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by Jennifer Cypert 3 years ago in fiction

Jocelyn's Decision

"Will I still get to see my family?" I ask, tears in my eyes, suddenly aware of the notion of never seeing them again.

"Of course you can. I am a vampire, not a monster," Vincent replied, reassuringly, putting a hand on my shoulder.

"What about going out during the day? Do you do that or do you get to work much earlier than we do? Will I have to hunt?" I inquire, getting braver. The hunger was getting more intense as the minutes fly by. Concentration nearly impossible.

"We have an oil that wards us of sunlight, during the day. All you need is a drop on the back of your neck. Forget this oil and you will burst into flames. Had a friend who forgot his, caught fire right in front of me, poor dolt. Come here, I'll show you." Vincent and I get up, and walk in the direction of the bathroom. "This is my blood and the blood of my first meal.It's infused with a special oil and herbs that are only known to vampires. Once we have had our first feeding, some is extracted from us and mixed with herbs and the oil," he says while holding a vase of exquisitely swirly blown glass, with a long viol in the center.

"Will it ever run out?" I ask.

"No, it lasts until you forget to put it on. Once you are dead, it dries up. We discovered this with my wife of long ago. She had her unfortunate forget. I watched it dry up as she died."he answered, his face forlorn.

"I'm so sorry, Vincent." I put my arms around him, our bodies so close, the warmth hypnotic. Then hunger. My stomach is on fire. I release him, doubling over, on my knees.

"Jocelyn, you need to make a decision. What will it be, my love?" he asks hurried.

"Bring me blood," is all I can say.

"As you wish," is his answer to my request. Next thing I hear is a high pitched ringing. Then appearing before me is a woman. She is in a daze, seemingly unaware of what is about to happen to her.

Vincent bends her down to my level, making an incision on her neck. When I saw the blood, everything became blurry except for her neck. It began to run down her collar bone.

"Jocelyn, now!" commanded Vincent.

I snap to, seizing the woman's neck, sucking. The blood washes over my tongue, singing with the woman's essence, her moods, memories. I watch her life flash before me as I take it. I'm so hungry, but her blood is taking on a different taste. She is near death.

Vincent can see my expression change and forces me to release her. He helps the woman up, taking her away somewhere. I sit there, invigorated, alive. More alive than I have ever felt. Colors and smells increased in detail. I looked down at my hands, noticing that the scar from the time that I nearly cut my finger off had faded. My childhood knee scrapings disappeared. I get up to look into the bathroom mirror. My skin is flawless, soft, toned muscles take shape beneath it. My hair is darkened ebony, glossy as hell. My eyes have even changed. They are still brown, but green rings of fire danced within them. Quite similar to Vincent's eyes.

"You were beautiful before, now look at you." Vincent appears from behind me, his hands on my hips. I turn around to face him. It happens so fast I get a little light headed.

"Don't worry, you will get used to motion again. It takes time," he says before kissing me. I am overwhelmed by need for him. I don't fight the urge. I kiss him back hard, my body closing any gaps between us. He picks me up, placing me where I was earlier.

"Mmmm," I moan.

Tingling heat spread through my inner core as hot diamonds danced in our souls. We grind furiously as he holds me tight. I stretch my neck back to look in the mirror in front of us. Our beautiful image fills my eyes. I smile in spite of myself, deliriously happy.

Vincent turns the light off. The room is pitch black, when he closes the door, yet I can see clearly in the dark shadows. He walks us further inside and then turns to the right, twisting a knob on the shower wall. Water cascades in all directions saturating our bodies, as we walk into the middle. I hear him growl as he bites my neck, his teeth sinking in, nearly drawing breaking skin. An electrical surge flies through me. It intensifies the wild butterflies that were already soaring within me. I growl, as I do the same. Guttural coilings fill the sultry air.

Jennifer Cypert
Jennifer Cypert
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