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Unexpected Pleasures

by DS about a year ago in erotic

Late night

Unexpected Pleasures
Photo by Luke Jones on Unsplash

My story starts late one night. I am Lyle. I am a single man with a nice tool of average length. I make nine inches on a good day. I am a bit older now but still enjoy having fun in the bedroom.

It was near nine at night when my girlfriend sent me a text to come over to her place. She said the door would be unlocked and that I should come straight to the bedroom. She would be waiting for me on the bed.

I of course got into my car and headed straight over. I got there and walked in. The whole place was as dark as ever. Just little red and green lights from the electronics showing.

I made it to the bedroom and seen a beautiful naked form on the bed. It was too dark to make out any faces though. I stripped to my birthday suit and walked up to the edge of the big bed.

I could feel a hand reach out and grab my shaft. It stroked me some. Back and forth and made me start to rise to the attention. I could feel a hot breath not far from my tip. Breathing in and out, hot air hitting it making me enjoy even more of the pleasures.

I felt a wet tongue start licking my tip. Very slow at first. It then curled around my now very hard staff and was being pulled into her mouth. Just the tip passed over the lips. Her lips pursed around the tip and started sucking on me like a straw in an empty drink. Her tongue flicking my head the whole time. I was holding myself up on the bed frame as she explored my shaft with her mouth.

Each stroke started going deeper onto my shaft. After only a little bit she had me deep into her throat tickling my balls with her tongue. She continued pursing her lips the whole time and I could feel her moth on the sides of my shaft with every movement. It only took a little while of this and I was ready to explode in her hot mouth my huge load.

She sensed this and pulled away and swung herself around. She put her ankles on my shoulders and put my hands on her sides. She pulled my head some toward her awaiting love nest.

I grabbed her with both hands and pulled her up to my mouth. Her legs now hanging off my shoulders from her knees. Her upper back and head rest on the bed as I neared her very wet love nest. I stretched out my tongue and started slurping up her very sweet juices. I found her cute little nubbin and started rubbing my tongue up and down it.

This caused her to start moaning. She was holding back screams of pleasure as she writhed under my tongue. I dived deep putting my tongue deep inside and licking the juices from her. It was filling up quicker than I could eat it. I finally found her favorite spot and she exploded on my face and let out an wonderful scream of passion.

She quickly pulled away and grabbed my hand to pull me on the bed. She positioned me between the two poles of the foot board and straddled my throbbing member. She pushed the head in and started edging down little by little. It was so tight. She had to push really hard to get me inside her self.

She finally slides me all the way to bottom and starts to grind on me. She moves ever so slightly and it sends ripples through my soul. I can feel nothing but a velvet paradise surrounding my member. It is ever so wonderful. So wet and tight. Juices gushing out with every movement.

She lets out another long feverish moan. A waterfall flows from within drenching me and running all over the place. It was so hot and so much it threw me over the edge. I erupted still deep within her love nest. Adding even more hot juices to the mix that were flowing out.

She leaned forward and started kissing me. She darted her tongue in and out of my mouth. Sucking on my neck here and there. Her small breasts pressed hard against my hairy chest. I reached around and hugged her close and returned her favors.

I reached down and squeezed her ass cheeks. They were so firm and so tight. her whole body was tight as ever. My girlfriend either has done some serious workouts since the last we made love or this is someone else in her place.

Just then the room was lit up like a Christmas tree. The woman who was still squeezing my juices from my shaft with her tight velvety muscles sit up to reveal it was Julie.

Julie was my girlfriend's step daughter from her last marriage. They still kept in touch and did things together. She is 21, just this last week.

At the doorway stood my girlfriend, Lacey. She had a smile a mile long and was laughing. She walked closer to the bed and bent over and gave me a kiss that made my shaft stand right back up. Good thing I was still in Julie.

Julie noticed and started moving on top of me again. Moaning little moans as we waited to see how Lacey was gonna react.

Lacey was undressing as she said, " Julie , I guess you have my phone since I have yours. I see why you wanted it now. That's why you had all those questions about what your first time would feel like huh baby? "

Julie still rocking on my hard shaft replied, " Yes Lacey, I hope you do not mind I borrowed your boyfriend too. After hearing you go on about how well he is in bed I thought I should have an experienced man my first time. "

Lacey, now naked and straddling my face so I could eat her pussy said, " Julie, you are fine. I am horny tonight and I am sure my boyfriend loves the extra excitement. You have a beautiful body and I have seen you checking him out every chance you had when you stayed here these past couple weeks. "

Julie now loosened up some starts slamming her pussy down hard on my cock as she watched me eat Lacey. Each stroke harder and deeper than the last.

Both women were moaning and spilling their hot love juices all over my body was just too much. I exploded into Julie. It was so intense my legs were quivering. My cock was throbbing and spilling seed deep into her body. Squirt after squirt it poured into her love nest.

Julie sweating from head to toe finally pulled herself off of me and crawled up into the bed. Lacey after climaxing all over my face did the same thing. They both reached down and pulled me up between the two of them and we lay there laughing in each others arms. Lacey and Julie were talking about her experience tonight. Lacey was busy rubbing my chest, playing in my hair while Julie was busy rubbing my cock. She was massaging it up and down. Milking every last drop she could get out of it. All nice and slow.

I finally started to get hard while Julie was rubbing me and Lacey noticed.

Lacey said, " Julie go ahead and give him head till he blows his load. He loves that feeling and it will give you some practice baby. "

Without a word Julie wrapped her lips around me and started sucking on my now hard shaft again. She was doing quite well.

It felt wonderful and Lacey was helping out. She held my cock in place so Julie could go to town on it. Between Lacey's hands and Julie's mouth I was exploding into her mouth another nice load of salty goodness.

Julie sat up and they kissed. Swapping back and forth my heavy load I made for them.

Lacey went to the kitchen and grabbed some Merlot and three glasses for us to enjoy after our wonderful night. It was my first date with Julie and we had a wonderful time. Even though it was more of a blind date :-) .

This was an unexpected pleasure that has now turned into a wonderful arrangement. Julie has finished college and moved in with Lacey now. We have some fun times when we all can get together.

The End.


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