking from the strength of his climax after those days of teasing and denial. As Cain opened his eyes as he watched his lover. After a few moments pause he shifted and squirmed until he could wrap his hand around his lover’s thick prick. An appreciative sound rumbled out of Strife’s chest.

Cain smirked as he turned around and with Strife on all fours above him he wrapped his lips around his lover’s cock and was glad he’d put both hands around the shaft as well as Strife’s hips had jerked forward to bury his length in that welcome wet warmth. The beast did not control him right then. He was more than just feral instinct and lust… though not by much. Cain wanted his mate so much that as he tasted his lover, inhaled that heavy musk he felt his cock harden once more. Somewhere deep inside he heard a tiny voice tell him he was going to hell. Well at least in hell he’d have good company. He and Strife would rule the damn place.

Warm wet drool ran down Cain’s chin, mixed with what leaked from the head of his mate’s shaft. Above he heard Strife’s grumble growls as he wanted more. He couldn’t blame the man. He wanted more too. When Strife began to lick the back of his legs and ass Cain gave a low groan. He pushed against that tongue as it swiped across his flesh. When he could take no more he reached back to push Strife’s head away.

Cain turned around once more, then propped on one elbow he reached back and guided his lover’s cock until it pressed up against the tight ring of muscles of his ass. He knew it would hurt. Hell… it would be agony. At least he knew any pain would be transitory. Strife shifted above him as if to gain better traction… then his hips jerked forward. The first thrust penetrated and Cain screamed. He could feel his flesh tear, smell the fresh blood.

His hand fell away from Strife’s shaft as the second thrust forced more of that thick prick into his lover’s body. Cain was shaking as sweat beaded on his skin. He panted heavily even as he felt Strife’s tongue lap against the side of his face. A satisfied rumble in his ear. Cain turned his head just enough to make eye contact. “…do it baby… fuck me.”

Strife’s forearms moved until they were right in front of Cain’s shoulders, then with a third thrust he had at least two thirds of his cock in his lover’s body. When Cain looked down at his stomach he could see the bump as it moved under his skin. Strife continued to rumble as he fucked his lover. Those thrusts hard, powerful, and each one pushed Cain up against Strife’s arms.

Cain grabbed at Strife’s wrists. As his own bestial gifts healed his wounds the agony quickly faded, replaced by the pleasure as it grew by the moment. His high-pitched cries replaced by groans. The tears which had run down his face from the pain licked away by the same beast who had just feasted on the flesh of a man. Cain’s knees abraded by the sand and stones beneath him but what was such a mild discomfort compared to the sensation of his lover’s cock deep inside him.

He could feel Strife’s furnace-like heat against his back. The stiff guard hairs brushed over Cain’s scars. He could feel the softer fur beneath that as his lover moved against him. Nothing could ever compare to this. He felt completely subsumed by Strife. His mate’s presence. His scent. His sex. Cain’s senses filled with Strife. It left him in a foggy haze. All he knew was his lover. All he knew was Strife’s body against his own. The feel of fur against flesh. The scrape of claws on stone. His pleasure rose higher and higher. That glorious full sensation. The pressure within his body. When Cain peaked again he barely registered another pleased rumble from his mate. But Strife was far from done with him.

Cain felt as if he floated. The physical world just faded away as all he knew was Strife. All he felt was Strife. All he could smell, taste, and hear was Strife. He was vaguely aware when Strife wrapped his arms around Cain to pick him up. To work him on his cock like Cain was nothing more than a cock sleeve. He felt his fingers grip fur even as he felt teeth on the back of his neck. Strife’s jaws nearly engulfed his entire neck. It wouldn’t take much for the beast to behead Cain. But he knew he was safe with Strife.

How long did they fuck? Hours? Days? Years? Cain knew he orgasmed more than once. He could smell it as much as he felt it. Eventually though, even he could give no more. His flesh sticky with sweat, cum, and drool. His head was against Strife’s shoulder as he felt something push against him. Strife tried to force something into him. He was only aware enough to make small protests. Then with a final thrust his mate worked the knot at the base of his cock into Cain’s body. He could feel as Strife’s seed spilled into him, filled him.

Strife slowly lay them both down. He licked the back of Cain’s neck and shoulder. His length buried deep in his mate’s body. Cain managed the strength to smile and stroke one of Strife’s fur covered arms. Then exhaustion claimed him and he passed out.

When consciousness returned the sun was a fresh glimmer on the horizon. Cain’s eyes opened slowly as he tried to suss out his surroundings. A man’s corpse lay not too far off. Half devoured. A couple of vultures were nearby but seemed reluctant to approach. He looked down and saw Strife’s arm around his waist. He could feel the man’s breath against the back of his neck, feel his lover’s cock still inside him. Cain smiled and gently nudged Strife with his elbow, “Wake up, asshole.”

With a snort Strife lifted his head then rubbed at his eyes with the back of one hand. He frowned, then picked something from his teeth to flick away. “That fucker shot me.”

“Yeah… cause you ran your mouth yet again.” Cain let his fingers run along Strife’s forearm.

“Eh.” He looked over at the corpse. “That you or me.”

“All you. You barely left anything for me to kill. Selfish bastard.” Cain sounded amused.

“Well… them fuckers shouldn’t have shot me.” He ran his hand over Cain’s chest then down to his hip. “Now this here… this is a damn nice way ta wake up.”

“Mmm Hmm… and no we don’t have time for seconds. There will be authorities swarming this place soon enough. I’d rather be some distance from the corpses by then. You wanna let me up?” Cain turned his head to look at Strife with a smirk.

“I’d rather fuck ya… but that can wait.” With a wet sound as their bodies parted he rolled onto his back.

Cain groaned, a shiver ran up and down his spine. Slowly though he found his feet then went to gather his clothes. “Hopefully there’s a camel or two that didn’t run for the hills. We’ll find our shit then figure out a way back to Alexandria.” As he pulled on his pants he caught Strife’s gaze on him. “What?”

“Just thinkin’ how much better mah life is with you in it.” Strife finally pushed to his feet. He stretched his arms over his head and rose on his toes. His body well-muscled, his skin tan, he looked like some ancient god that belonged in a place like this. Strife walked over to Cain, cupped his face in both hands. “I love you.”

Cain stood mute. He knew how hard that was for Strife to say, out loud, to his face. They’d spent hours upon hours talking about how fucked up both of their lives had been before they’d found one another. Cain dropped his shirt as he put his hands on top of Strife’s. “I love you too… even when you’re driving me crazy.”

Strife chuckled as he leaned in to claim a brief kiss before he whispered against Cain’s lips, “Especially when I drive you crazy.” His thumbs brushed over Cain’s cheeks before his hands dropped away and he took a step back. “Well don’t just stand there with yer jaw hangin’ gonna catch flies.” With a cocky grin, he turned to head back toward the camp. Naked as a jaybird with a swagger that dared the world to test him. Cain watched him go, his chest tight with emotions he’d never felt for another before. With a final laugh, he grabbed his boots and shirt then jogged to catch up with Strife. They couldn’t stand around forever after all. There was so much more of the world they wanted to see together. Cain could think of no one else he’d rather be with than that tall cocky asshole, Strife.


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