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Up and Away, The Dreamy Date

by Beth (Halo) Hanson 2 years ago in erotic
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Scared of the heights, still better than being stuck to the ground.

Roman and Lara met for the first time during the daylight hours for a walk along the seawall. It was a place so dear to Lara since it was where she would spend her days with her grandma as a young schoolgirl. They would come there to paint and play. Lara missed those days and the way her grandma always encouraged her creative talents.

Roman's eyes romanced Lara from the moment they met and made contact. After their walk when he asked her if she wanted to join him in his apartment. She was able to simply say,

"Well, why not? I don't have any plans on this particular night."

They parked in the underground lot of his apartment and went to wait for the elevator. Which took an outright awkward amount of time to arrive.

When they finally stepped on. Roman hit the number 36.

"You live on the 36th floor?" Lara said, jaw-dropping. Her heart immediately began to race. She had not told Roman she was afraid of such heights. She was indeed not about to say this to him in this instant. Lara felt her legs grow week and knees wobble as the elevator flew them up.

When they arrived, they walked through the hallway to his home. He opened the door, and all Lara could say was.

"Holy! You live here?" She tiptoed towards the windows, which took a 300-degree view of the tall city buildings. Seagulls soared and sang in the surroundings.

Soon enough, they were watching the sunset through the clouds from the couch.

Roman gently matched his soft full lips to her mouth. Playing with her lips between his, letting out a soft sigh of pleasure.

They did not speak for a daringly long time, too much silence for Lara's comfort. Maybe she should not have agreed to be so close with this stranger so soon.

"Either you love kissing me, or you're just getting a little high off my nicotine gum," Lara noted jokingly with a nudge.

"What?" He had not understood her. He was lost in the moment.

"Never mind, I just said you must love kissing me… But actually, I have got to get home," Lara said hesitantly, "honestly, I'm a little scared of being up here, so high, and it's a long drive for me to get home."

Roman tried to kiss her to keep her just a little longer. Pulling her in closer. Lara sighed, giving in to the pleasure. She crawled over the top of him and started to move her hips over his naked crouch; she felt him already hard. They played with that precious part of him just touching the outside of her pussy, both smiling, simultaneously sending each other shivers.

"I have to go," she teased after taking off his pants and tasting his tip with her tongue.

He took hold of her, flipping them both over. And finally, he slid himself inside. They both moaned as they moved, almost motionless with him inside her—the best sex, gentle, slow, and sacred.

Lara gathered her things when they were done, gaining steadiness on her feet despite the great heights, thanks to the great sex.

"He's too hot." She told her cat, Lucy, once home. Lucy followed her straight to the kitchen; she had the whole drive to think about what she would hoover inside of her hungry belly once home.

Crow, Lara's creepy roommate, came around the corner just as she was getting a crusty pizza out of the oven.

"Woah, wasn't expecting anyone to be in the kitchen this hour," he said, wearing just his underwear, with holes in them no less.

"Sorry," was all she replied with.

"No, it's ok; I would have put pants on, is all."

When Crow had finally gone back to his room. Lara sat down at the dining room table. Lucy looked up at her.

"Is it crazy that I already crave more of Roman? Is it crazy that I slept with him after the first date?"

When she was done gorging on all the food. Lara lay back in her bed. She wondered how he could live there, so high up. What if there was an earthquake? Or if things ever got so bad. that someone decided it was time to jump.

She also thought about laying with him by the fireplace, the way it illuminated his perfectly structured face and jawline and lit up his eyes. His eyes were magical—Blue with a bright golden-brown center.

Soon enough, Lara was asleep.

She dreamt that night that Roman gave her a massive canvas to paint on. He took her to the top of a mountain, and there it was. He left it there along with paintbrushes and paint of every colour. An old woman was there, inspecting all of the tools as they arrived.

"Oh, I'm sorry! Are these yours? She yelled through the wind, which whistled through the dense woods.

Roman walked off at this point. And Lara was left alone with the old, overly concerned lady.

Lara wondered how this woman had walked up the hill with such a crooked posture to get there.

"I live here, in the woods," She said and began to explain. "You see, I know that to be creative is all about a calm state, mental clarity. And on top of this hill, with the perfect view. I can always enjoy painting effortlessly. "Now excuse me for touching your supplies. I thought these were a gift for me, but I see now, they are indeed yours.

Lara approached the various paintbrushes and tools some of which, were crapped on. Lara noticed the hundreds of crows perched in the surrounding trees. The obvious culprits.

Lara woke up to Lucy walking over her face. She rolled over and checked her phone. Roman had already texted her.

"It was lovely meeting you Lara, I hope to see you soon."


About the author

Beth (Halo) Hanson

Visonary painter, Realist writer

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