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unnamed lover

a drunken tale

By Azreen MahmoodPublished 2 years ago 2 min read
unnamed lover
Photo by Thomas Bjornstad on Unsplash

It's a wonder as they say,

How the heart flutters in the moment's abysmal pull, so deep and entrenched.

I gazed upon your long locks in the alabaster hallway

Ever so dreamy, flowy, and misty as the roaring cloudy rain.

Your eyes of gold shone like the embers of a bonfire

Under a nightsky without stars.

The mystic magic of your scent as you drew nearer, closer,

Made my heart grow restless; enamoured

The haunting rhythm of your breath as you whispered, softly,

Made my body throb from my breasts to my head.

I ached to touch that face of yours

And I ached to hold you close

I ached until you finally came

And lit my desires aflame.

Your eyes of gold now shot me down as I saw them locked on mine

So stern, it took my breath away,

The moment was so sublime.

You led me to a room of red, holding me by my waist

I had lost all senses yet I knew, this is what I craved.

Sir, I knew not your name, nor what it is that you did,

Yet if eternity were at stake, your scent I would bid.

If you devoured me whole I would let you,

If you asked me to throw it all away, I would do it for you,

If you told me to lay down, I would gladly give you my all.

And yet, you asked for none.

Pleasure me with your company, you said.

I obliged.

As handsome as when I saw you first

Against the alabaster walls,

A sip of champagne glistened your lips,

And now it was a cigar.

The smoke slipped your lips and your hair

Tousled in the midnight breeze

I only wanted to be one with you that night

But the thought was so crude.

So I sat there, by your side, longing weak to my knees.

My mind was tumbling and my vision was starting to mingle

With the lights the seeped in through the window sill

The breath of passion grew heavy in my lungs

And my heart would almost spill.

But the moment's longing and night's anticipation,

Mixed with a little too much to drink,

Drew the soul from my body before could any elation

Riding me to the brink

Of total eclipse.

All I remember now was a lover of the night, his skin so gentle as he caressed,

Someone whose name I never asked,

Someone whose lips I felt graze mine in the night's drunken haze,

But now my heart lurches, wondering when will I ever see you again?


About the Creator

Azreen Mahmood

i write

to make sense of what's wrong around me

to let my emotions find a place

to say there's another perspective, always

if you like what i have to say a small tip would be much appreciated,

thank you for taking the time and interest <3

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