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by Jennifer Cypert 4 years ago in erotic
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The First Time He Stepped Into the Office

There was a new guy that came to work in the office, Vincent, my supervisor sang. As our supervisor was introducing him, you could hear the rapid heartbeats in the silent room. No one was paying attention to what was being said. She might as well have been speaking a different language. Poor guy, he didn't stand a chance working with twenty women on one floor. He swallowed hard then smiled indulgently, while in each women's head he was the star of their fantasies. Not that I could blame them. I fell victim to his mere sight of intoxication as well. There was a glint in his eye that said everything you needed to know. He was going to enjoy his time here, for however long it was. You had to be quick enough to catch it before he blinked it away.

He had the hot business man persona, angular face, chiseled jawline, dark eyes and the dark spiky hair you want to run your fingers through; all wrapped up in a fitted tailored suit, but underneath all of that exterior was something more. Something he was trying to hide. I cycled in and out of resistance, fighting for my sanity as Rose ebbed on for what seemed like an eternity. I let my eyes quickly wander to the clock on the wall behind them. It had only been five minutes since the two of them set foot into our department.

After singing his praises, Rose led him to the empty desk inside my cubicle. She told me that I was to show him the ins an outs of our software, then continue to do my own work. I had to initialize my best poker face and lock in all composure. He was sitting there all calmly, a cocky half smile on his clean shaven perfect face knowing full well that I was experiencing the opposite effect. I can only describe what was going on as hot, cold chills lacing up and down my spine like fingers. My heart thundered away from me like a thousand horses running on an open prairie. My mind... oh God... my mind... the only two thoughts that were intelligible was nothing and him taking me on the empty space on the desk that separated my computer from his.

In the next few days, I had more company from my co-workers than I had ever had in the last ten years. Not to see me, no, no, no. They dropped by to see how our new comer was swimming along, invited him to lunch, brought him food or picked up anything that might have been on the floor just to bend down to quite literally show their ass. I caught a small glimpse of one of them, not wearing underwear, or they wore their best thong and bustier set in hopes that he would rip it off of them. Strangely enough, he declined their invites, not touching their gifts of nourishment, their thongs chafing all the way home. Eventually, it got the best of me, so I asked.

"You have all of these ladies practically throwing themselves at you. Why don't you take them up on their offers? You can practically eat here for free, for the rest of your life, if you play your cards right." I asked laughing a little, not entirely believing that I just told him to basically take advantage of my co-workers. I caught that gleam in his eye again; that gleam that quickly blinked away.

"I'm not interested in what they have to offer," he replied, headily, bridging the gap between us.

I suddenly became vastly aware of the blood pulsing as my heart raced to keep up.


About the author

Jennifer Cypert

A lover of all the impossibles if only they are in my head.

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