Vaca Sex

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Vacation rental

Vaca Sex

I had to give it a final shot, our vacation was almost over. I had to try and seduce him one more time. After twelve years of marriage we had fallen into a funk. But, I craved sex, wanted it more than anything lately. Unfortunately, he seemed to not want it at all.

Putting on my negligee, I walked across the living room. The fireplace was bright with flames licking the air. Occasionally you could hear the wood crackle under the torture of the heat.

Walking over to my husband, I reached over and closed the lid to the laptop that sat on his lap, holding his attention. Letting it slide from his lap, I replaced it with myself, throwing a leg over him. I sat straddling him, making it obvious that I wanted him. He looked at me as I laced my hands around his neck. He began to squirm underneath me. To my worst fear, he was not interested—he was squirming to get away from me. Trying to create distance between us, his eyes darting to the left then the right. He couldn’t, or wouldn’t, hold my gaze.

Frustrated, I climbed off of his lap. Feeling like a fool, I handed him back his laptop, and disappeared into my bedroom, locking the door behind me. The tears welled up in my eyes, as I felt the shame of rejection take over me.

I could hear him out in the hall, his bedroom door closing as he retired for the night. Ready to give up on the evening myself, I walked to my window to pull the curtains closed when I noticed him looking at me. The young caretaker of the property we had rented. I stood frozen, our eyes locked on one another. Snatching the curtains closed, I let the air out of my lungs before turning to my bed, and shutting off the light. I hadn’t realized that he stood at his window, watching my silhouette, appreciating me.

The next morning my husband kissed me on the forehead before heading out to golf. I finished cleaning the breakfast dishes before retreating into my bathroom, starting the shower, and letting it run until the water became hot. Placing my coffee cup on the counter, I let my robe fall to the floor, only to be interrupted by a light tapping at the door. Reclaiming my robe and cinching the tie, I shut off the running water, and made my way to the front door.

I stood frozen, the door wide open. The remnants of last night hung in the air, as I stood looking into his eyes. It was the young man.

Moments passed, not a word was spoken. Suddenly he was stepping into the house, kicking the door closed, he slid his hands around my waist. Before I knew what was happening, our lips were meshed together, leaning in, kissing me, letting me know of his longing and desire for me. I could feel him pressed against me, as I started to struggle, trying to free myself from his grasp.

Maybe he was about to release me, maybe he wasn't. I don’t know to be fair. Because somewhere in the turmoil I felt the urges awaken, and suddenly I realized how good it felt to be touched, desired. I could feel my loins begin to stir as he cupped my breast, rubbing, and squeezing me. Making my nipples stand at attention, silently begging for more. The dampness between my legs telling my desires, as his hands fumbled my robe open, exposing my full nude body to him.

Walking me backward into the house, until we were in the kitchen. I stopped when I felt the island behind me, his hands gripped my waist as he picked me up, and placed me on the edge of the counter. Spreading my legs he found me, wet. His fingers exploring me, teasing as he massaged and manipulated me. Bringing me so close to climaxing before he stopped. Pulling away, I looked up at him, my eyes hazed with the desire of wanting him. Reaching down he unzipped his pants, revealing his large, throbbing cock, proving he wanted me as much as I wanted him.

Pushing himself inside of me, I could barely take him. His massive size catching me by surprise. Inhaling sharply I tried to control myself when I felt him enter me entirely. He reached down, stroking me as he pumped me full of his cock. Rockin me on the hard, cold countertop surface. I exploded, I couldn’t hold it as I cried out loud in sheer ecstasy. Grunting loudly he shoved his shaft deeper and deeper into me, cumming inside of me.

Catching our breath, he stepped back, and smiled as he zipped his pants. Pausing, he briefly nodded as if he was passing me on the sidewalk, “Ma’am,” he said, excusing himself, shutting the front door behind him.

Vivian Heart
Vivian Heart
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