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Vintage Sex Advertisements

Vintage adult advertisements were the classifieds of sex.

By Lizzie BoudoirPublished 8 years ago 10 min read

How do you sell sex? The golden age of Mad Men-esque advertising gets all the credit for the "sex sells" mantra. Riddled with sexual undertones, those mainstream advertisements sold the American dream, both outside and inside the bedroom. The often overlooked stacks of magazines stuffed in your father’s sock drawer are treasure chests of vintage copy and satirical subliminal messages. The classic magazines from the golden age of erotica mastered the art of selling sex directly in a way that mainstream agencies today could never dare attempt. The advent of the internet and instant access to adult material, devalued the mystique of over 100 years of developing copy, typesetting and printing. All that, was reduced to a pop up advertisement that tells you there is someone who wants to have sex with you in a five square mile radius.

Voluptuous Buxoms

If you like them Buxom, then you'll like her photos. Unretouched art studies was how it was sold. The kind you love to see, is what you were told. This woman knows her assets and how to sell them. She gets right to the point, using titillating words such as "voluptuous" and "buxom." At 12 photos for $1, Bettie’s value is hard to beat. She even makes a point of stating that her photos are not retouched, so that you know you’re seeing the real thing.

Amateur Girl Wrestlers in Action!

Amateur Girls Wrestling in Action is still available on Youporn. Special set of Gorgeous grapplers found here. Lovely young blondes and brunettes testing their strength on the wrestling mat. What’s hotter than a sexy blonde or brunette posing for the camera? Two of them posing together. This is especially true when the duo is a pair of wrestlers testing their strength. While we have to wonder where all the redhead wrestlers went. At 16 photos for $1, we can’t complain. They even arrive in a plain wrapper, for those that need to be discreet about their viewing preferences.

Now! Free Photos

Free, Now! Those two words have us sold. Large, 4x5 sample photos of our exciting brochure on different adult enjoyments, including the novel then new idea of making movies of these sexy women. Giveaways have been a way of capturing the attention of customers for ages. This ad offers free sample photos and a brochure for only the cost of handling, which was a mere 25 cents.

Come and Get It, You Won’t be Sorry

Come'n get it. What ever your imagination believes. Many ads promise to "give you what you want"...well, these films and photos really deliver! The promise is made. Make me prove it. The dare. With a challenge tagline like that, who can resist sampling these goods? Not only does she assert that she can deliver what everyone else simply claims to have, she tempts her readers by challenging them to "make me prove it." She personally sends her materials, letting the viewers feel connected to the girl whose body they are craving.

Warm and Cuddly Linda

She is warm and cuddly, just makes you feel like you want to reach out and touch her. She says will personally send you photos and letter. The "warm and cuddly" Linda gets personal by offering to send a letter along with her photos. She also lowered her price from the general price of $1 to a mere 50 cents. However, she doesn’t clarify how many photos she will send, so it’s hard to tell if you’re getting a good value for your money.

Are You Ready for Me?

Are you ready for me! Well love I'm ready for you. You are already intrigued. Why not let her show you everything? Madeline advertises to men only, taking orders from those over 21. She also maintains an air of mystery by offering to send "exciting things" in addition to photos for $1. I'm already excited. She draws customers in by telling them "I’m ready for you," and challenging them to be ready for her. The challenge style paired with mystery of reward is a regular theme in vintage sex adverts.

I’m a New Girl in Town

She is a new girl in town and very anxious to please broad-minded adult film collectors. Intimate, very unusual full length film sample and details are revealed. This "new girl in town" who is “anxious to please” the local collectors offers a girl-next-door innocent vibe that will keep the orders rolling in. She offers a full-length film sample for the standard price of $1. She also sparks the reader’s curiosity by describing her films as "very unusual." Better send in your money to find out what that means.

How About it Miss Jackie Rogers?

How about it? how about what you wonder. Want to get to know her better? Send $1for her photos. Jackie Rogers’s ad is simple and to the point, with a tantalizing photo that will keep viewers begging for more. For $1 she will get to know you better, offering a more intimate connection to her viewers. This is the less is more strategy. Satisfied customers keep coming back.

Initiation Photos

Initiation photos. Initiation into a Girls' Riding Club. Get the whole set for $1. College Girls' Club initiation set is also $1. Sultan's Harem is a more exclusive Club available at $1.25. High Heel Club start at $1.25 as well. Hollywood Models Posed as You Like Them special, all four sets – plus illustrated catalog for just $3.00. This ad offers a unique set of "initiation" photos to various clubs and groups. The models are posed "as you like them," and you even get the opportunity to buy the set of all 4 clubs at a discounted price, with a bonus illustrated catalog. Dangling the special package works for those looking for a bargain, but the advertisement emphasizes the exclusivity of its Initiation Photos.

At Last Something Different

At last, Something Different for sophisticated collectors. You already feel smarter just for reading the advert. You'll see, they are worth the price of 8 for $5 or 16 for $9, made necessary by unusually high modeling costs. Pulling on more than your sympathy. My illustrated catalogue sent with order only. Nice added bonus. I know these are what you want. The more confident she is, the more confident you are. This ad targets those looking for "something different." Aren't we all? Her photos are priced a bit higher, at 8 for $5, due to "unusually high modeling costs." The order includes an illustrated catalog as well. At that price it must be the best. At least the advertisement makes you think so.

Just Like the Girl Next Door

Beautiful amateur models that should remind you of the girl next door. Depending on where you lived it really could be the girl next door. In the digital age, it literally is the girl next door. Intimate and candid shots. These girls are not professionals, they simply happened to be taking their clothing off when the photographer was taking pictures. You will love her. Men respond to orders. Order these 12 thrilling scenes. There is a confidential catalog with an exclusive feel. Amateur models have to work their way up in the world. This model's prices are low, at 25 photos for only $4 and film reels of 12 scenes for only $2. Any order also contains a catalog of other "exciting offers." The ad an innocent and less experienced vibe for those who believe there is anything unprofessional.

Breath-Taking Cutie

This is it! A set of photos of a breathtaking beauty 1n 12 figure studios. $1 for complete set. Three specials with $3 order. This "breathtaking beauty" displays a breathtakingly beautiful sketch next to her text. The sketch feel innocent yet exploitive and naughty as well. She offers three special images along with any $3 order to help drive up high-volume sales. The ad is simple yet elegant.

Sex advertisement audiences and consumers evolved into Grindhouse movie fans. Sexploitation was elevated from the back pages of men's magazines, to big screens, in old burlesque theaters.

Greenwich Village Model

"Greenwich Village model. How can it get any more mysterious than that? You receive a complete series of glossy unretouched jumbo photos of a temperamental Greenwich Village model, whose lovely charms laugh before your eyes. These photos are part of a detailed Female Figure Art Lesson. So don't feel dirty, its art. "Jumbo" photos that are not retouched. So you know you are seeing the real thing and its going to be big. Like you. The model is described as "temperamental", a fiery vixen, because it shouldnt be easy for you to get jumbo.

Silk Seam Stockings

"Silk Seam Stockings from King's Cross. This ad leaves more to the imagination. Nothing but "silk seam stockings" with a phone number and a provocative image. Sometimes less is more.

Slave Girl Needs Strict Master

"Slave girl needs strict masters." The term BDSM was not yet popularized, so forgive the pre Civil Rights politically incorrect language. This ad delves into a more explicit world of bondage and submissives. Rather than selling photos, this “slave girl” is looking for “strict masters” or dominants. With an image of a slave and master wearing a sexy stiletto heel the subliminal message stirs the deviant in us all.

Genuine 18-Year-Old

Sexy Shay Just loves to play. As can be seen in the half-stripped sketch accompanying her ad. While she doesn’t give her full address, Shay at least gives an area that she lives in, so that interested parties can gage commute time. She also advertises herself as a genuine 18-year-old, as opposed to the fafe ones that don't say genuine.

Maid to Serve: Responds to Firm Control

Maid to Serve and she responds to firm control. Looking for a dominant who may be into role playing. The sketch of her slumped over a vacuum cleaner is enough to get any proud average male home maker horny. She vacuums and cleans the pipes.

Sexy Blonde in Black Stockings

Sexy blonde in black stockings. Got the picture yet? Air conditioned apartment if you were worried. What’s better than a sexy blonde in black stockings? A sexy blonde in black stockings who has her own conditioning. And she’s local! This simplistic ad gives all the information that a man on the prowl could need to find his next number to call. The legs might be misleading though, so don't count on the exact same pair.

Madam Stern Service

Madam Stern is either the head of the sisterhood committee for the local synagogue, or an exclusive V.I.P. service for discerning gentlemen looking to be punished. No rush! No hurry! Madam Stern reserves her services for gentlemen only. She even makes a point of saying that she will take her time with them. Her "V.I.P. service" will leave any man feeling indulged, important and disciplined.

Spanking for a Naughty Girl Needed

Spanking for naughty girl, firm hand needed. Spanking is a niche kink, and this woman needs to find a man to indulge her. The image of her with her ass in the air is a surefire way to catch the attention of a man who is looking for a naughty girl like her. Spanking toys are welcome and safe words recommended.

Submissive Teenager

Submissive Teenager. This submissive teenager has a brightly colored ad that is sure to draw attention. With nothing but a number and a picture of her grabbing her own ass, any interested party can leave the rest to their imagination. Make sure she is 18. The red naturally indicates something dangerous and taboo. Perhaps the red should signal to move on to the next advertisement.

Just a Phone Call Away to Ecstacy

Just a phone call away to ecstacy. Thats what she said. Ecstacy has a price. Just not in print. The reader’s mind wanders to thoughts of ecstasy until he is so turned on that he cannot help but place that call and ask the price. Assume no checks, cash only.

The Young Charlotte Rubber

The Lovely Young Charlotte in Rubber catered to Rubberists long before they had an international association. This lovely young lady is clad in a tight black latex outfit, leaving little to the imagination in terms of her figure, but everything to the imagination in terms of what happens when it comes off, or doesn't ever come off for the purists.

Buxom Beauties

Boxom beauties, a term you don't hear so much these days. She has breathtaking measurements. Clarity detailed photo sample sets 50 cents. Full series $1 to $5. Temptingly beautiful girls in uncensored, unretouched individual photos. No composites. Three for 50 cents, seven for $1, 16 for $2, or 48 for $5. The photos are detailed, and there are many different options in terms of full or partial series, or multiple series for discounts. With the breathtaking measurements of these women, how can you resist?

That Lusty, Busty Brown

That Lusty Busty Brown. Home of big name burlesque strip city. Before there was Yelp, there were Vintage ads for strip clubs. With no cover charge and no admission seven nights a week, there’s no reason not to go. See ya later.

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