Want my Side Bitch more than my husband


Want my Side Bitch more than my husband
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As we lay in bed smoking a nice blunt together we both wonder who's going to make the first move. As she touches my body my panties get wet and it makes it hard to smoke. Wondering to myself should I let her have me or should I keep it on a friend level. But her touch makes me feel so good that I can be myself. I passed her the blunt to get her to stop touching on me. She puts it out and climbs on top of me and starts kissing me. I kissed her back and things went to another level. Clothes started flying everywhere and things got intense. As she kissed me she told me she loved me as she moved down to my pussy. I couldn't say anything back. I was in the heat of the moment. As I felt her tongue on my clit a loud moan came out of my mouth. She was eating me so good that I squirted in her mouth. But she didn’t stop! She kept going and going until my fourth time coming. She didn’t ask for anything back. “I just wanted you to feel good, and to know what it's like to be loved the real way.” She said to me. We just laid there and kissed until she fell asleep. As I laid there and thought to myself. How could I let this happen? What will my husband think? She sat up and put her clothes on and kissed me goodbye. Thirty minutes after she was gone my husband came into the door and he wanted some too. I acted like I was interested and he just stuck his dick in and for ten minutes I just laid there til he was done. My mind is wandering everywhere. Thinking about what I am going to do. My heart is with Erica but I’m stuck in a marriage that has lost its spark. Not saying the grass is greener on the other side but the way it’s looking to me I’m ready to cross paths. How am I going to explain to my husband that I no longer want to be with him anymore. Most importantly how am I going to tell him that my heart is with a woman and not him. Usually I just come out and say how I feel. But when it comes to this situation. I don’t know whether I’m making the right decision of ending my marriage to be with Erica. Or stay with my husband and try to fix our marriage. Erica and I hang out and spend time together. More than my husband and I spend. He thinks Erica is my close friend. He doesn’t know that I’m fucking her too. This isn’t our first time having sex. We been having sex for at least for about a month or two.I know how he didn’t pick it up. To be honest I’m trying to answer that question my damn self. I woke up the next morning and received a text from Erica asking to meet up. I hurried and got dressed and snuck out the house. I drove over to her house to see what was up. She was outside waiting for me and jumped into my car and gave me a kiss. While we were sitting in the car my phone was going off and it was my husband. I sent him straight to voicemail. Yes I know that’s messed up. But he does it to me also. She asked me to let’s just go away and be together forever. First I was hesitant! Fuck it I drove off with my lover and decided to love my woman. So I picked my side bitch over my husband. Hope you like this read.

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