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Welcome Home

Ashley's culinary skills meet her sensual dance moves

By A Lady with a PenPublished 2 months ago 2 min read

Welcome Home

"Ashley's culinary skills meet her sensual dance moves"

I'm dancing in the kitchen, as I do every day at this time, while I prepare a healthy meal for our family. I'm making your favourite sweet and sour meatballs using my great aunt's recipe today.

As I dance, you sneak up behind me and press your hips into the cabinet drawers with such intensity that I have to reach out and steady myself, wincing from the pain. Slowly, you start kissing my neck and gently pull my hair to the side, allowing you to have a better view down my shirt and giving your lips more room to explore. The contrast between the initial pain and the softness of your touch feels primal as if you can't control your desires.

You lean in closer, placing your lips intimately near my ear. I can feel your breath as you whisper, "Ashley, fuck." Your words send shivers down my spine and ignite a fire between my legs. Playfully, I continue to dance, grinding my hips against the bulge in your pants, still dressed from work. I sway and move my hips in circles, teasing you with every motion.

With this last move, you can no longer resist. I bend over the counter, a hand on my back holding me in place, as I hear the sound of your pants being undone. Then, I feel you tug down mine too. "Not exactly sanitary," I jokingly remark. But you only say, "Fuck," as you slide inside me from behind. Your hand from my back finds its way to my clit, pulling me tighter and higher onto you. Your other hand grips me tightly, thrusting quickly and intensely.

I'm unable to move as you release the tension of your day, and I don't want to. Each time you say my name, I arch my back further, craving more of you. I want you to fill every part of me. In fact, that's my goal. I wanted you to use every part of me to bring yourself to orgasm. Touch me as you thrust harder and faster.

I start to rock my hips, taking you deeper while clenching and unclenching. I hear your moan, the sweet whimper of "Ashley," as if I'm all you can think about. You need this, and you need me so badly that your frustration has been building up. But today, I am yours to take, and you have.

You become warmer, the blood flow giving you even more girth to fit perfectly into all the places you belong. Your rhythmic thrusts hit just the right spot, and I know you're close to climaxing. The thought of it pushes me over the edge. "Don't stop," I gasp, but it's already too late. My entire body tightens and contracts as I pull you in, soaking you. Yet, you don't slow down; you continue to push deeper and rub my clit, intensifying the pleasure. The combination of your movements on my now-sensitive body brings forth a second orgasm, and this time, you join me.

The ecstasy lasts for what feels like an eternity. As you continue to arch and push inside me, ensuring every drop finds its place, our bodies remain pressed together. When it finally subsides, all I can say is, "Fuck."


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A Lady with a Pen

Caroline Robertson's, books are beloved by both adults and children alike for their illustrations and engaging stories. She takes readers on an adventure, giving them the opportunity to explore different cultures, settings, and characters.

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