Weekend Massage

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A Little More Than Expected

Weekend Massage

It is almost time to leave work, and I am looking online for something to do for the weekend. I’m not really a club person. That scene is old, and too many young people frequent downtown these days. There is nothing good at the movie theater, and at this point I am scanning my emails, looking at spam and other junk just to kill time till I can leave the office.

I spy a Groupon in my email for 50 percent off a massage, and decide that maybe what I need is not to go out, but to pamper myself and then relax for the weekend. A massage sounds like just the thing, and so I purchase the groupon and print it out.

Five o’clock comes and I think well, why not use the massage groupon tonight? I head to the massage parlor, hoping there will be no issues. The desk clerk is a very friendly young woman who takes my groupon without hassle and ushers me into a room. She shows me the changing area and says there are towels in there, and to come out in the towel whenever I am ready and lie face down on the table.

I hang up my purse and undress, wrapping the soft towel around me. Heading out to the table, I meet the masseur, who seems very friendly, also. After I am lying down, he offers me a small pillow for my forehead, and rearranges the towel so my butt is covered, but my back is exposed. The room is pleasantly warm, and some sort of candle or incense is burning, which relaxes me instantly. He tells me his name is Jake, and that if anything makes me uncomfortable or hurts to tell him and he will stop.

Feeling rather relaxed, I close my eyes. The first sensation I have is the feel of Jake’s hands on my shoulders, with a little warm oil on his hands. It feels very nice, and he works his hands from my shoulder down my side to my lower back, then down the other side. He is working the muscles gently but firmly, and I feel myself starting to unwind. First up and down the sides of my back, and then across my shoulder blades, and then finally to my lower back, where he really goes to work. I sit in a chair all day at work, and my lower back is kind of tight, but Jake’s hands are really working out the soreness.

After a time, I hear him move around, and he picks my foot up in his hand and begins to rub my ankle, my arch, and my toes. I am feeling pretty good as I wear heels all day, so this, too, is relaxing. Slowly, he works his way up the backs of my legs, his hands working my calves, even the backs of my knees. He uses just enough warm oil so his hands are not rough, but not so much that it feels greasy to me. When he gets to my thighs, he spreads a little more oil on them and begins to move the muscles, first on the outer thighs and then the inner. He seems to be a little close to my ass, but at this point I am so relaxed I think to myself it might be nice if he did massage my ass.

Slowly he runs his hands up my thighs, moving his thumbs in circles as he moves higher. He asks me quietly if he can remove the towel from my ass so he can massage my buttocks, and I tell him yes, that would be fine. The sensation is new to me, never having had a massage before, and it feels wonderful. Around the outside of my hips he massages, working towards the middle. A couple of times I jump involuntarily as his thumbs get a little too close to the center of my ass, but he is a professional, so I am not worried.

Back down my legs he moves his hands, this time in longer strokes. As his hands move back up, he pushes the muscles all the way, his hands gliding over my buttocks and then back down to my ankles. He does this very well, and I feel like I am almost asleep...and then I feel it. A gentle, almost hesitant pressure as his thumbs are slightly between my ass cheeks. He asks if this is OK, and I murmur a quiet yes. I feel him slowly working his thumbs up and down the crack of my ass, gently massaging the area with care. Eventually he slides his thumbs up and down, teasing my asshole but not penetrating it. This feels so good, and I am so relaxed!

A few minutes later, he asks if I would like the front of my body done as well. I flip over and he covers my breasts and groin area with small cloths, and begins to massage my shoulders. This is perfect bliss, and I am sure I am moaning in pleasure. The oil is warm and his hands are very thorough, and soon my shoulders are relaxing, as well. He moves his hands between my breasts to my belly, and having a belly massage is a strange and wonderful feeling! Circles of movement and a light pressure are almost turning me on. He asks if I am shy about my breasts, as he would like to massage them also, and I agree. He kneads them and moves them so I can feel all the muscles stretching, and I am starting to fall asleep again.

After a bit, he moves away to work on my legs. I get the benefit of having my feet massaged again, and he bends my legs to work the muscles as I have been lying there for some time. Firmly he works his hands up my shins to my thighs, and repeats the same pattern as he used on the backs of them—slow rolling of muscles on the outside and a gentle thumb massage on the inside. His hands climb higher, and several times he grazes the juncture where my thighs meet my torso. I am pretty sure this is no accident, but he has not been untoward thus far, so I say nothing.

I am at the same time relaxed and aroused, so when his thumbs move across my mound to massage, I am unsurprised. He moves from my belly to my mound and back, and then down between my thighs to the inside of my bikini area. I part my legs a little more to fully enjoy it, and eventually he is stroking the lips of my vagina slowly, so slowly, up and down with the warm oil making it slick. I feel him slide his fingers between my lips, and now he is stroking on either side of my clitoris. There is a little movement, and before I know it, his mouth is on me, licking my clit as he slides two fingers inside me.

The feel of his tongue is amazing, and I come almost instantly, covering his hand in my wetness. He asks me to turn back over, and so I do. He parts my thighs from behind and begins to lick my asshole, fingers inside my throbbing pussy. The sensation is unlike anything else I have ever felt, and the orgasm rips through me. He moves his tongue from my ass to my pussy and back, alternating until I am in a frenzy. I feel him probe my asshole with his tongue, and he gently inserts it in me just a little ways. Again, I am overcome with sensation, and just as I am about to come, he removes his tongue and slides his cock inside my ass in one hard thrust. Slowly, he thrusts in and out of me, and I cry out from the feeling of intense pleasure.

We move like this for a bit, him fucking my ass and telling me how tight I am, and me, whimpering in pleasure. I raise up on my knees and he fucks me deeper, his balls slapping against my pussy as he fucks me harder and faster in my ass. I feel him shake, and he comes deep inside me. I am so amazed at what happened here, I can hardly imagine how it came about.

How does it work?
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