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Virgin Gold Rush

by Jay Taylor 16 days ago in erotic
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This was a story I wrote for my ex... an amateur panner

Virgin Gold Rush
Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash

About a week ago, I went mining with my longtime friend Jennifer. This was an unusual expedition for me, as it was without my brothers and the first time with a girl.

Jenny was a babe. Blonde hair, blue eyes, big tits. I had chased her before, but eventually gave up after she made it clear that it was just friends between us. Her company would have to be enough for me.

She was a fast learner, and quickly mastered the sluice, which surprised me. She also had no problem jumping into the cold water, playfully splashing.

After a long day and moderately good haul; we sat by the river eating our lunch, enjoying the feel of the sun on our bare skin. It was hard for me to keep my eyes off her tight little bikini, but I didn’t think she noticed. Either that, or just didn’t mind.

We’d always talked and joked about everything, and the topic of sex eventually came up.

Don’t fault me; she was the one who mentioned it; teasing me about the possibility of my truck “compensating for something”. I replied that it was something she’d have to find out for herself. She seemed to consider it briefly, then said she didn’t want to “ruin our friendship”. Of course.

We both sat silently for a few moments, then she asked me how far I’d gotten with my past girlfriends. Not wanting to look like a total loser, I replied, “Not too far,” and left it at that. “You?”

She giggled, “Practically everything! No one’s ever gone down on me though.”

I was shocked, “What?!”

“Yeah,” she said. “I mean, I’m pretty curious about it, but either the guy didn’t want to, or it wasn’t the right time, or I was too nervous. It just never happened.”

Either I didn’t put much thought into what I said next; or maybe just got excited; “I’ll do it for you!”

She laughed at first, but then looked right at me, “Really?”

Now I had to stumble a bit, “Well, sure. I mean, if you wanted me to.”

There was a hint of disappointment in her eyes and voice, “No, we couldn’t.” but then, “Could we?”

I smiled, looked around. Was she seriously considering this? “Why not? No one’s here to stop us; and if you’re not comfortable here, my truck’s clean.”

She was quiet, looking from me to her feet, “What would you expect in return?”

“Oh, nothing.” I tried to assure her. “It wouldn’t be like that. It’d be enough for me just to… Unless of course you tied me down and ripped all my clothes off!”

She stuck her tongue out at me but was understandably skeptical, “Are you sure?”

I nodded.

“Um, ok then. Let’s go.”

Always the gentleman, I let her get up first and lead the way. We didn’t say another word until she was seated on the bed of my truck. After the necessary awkward silence, that is.

We both started talking at once, but then she apologized and waited for me. I said, “Maybe we should start with a massage first.”

She brightened, “Ok!” Then turned around, her knees brought up to her shoulders. I lay my hands on her warm skin and started gently rubbing her shoulders as she moaned and pressed against me, “Mmm, that feels good, Danny.” The more she enjoyed it, the bolder I got, working down her arms and to her lower back. She was vocal, and let me know just where and how she wanted it. I gave her chills when I ran my fingertips over her spine; then lowered my lips to her ear and whispered, “Turn around.”

She did, looking up at me with large frightened blue eyes, but I kneeled in front of her anyway, and made her giggle when I started rubbing her feet. “Danny!” she protested, but then, “Damn, you’re good with your hands!”

I grinned, “You just wait, babe.” She gave me a huge smile.

She stared straight through me as I grabbed the other foot; and how I would’ve loved to know what was going through her head. When I started up her calves, she sighed deeply, closing her eyes. Her smooth skin felt so silky that I just caressed it for a while before applying harder pressure. There was so much tension in her lower legs that I had to stay down there awhile before moving higher.

When I began touching her thighs, she spread them for me, making my cock twitch. Her breathing got deeper the more I worked on her. As soon as I got real close to her pussy, she opened her eyes, pulled me up, and kissed me.

Her lips were really soft, and part of me wanted to stay there, but I pulled away, saying, “I’m not finished yet, sweetie.”

“Al-alright,” she stammered. I smirked at her; it was so fucking cool to make her react like this. I moved backwards so I could drop back down, “Wait”, she said, and untied her top, letting it fall to her belly.

“Uh, uh, uh…” I tried to talk, and she laughed, wiggling her shoulders and leaning back.

“Damn, Jenny,” I exhaled.

“What?” she asked, looking down, “Oh, those? Yeah… Wanna play with them?”

I exclaimed, “Hell yes!” and put my hands on her.

She hummed a little, and tilted her face up to kiss me. We made out for a bit, me loving the feel of her nipples hardening under my touch. I moved my lips down to her neck, gently biting and sucking; then to her breasts, swirling my tongue over her right nipple. “Oh, Daniel”, she moaned, and lay her hand on my head; but I pulled back, and went to my knees. She lifted her heels to the truck bed, spreading her legs and angling her crotch towards me.

I noticed a stain starting to spread on her bottoms, “Are you wet?” I smiled.

“Oh yeah,” she replied.

“Hmm,” I slid my hand under her bikini, feeling her wetness. She was so soaked that my fingers just went straight into her, no resistance. She groaned.

“I’m sorry,” I said, pulling back.

“No. D-don’t apologize.”

“Ok,” and I explored her, spreading her juices all over. Then I started focusing more on her clit; “Untie it,” she breathed.

“Ok.” Before I pulled the strings, I put my fingers to my mouth, “Ohh my God.” If I hadn’t been kneeling, I would’ve fallen over.

“What?!” she exclaimed, horrified.

I looked up at her, “You taste soo good.”

“Really? You like it?” she was unsure.

“Yes. It’s… sugar. Candy,” I couldn’t think of any other way to describe it, and the slippery texture was fantastic. She seemed to like my reaction. I untied her suit, exposing her perfect little pussy, cleanly shaven except for a landing strip. “Ooh, very nice”, I whistled. She smiled. It was easier to touch her now that I could see what I was doing, and I did better this time; she closed her eyes as I played with her clit, leaning her head back. Once I thought she was really enjoying it, (I could hear her moaning softly) I leaned forward and kissed her belly, gently tickling her with my stubble. She cried out and leaned way back, resting on her elbows.

Taking this as my cue, I began working down to, and then past, her navel, never taking my hand off her pussy. The closer I got to it the more tongue I used, adding to her excitement. When I finally did reach her slit, I gently ran my tongue across her lips, very little pressure, just enough to tease. She gasped, and when I tried to do it the second time she thrust up towards my face, so I gave her a little more.

I pushed in between her lips and massaged her clit, loving the sounds she was making. Then I flicked my tongue a few times under her hood, right on the head of her clit, getting a little scream. I softly sucked it into my mouth, once; then pulled away from her, the quintessential tease. “Is that okay? Should I stop?”

She shook her head hard, squinting and panting, “No! Please don’t stop! That feels so good!”

“You liked it?”

She nodded, “Uh huh! It was really nice! Please keep going!”

I played the fool, even if it was hard to keep from laughing, “So, you want me to do it some more?”


“You don’t want me to stop?”


“You’re sure?” I don’t think she even realized that she was massaging her own tits.

“Yes, Daniel, please? It felt so good! Please don’t stop.” She rocked her pelvis towards me, “Please?”

Who was I to say no? I spread her thighs some more and lowered my face between them, hearing, “Yes yes yes, thank you thank you thank you!” from above my head.

Feeling a little guilty from teasing her so much, I pulled out all the stops, and used my mouth anyway I could think of on her, getting off on her taste and moans.

She matched my craziness with loudness: screaming, swearing, and pulling on my ears. I tongue-fucked her until I didn’t think she could take it anymore, then eased up and played nice, her laying flat on her back, breathing hard.

She actually seemed to like the soft stuff better. Sure, she was quieter, but instead of trying to squirm away, she let me do as I wished, or pushed herself into my face. It only took a few minutes for her to get used to the sensations, and then she really started to enjoy it.

She starting talking a little more, encouraging things like, “Ooh, yeah, right there,” and, “That feels so good, Danny.” Knowing how much she loved it was getting me hotter too, and I made love to her with my mouth, gently massaging her thighs with my hands.

Trying to think of what to do next, I took a break, and just did the classic bottom-to-top motion, licking up over her cunt to under her hood, and then again. But at that she stiffened, held my head, and whispered, “Don’t stop.”

I didn’t. Her breathing got really deep and slow, but I kept up the same motion, at the same speed. When she started to relax again, I started moving my tongue back and forth as I licked up. I felt her pussy contract and hold the squeeze, so I slipped my tongue under the hood, gently working her clit to send her over the edge.

She inhaled, held it, and released, her gasps in time with her contractions- gradually getting louder, and then softer as she came down. I made a few more passes, then pulled away, wiping my mouth. She slowly sat up, beaming at me, “That was, wow. Thank you.”

I stood up, stretched, “No problem, babe. It was my pleasure.”

“Did you like that?” I added.

She untied the back of her bikini; let it fall, “Yeah! It was great! Thank you so much!”

“What did it feel like?”

She thought a moment, “It was warm, and soft, and…” she shuddered, curled her toes, “Ohh my god! It was wonderful! I might even want you to do it again sometime.”

I beamed at her, “Really?”

She nodded, “Definitely!”

I looked around, admired the beautiful setting sun, “It’s getting a little late, Jen. We should probably be heading home.”

“Well, yes, we probably should be.”

The way she said it made me turn and look back at her. She stood up; her ignored bottoms falling between her legs and into the dirt, and shut the tailgate behind her. Then she grabbed my shoulders and spun me around, slamming me up against it. “Hello”, I said.

“Hi there.” She ran her fingertips up and down my chest, awakening my entire body, then into my trunks to stroke my cock. I had been so focused on her that I had completely forgotten that it was there, and her touch sent fireworks through me. “Oh shit, Jenny.”

She giggled, then started kissing my face, neck, and ears, “That was really good, Danny. I think you deserve a little something in return. Would that be okay?”

“Uh huh”, I squeaked.

Not wanting to miss anything, I watched as she dropped to her knees before me, then slowly pulled the drawstring on my shorts, and let them fall down to my ankles. She giggled again, then licked her lips as it bobbed in front of her. She wrapped her fingers around my shaft and began to softly fondle it, blue eyes looking up at me.

She flicked her tongue a few times over the head, making me jump. “Oh, did that feel good?” then licked along its entire length, starting at my balls.

I’d never been touched, let alone licked there before, and it felt so good it shocked me. Then she slipped my head between her lips and swiveled her tongue around it before starting to bob, taking me deeper into her mouth with every pass.

The tip of my dick pressed into the back of her throat felt fantastic in itself, but when she started massaging the underside with her tongue (the hilt of my cock, I mean) I was done. I was fighting to hold my load when she tilted her head back, letting me slip out in one glorious, continuous motion.

She grinned up at me, pumping it up towards my stomach, then positioned herself a little lower to lick and suck my balls, taking turns with each of my boys. Her tongue technique was so unbelievable that it wasn’t going to be long now, “I’m getting real close, Jen.”

She quit the ball bath, but kept up her stroke. Her eyes sparkled, “Great! What do you want me to do with it?”


“Do you want it on my face, my tits, or would you like me to swallow it?”

I hadn’t really gotten to that point in my fantasies, and was so close to exploding that thinking was not an option. “Eh, anything!”

“Alright, babe.” She started working me faster, reaching up under me to play with my balls, talking softly, coaxing my orgasm. I was thrusting into her hand, and she seemed to like it, bending down to give me a quick couple licks whenever she thought she could. I felt my nuts contract, and gripped the tailgate as I came.

The first shot hit her tits. The second, she aimed at her lips, letting it dribble down her chin. Then she took me into her mouth and sucked hard, yanking the last powerful spurt out of me. She licked me until I went soft, then picked up the discarded bottoms to wipe herself clean.

As soon as I caught my breath I pulled my shorts up, and turned to watch her. She was still completely naked, and winked at me as she gulped down some water. She held the bottle towards me, then splashed me, laughing.

“Hey!” I cried, wiping my face.

“Whatcha gonna do about it?” she taunted.

“This,” I said, and pressed my body to hers, kissing her deep. She didn’t resist at all, and returned the kiss with just as much passion. When I felt her fingers in my hair, I pulled away, and walked to the drivers seat. “C’mon, let’s go home,” I snickered.

“Aw!” she whined, “Do we have to?”

“Yes,” I replied. “It’s almost dark, and we have to get all the way back down the mountain still.”

She pouted, “Fine. Tease! No funny business in the truck!”

I feigned disbelief, “Of course not! What do you take me for?”

She laughed and got in next to me, then pulled on a tank top and pair of shorts. She was asleep on my shoulder before we got to the freeway.

(I wrote this story. It's not plagiarized.)


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