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Welcome Home

by Annika Devaki 4 years ago in erotic
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Waiting for You... Always...

I use the key that you gave me just a few days ago and let myself into what is now your new home. I have been going crazy trying to figure out a way to “welcome you home” with the perfect housewarming gift. But what do you need? Curtains? Dishes? Sheets? Nothing seemed right to me… But I still wanted to something to celebrate and welcome you to the next chapter in your journey.

You get home from your latest hockey game after 12, you figure out as soon as you let yourself in the door that you are not alone, and you smile.

I am waiting in the kitchen for you with a rotisserie chicken dinner with all the fixings. I pour an ice cold Heineken for you and hand it to you as I reach up to give you a long, slow kiss.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I let myself in… I missed you.” I look up at you and help you off with your gear bag and your coat. I toss it into the front room and come back to find you leaning against the counter taking a sip of your beer.

“We won, 4-2. I only fell a few times. Not bad for an old-timer.” You say to me. You look tired but happy. I move into your arms and give you a hug.

“Hungry? I figured you didn’t eat much before the game and I know it’s late but I picked up some dinner for us. Let’s eat a little and catch up on the day?” I ask hopefully.

You agree and we share some time eating and talking about our day. You tell me about the game and the goals that were scored. You are animated and passionate and it is so easy to see how much the game means to you. I just sit and listen. And smile, happy to be with you.

After dinner, I tell you to sit there for a few minutes. I clear the food and dishes away quickly and go into the other room for a bit. I pray you are not too tired!

I come back with a basket full of envelopes. They are numbered one to six. You look at me quizzically and I give you a look back that says to trust me. Then I smile to make it even more genuine.

“The main reason for my visit was to welcome you home. I wanted to present you with a housewarming gift. Are you up for an adventure?”

You straighten up in your chair and suddenly becoming infused with energy. I take this as a yes.

I present you with the basket. “I have an evening planned for you but you have to play by the rules set forth in the envelopes that are numbered one to six. Can you agree to this? I promise it will be worth it.” Again I smile at you.

“I agree.” And you smile back.

I hand you envelope two… Envelope one was already accomplished as it involved sharing a meal together. I put the basket on the table and leave the room.

You open envelope two and begin to read.

“We will start the evening off with a warm and fragrant shower. Five minutes after reading this letter, enter the bathroom, remove your clothes and join me in the shower. You will be in my capable and willing hands. Loving You Forever, Me.”

Five minutes never felt so long to you. You look around the kitchen, mentally making a list of the things you want to tackle and fix. None of it making much of an impact to you now as you hear the water start up nearby, picturing me sans clothes stepping into the shower, waiting for you. You look at the clock for the hundredth time. You are impatient and you pull off your shirt, socks, and shoes at the table, shoving them to the side on a chair. At four minutes you are walking towards the bedroom, shedding the rest of your clothes as you arrive at the bathroom door.

You open the door and are amazed. The lights are off a dozen tea lights are lit on every counter surface, casting a soft yellow glow in the room. Steam is filling the room and hovering by the ceiling co-mingling with the cooler air. Jackson Browne is playing softly in the background and you recognize the opening notes of “For a Dancer” and you smile. You know I am behind the shower curtain waiting and you join me.

I am wearing only a smile. I pull you into the shower and place you under the hot stream of water. I gently push your head back into the water and watch as it sluices down your body. I am pressed against your chest feeling the runoff water and feel compelled to run my hands across your chest and to your belly. I grab some body shampoo and begin soaping you from head to toe, slowly making my way up and down your body, soaping your arms, your chest… lingering on your thighs and your back. I turn you around and soap the back of you, gently kissing your tattoo. My breasts and belly are pressed against your back and I reach around the front of you and grasp your hardness in both of my hands. My hands are slick and soapy and I slide you in and out of my hands, feeling every inch of you as you thrust yourself into my hands. You are moaning softly and leaning back into me, completely surrendering to my touch. I kiss your neck, whispering in your ear that your night has only begun. I tighten my grip and quicken my pace. Your cock is sliding easily in my grip and I reach lower to cup all of you in my hands, gently squeezing. I continue stroking you lightly as you get harder, your breath is quickening as the hot water continues to rain down on both of us. My nipples are hard against your back as I am so turned on by your hardness and complete surrender to me. You shudder and explode into my hands. I feel the warm and sweet wetness as you climax over and over onto me. I continue massaging you lightly and hold you as you catch your breath.

You turn around and back me against the far wall of the shower. The water is bouncing off both of us as you kiss me deep and long, no words are spoken as you tell me thank you with your kisses. We continue kissing and holding each other against the wall until the water turns cool. I turn off the water for us and get our towels. I quickly slip away and tell you to consult the basket in the kitchen for envelope three.

“You are invited to join me in the bedroom. There is a blindfold on the bed. Please put it on and lay face down on the bed. And trust me. With All My Love, Me.”

You place the note and envelope on the table and make your way to the bedroom. You are still slightly wet and naked from the shower. A black silk scarf is lying on the pillow. You tie it loosely around your head, a little nervous now, and lie down on the bed.

I enter the bedroom and touch your back with my lips to let you know I am there. You hear the strike of a match as I light a pillar candle and you smell the sulfur after scent as I snuff the match out. You hear the music in the background and recognize James Taylor as he sings his early songs.

I warm my hands by rubbing them together and place them on your shoulders. I whisper to you to relax and trust me. You feel a warm liquid travel slowly down your spine. You wonder what it is, you smell vanilla.

My hands, warm and strong, massage the vanilla infused oil into your body slowly and expertly. I rub your neck, your shoulders and I feel the tension from the day, from your hockey game. I lean into you and feel you relax even more. You are dying to take off the blindfold, to take me in your arms… But you promised to follow the rules.

My hands roam further down your back, concentrating at your lower back which has been giving you trouble. I knead the muscles, working out the kinks, warming the area with the oil and my hands… You are squirming under my hands, trying to reach out for me and to pull me to you.

“Now is not the time,” I tell you.

I continue massaging lower, squeezing and releasing your buttocks, pulling your legs apart as I massage. I run my tongue down your spine into your crease and back up. My breasts lightly brushing against your chest, my nipples are hard as they slide along your oil-slicked body. You continue to squirm under my hands.

My tongue lingers as I explore you. I pull your hips up and open you up to me as I breathe in your scent. I gently lick under you, around you, in you. You are instantly hard under my tongue and I lie on my back and guide you over me and into my mouth. I pull you close with both hands on your buttocks taking you deep into my mouth, you fill me instantly. I pull you out slowly and continue to do this for several minutes.

I slide out from beneath you and flip you onto your back. I pull your arms up over your head and tell you to keep them there. No touching.

You reluctantly follow my rules.

You can’t quite place the feeling… A light touch, a tickle almost. The feeling is everywhere all at once. You feel something that is soft at first but stiff at times. You are dying to know what I am doing. I continue to stroke with the feather up and down one side of your body and then the other. You shiver in the room air. I lean down to give you a long, slow, wet kiss. I whisper to you that it was time for the fourth envelope, and then I disappear.

You make your way back to the kitchen to grab the next envelope.

#4… “By now you are more than likely a little hungry... As I prepare for our next scenario, go to the refrigerator where you will find a snack of eggs and scrapple as you like them… in ten minutes, meet me in the garage and make sure you have some clothes on. I cook only for you… With Love and Respect… Me”

You are hungry! You find the plate in the refrigerator and take a minute to heat it up. As you are thinking about the next clue, you eat. The scrapple is cooked to perfection!

A few minutes early you show up to the garage and tentatively open the door. You find me inside. There are dozens of candles flickering around the room, on the floor, on every surface. I am standing across the room waiting. I have a chair waiting for you, and I motion you to sit. You are full of questions but allow me to lead you into the chair.

In front of you is a makeshift bed of a blanket and a pillow. There is also a wedge pillow nearby as well as a Magic Bullet which you recognize instantly.

I hand you another Heineken. I lean down to kiss you.

“I want you to watch me climax. I will only be thinking of you. You have to only watch for now. Can you do this?” I whisper to you and pull back to listen to your answer.

“Yes.” It’s all I need.

I position the pillow and lay down so that my hips were aligned with the pillow and it angled my hips and pussy skyward. I spread my legs as you watch me intently.

Our eyes lock as I begin fingering my pussy, imagining that it is your fingers, your tongue penetrating me as I become wetter, hotter and more turned on with each minute. I bring out the Magic Bullet and turn it on, it joins my fingers and it finds my swollen clit and vibrates bringing waves of pleasure. You are watching me from your chair, you are dying to stroke yourself but continue to watch me.

My fingers speed up, one hand squeezing my nipples which are rock hard as I feel the vibrations coursing through my pussy. I am imagining you massaging me, licking me to climax… After another minute I am crying out my climax, looking at you and crushing my fingers that are buried deep inside me, it is you inside… always you…

You are having trouble staying seated as I climax and cry out my need for you. But you always keep your promises and stay in place.

After a few minutes, I hand you envelop #5 and slip away again….

“Meet me in your bed, and make love to me like you never have before. I will be waiting. With Love, Respect, and Adoration, Me”

You enter your bedroom where I have the shades up and the only light coming in is from the full moon which is casting a blue light in the room. I am lying on your bed naked, again wearing just a smile for you.

You join me quickly and pull me towards you. I look at you, smiling and happy. “Welcome home” is all I say. You pull me closer and kiss me deeply, passionately, and forever. We bury ourselves under the covers where we become one, skin to skin. You are everywhere, stroking my hair, my face, kissing every inch of me as I squeeze even closer to you. You look incredibly handsome, sexy as the moonlight highlights you in its glow. My heart swells with love, passion, compassion, and gratefulness as we become one. You enter me effortlessly, sliding into my warm wetness and we move together. My legs wrap around you keeping you close, you continue to kiss me, never breaking contact as we move together. My excitement builds as we move together; You stroke me as we move to climax together. You feel me contract around you as your climax builds deep and erupts deeply into me. I feel your warmth and silky climax as I spasm around you for what seems like forever. I moan into your ear as I continue to experience my orgasm with you inside me… I love you, I tell you… I cherish you, you tell me. We collapse together. Your arms go around me as I settle on your shoulder.

We fall into the most relaxed and peaceful sleep we have both experienced in some time. The moon and the stars are looking in at us as we sleep.

Your alarm goes off at 5:15 AM. I have set it and I leave a smiley face note on envelope #6 next to the clock.

“Drive to the school. You know where to go. I will be waiting there where we will greet the new day together. I am Your Best Friend, Your Lover, Your Life, Me.”

You drive and pull into the parking lot. You can see the sunrise barely beginning to crest on the horizon and you suddenly know why you are here. We are going to enjoy a sunrise together.

I have two chairs set up for us facing east. The horizon is becoming a pinkish orange as the sun begins its ascent into the day. In your cup holder is a Coke, I am holding my first coffee of the day. I am smiling at you as you arrive.

“Good morning.” I stand up and give you the biggest hug, the biggest kiss. As if I haven’t seen you in years. I lead you to your seat which is inches from mine.

You sit down and take a sip of your Coke. I reach over and hold your hand.

We watch the sunrise together. We are thankful for each other and for life in general.

Welcome Home My Love, Welcome Home.

I Love You. You Are My Life.

I Will Do Anything to Ensure Your Happiness.


Welcome Home


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