Warm Hearted

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A Lusty Tale About a Female Vampire

Warm Hearted

Amala placed the beer mugs down onto the wooden tabletop, splashing the precious golden liquid in her rush. The drunkards didn't even notice her mistake, too far gone in their cups for that. One of the hairier men grabbed Amala by the ass and pulled her towards him in an animal gesture, at once slurring his words and dribbling beer down his chin.

She felt disgusted as once more these drunken animals who acted more like savage beasts than men were allowed to take advantage of her young body, she hated them deeply for that. But she hated her stepfather more for letting it happen. She pulled away from the bearded reveller who shouted his dismay, but Amala had work to do and he would forget all about her soon, anyway.

Clear up the empty glasses, wash them ready for the next round, serve the food and try to keep everyone happy, that's what Amala's job was and she tried her best to do it and stay out of trouble, but trouble usually found her anyway. As she cleared up the already sticky beer splashes from the bar she felt a cold chill spread over her whole body, the kind of feeling you get when walking through a graveyard at night time. It gave her the creeps, so she glanced up to the window and spied through the pane a pair of blood red eyes!

"Arrrghhhh," she screamed as her heart skipped a beat. The next thing she felt was the sting of an open palm across her cheek as she fell to the floor.

"Shut yer yappin' whore!" She looked up to see her stepfather swaying above her, cheeks and nose red from years of drinking.

"This the one?" Another man joined her stepfather, a fat man with a long ginger beard, swaying in the candlelight. He handed her stepfather a coin purse as he downed his drink. Amala cursed to herself as she knew what would happen next...

...As she lay there, sweat covered with a heaving, hairy mass pounding away into her (she never thought of them as real men), she couldn't stop thinking about those shining, blood red eyes she had spied from the window earlier. She moved her body in pain and irritation and the fat man suddenly groaned out in agony.

Amala slid away from the disgusting figure and shrieked in horror as she saw blood trickle from his open mouth. Slowly, from behind the shuddering pale back of the dying man, rose a pale figure, red eyes twinkling in the darkness.

The stranger lit a candle in the small space and her beautiful face was illuminated. High cheekbones, hair as black as a raven, blood red lips matching the strangest colored eyes Amala had ever seen, it was strange because although she should feel scared, Amala's heart was racing and if she felt anything at all it was relief... quickly overtaken by horror.

"Why... why did you do that?" Amala spoke, her voice quivering. "He already paid my stepfather coin..." The pale stranger moved suddenly and put her icy cold finger to Amala's lips.

"Shhhh, little one, they are all dead. Including your stepfather. Here..." She handed Amala a bulging coin purse and Amala's eyes went wide with fear. She broke down into tears from all of the emotion she had held in for so many years. Her hatred towards her stepfather and for the men who had used her body every night from the age of 13 finally overcoming her. With the news that they were dead, she realised that she really didn't know what to do.

"You loved these men?" The mysterious stranger asked, questioning the girl's tears.

"No!" She shouted, disgusted that the stranger would even ask her that question. She started shaking and the tears wouldn't stop coming, her sadness overcoming her relief for the moment.

"It's OK," The pale lady was suddenly next to her, holding her in a cold embrace. "You are free now," she whispered into the night and Amala hung onto her new friend for dear life. "Name's Serana, I need a new companion and you are too beautiful to leave behind in this hovel." She breathed into Amala's ear, sending a shiver of excitement up her spine.

Serana brushed the hair out of Amala's eyes and Amala noticed Serana's heaving busom, being in such close proximy. Amala felt a warm feeling, an excited feeling deep inside of her and she felt confused because she had never felt anything like it before.

"That's it my pretty," Serana breathed into the frosty room. "Pack your things quickly, we are leaving."

Serana had a horse waiting outside the gates of Riften, which the two women rode out, away from the lights of the town, away from the hatred and fear that Amala had lived with for so long. It was a tough journey, as Serana rode the horse hard to escape from the murders she had committed that night, her aim was to put as much distance between Riften and her new companion, as she had plans.

They arrived in the early hours of the morning, in a cold sweat from the journey, outside of a cave which looked like it had the remains of a campfire in front of it. Serana tied up the horse quickly and started building up a fire, Amala not really understanding or able to do anything in that moment.

"You must be exhausted, girl. Here, drink this." Serana produced a vial from her robes and handed it to Amala. "It will warm you." Amala took the proffered elixir from Serana's icy hands, un-stoppered it and sniffed. It smelt disgusting, but Serana tipped it towards her lips and Amala didn't have the stones to stop her right now.

Amala lay down near the fire, deeply tired after the night's adventures and Serana smiled and lay down beside her new companion, gathering some of the heat for her own body, since she was incapable of producing her own body heat. She looked down on Amala's beautiful features, the dark hair and eyes, with beautiful olive colored skin; she supposed her to be an Imperial, but all Serana knew was that she wanted her... And what Serana wants, she gets.

Amala woke to the sound of her stomach grumbling... she was so hungry! And sore! Why was she so sore?? She thought to herself, oh of course! She had slept on the floor all night... When she slowly realised where she was, everything that had happened the previous night came rushing back in a blur of noises and colors. Amala panicked and sat upright... Serana was no where to be seen! Her heart started to pound and she called out in fear... "Serana?" Her feeble voice sounding more like a squeak.

"Good morning!" Serana appeared from the treeline, "I thought you might be hungry!" She said as she dropped two dead rabbits at her feet. Amala registered surprise and then happiness, giving Serana the biggest smile she had given anyone in years.

After her solitary feast—Serana didn't eat or feel hungry for that matter—Amala asked Serana why she had done those unspeakable things the night before.

"I told you, I needed a new companion and when I saw how those men were treating such a beautiful, young girl like you, I had to intervene..." She trailed off and took the eaten haunch of roast rabbit leg from Amala. Serana moved towards her like a cat, smooth, like she was preparing to pounce on unsuspecting prey.

And in a way she was... as she took Amala's face in her hands and kissed her soft supple lips, making Amala gasp out in surprise from the icy kiss and the shock of a woman kissing her for the first time... In her innocence, she thought only men and women did this!

Amala had a million thoughts rushing through her head all at once, but she didn't particularly hate what was happening to her; in fact this felt different than all the men she had been forced to kiss before. This felt.... Good? She questioned herself and then Serana moved closer, taking the kiss deeper, moving more urgently.

Suddenly, the cold embrace was over and Amala opened her eyes to see Serana removing her bodice, her pale as snow breasts heaving under the tight corseting before being unleashed in all their glory. Amala took in a sharp breath because she felt that warm, excited feeling between her legs once more, but also because she was scared of what would happen next...

Serana moved once more towards Amala and pulled down the shoulder of her dress. She kissed the collar bone, once, twice, and Amala let out a small moan of pleasure. "You are not afraid?" Asked Serana, those blood red eyes burning into Amala's deep brown pools.

"I... No. I am not afraid," she answered and pulled Serana towards her, gasping once more at the icy coldness of her skin. "But, why are you so cold?" Amala asked, gasping for breath.

"Don't worry about that, lover, today I will show you what true lovemaking is." Serana answered and took out both of Amala's breasts, the nipples hardening at once, when greeted by the cold air and the even colder caress of Serana's fingers exploring her supple body.

Serana led the young girl to the mouth of the cave and bade her take off her garments. Amala complied and stood there in all of her glory, perky breasts standing to attention in the crisp air. "Beautiful." Serana whispered and pulled Amala down onto the rough bedding that was laid there.

"Now close your eyes!" Serana whispered in her ear, the cold breath flowing over Amala's face. With her eyes closed, Serana led her sexual onslaught on Amala's body. Starting by kissing her navel, and making her way down to the tuft of hair hiding between Amala's legs, she could feel the warmth building within her and wondered what this feeling was and why she had never felt it before.

Serana left long lingering kisses on Amala's breasts, stomach and slowly inched her way down until, "Oh!" Amala burst out as Serana's tongue found it's way to the warmth between her legs... and what a good feeling it was. Serana's cold tongue slowly making circles around and around, the warm feeling building and building.

Amala felt cold fingers find her pert breasts and Serana pinched the nipples tight as her tongue continued its rhythm, working the small bud found at the apex of her thighs, the intensity increasing as her nipples felt the same tingling sensation as her now dripping wet vagina.

Amala could feel something coming, she didn't know what it was but she didn't want it to stop. The warm tingly feeling grew stronger and stronger, until she cried out in ecstasy and grabbed onto Serana's black hair, holding her down to that sweet, sweet spot of release, legs quivering and moaning into the early morning light.

What was that?? Amala thought to herself as the spasms subsided and Serana raised her head to kiss her sweet prize once more on the lips. Amala suddenly felt ashamed as she tasted herself on Serana's tongue. "Don't be ashamed girl, you are my lover now, if you will have me?" The women locked eyes and took each other once more in a lover's embrace.

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